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Lions Sable

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Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
- Lions Sable -
Founding Chapter: Dark Angels
Founding: Second Founding
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Unknown
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: Lost Chapter
Battle Cry: Unknown

The Lions Sable were a Space Marine Chapter. Of Dark Angels ancestry, they were part of the Unforgiven.[1]

Created during the Second Founding, the Lions Sable were lost during the Forgotten Wars while hunting for Cypher in the Eye of Terror. The truth regarding the chapter is suppressed by the Inner Circle.[1]

The Chapter was known to recruit Aspirants from the planet Nachwald. It was given to the Angels of Vengeance and Angels of Retribution after the destruction of the Lions Sable.[1]

Notable Elements

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