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List of Novels

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The following is a list of the Novels for the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Titles published prior to 1997 were originally published under the Heretic Tomes label, although several have been republished as Black Library editions.


Audio Dramas

Main article: List of Audio Books


Title Editor(s) Series Publication Date
Deathwing (1st Edition) David Pringle Various 1990
Into the Maelstrom Marc Gascoigne and Andy Jones various 1999
Dark Imperium Marc Gascoigne and Andy Jones Various 2001
Deathwing (2nd Edition) David Pringle and Neil Jones Various 2001
Words of Blood Marc Gascoigne and Andy Jones Various 2002
Crucible of War Marc Gascoigne and Andy Jones Various 2003
What Price Victory Marc Gascoigne and Andy Jones Various 2004
Bringers of Death Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn Various 2005
Let the Galaxy Burn Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn Various 2006
Tales from the Dark Millennium Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn Various 2006
Horus Heresy Chapbook Dan Abnett/Graham McNeill Horus Heresy Series 2007
Planetkill Lindsey Priestley and Nick Kyme Various 2008
Heroes of the Space Marines Lindsey Priestley and Nick Kyme Space Marines (Anthology Series) 2009
The Book of Blood Christian Dunn Blood Angels 2010
Fear the Alien Christian Dunn Various 2010
Legends of the Space Marines Christian Dunn Space Marines (Anthology Series) 2010
Sabbat Worlds Dan Abnett Gaunt's Ghosts 2010
Victories of the Space Marines Christian Dunn Space Marines (Anthology Series) 2011
15th Birthday Collection Graeme Lyon Various 2012
The Best of Hammer and Bolter: Volume One Christian Dunn Various 2012
Games Day Anthology 2011/2012 Nick Kyme Various 2012
Sons of Russ Various Space Wolves 2012
Games Day Anthology 2012/2013 Various Various 2012
Xenos Hunters Christian Dunn Deathwatch 2012
Treacheries of the Space Marines Christian Dunn Space Marines (Anthology Series) 2012
Space Marines: Angels of Death Various Various 2013
Armageddon Aaron Dembski-Bowden Space Marine Battles 2013
Damnos Nick Kyme Space Marine Battles 2013
The Book of the Lion Various Dark Angels 2013
The Best of Hammer and Bolter: Volume Two Christian Dunn Various 2013
Black Library Weekender Christian Dunn Various 2013
Black Library Advent Calendar (2012) Christian Dunn Various 2013
The Scripts: Volume 1 Christian Dunn Various 2013
The Space Marine Script Book Christian Dunn Various 2013
Angron Christian Dunn World Eaters 2013
The Black Library Anthology (2013/14) Christian Dunn Various 2013
The Imperial Truth Christian Dunn Horus Heresy Series 2013
There Is Only War Christian Dunn Various 2013
Born of Rage Andy Smillie Flesh Tearers 2014
The Carnac Campaign Various Eldar 2014
Sedition's Gate Various The Horus Heresy 2014
Death and Defiance Various The Horus Heresy 2014
Wolves of Fenris Chris Wraight Space Wolves 2014
The War for Rynn's World Various Space Marine Battles 2014
Trial by Blood Andy Smillie Flesh Tearers 2014
Angels of Death Various Space Marine Battles 2014
Honour of the Space Marines Various Space Marines (Anthology Series) 2014
Warriors of the Imperium Andy Hoare and Sarah Cawkwell Space Marine Battles 2014
Sabbat Crusade Dan Abnett Gaunt's Ghosts 2014
War of the Fang Chris Wright Space Marine Battles 2015
The Everliving Legion Various Necrons 2015
Blades of the Traitor Various The Horus Heresy 2015
Meduson Various The Horus Heresy 2015
Defenders of Mankind Various Space Marine Battles 2015
Grey Knights: Sons of Titan David Annandale Grey Knights 2015
Space Marines: The Omnibus Christian Dunn Space Marines (Anthology Series) 2015
Deathwatch: Ignition Various Deathwatch 2016
Crusade + Other Stories Various Various 2017
Deathwatch: The Omnibus Various Deathwatch 2017
Legacy of the Wulfen Various Space Wolves 2017
Black Library Events Anthology (2017/18) Various Various 2017
Servants of the Machine-God Various Adeptus Mechanicus 2018
War for Armageddon: The Omnibus Various Space Marine Battles 2018
The Victory Dan Abnett Gaunt's Ghosts 2018
Black Library Celebration 2018 Various Various 2018
Black Library Events Anthology (2018/19) Various Various 2018
Inferno! Vol.1 Various Tales from the Worlds of Warhammer 2018
Inferno! Vol.2 Various Tales from the Worlds of Warhammer 2019
Inferno! Vol.3 Various Tales from the Worlds of Warhammer 2019
Knights of Caliban: Dark Angels Omnibus Gav Thorpe Dark Angels 2019
Black Library Celebration 2019 Various Various 2019
Lords and Tyrants Various Various 2019
Inferno! Vol.4 Various Tales from the Worlds of Warhammer 2019
The Imperial Infantryman's Handbook Various Imperial Guard 2019
On Wings of Blood Various Aeronautica 2019
Servants of the Imperium Various Various 2019
The Great Devourer: The Leviathan Omnibus Various Tyranids 2019
Invocations Various Warhammer Horror 2019
Black Library Events Anthology (2019/20) Various Various 2019
A Rose Watered with Blood and Other Stories Various Various 2019
Lord of the Dark Millennium: The Dan Abnett Collection Dan Abnett Various 2020
The Hammer and the Eagle: Icons of Warhammer Various Various 2020
Sagas of the Space Wolves: The Omnibus Various Space Wolves 2020
Inferno! Vol.5 Various Tales from the Worlds of Warhammer 2020
Imperium at War Various Various 2020
Anathemas Various Warhammer Horror 2020
Warriors and Warlords Various Various 2020
Black Library Celebration 2020 Various Various 2020
Nexus + Other Stories Various Various 2020
Deathwatch: The Long Vigil Various Deathwatch 2020
The Book of Martyrs Various Sisters of Battle 2021
Sons of Sanguinius: A Blood Angels Omnibus Various Blood Angels 2021
Black Library Celebration 2021 Various Various 2021
Inferno! (2021) Vol.6 Various Various 2021
Sabbat War Various Gaunt's Ghosts 2021
Broken City Various Warhammer Crime 2021
Sanction and Sin Various Warhammer Crime 2021
The Accursed Various Warhammer Horror 2021
Inferno! Presents: The Inquisition Various Inquisition 2021
Deliverance and Damnation Various Various 2021
Loyal Sons Various The Primarchs 2021
Black Library Celebration 2022 Black Library Celebration 2022 Various 2022
The Successors Various Space Marines 2022
Lupercal's War Various Horus Heresy 2022
Cthonia's Reckoning Various Horus Heresy 2022
The Rose at War Danie Ware Sisters of Battle 2022
The Vorbis Conspiracy Various Warhammer Crime 2022
The Resting Places Various Warhammer Horror 2022
Unholy Various Warhammer Horror 2022
Only War: Stories from the 41st Millennium Various Various 2022
Inferno! Presents: The Emperor's Finest Various Inferno! 2022
Heirs of the Emperor Various Horus Heresy Series 2022
Black Library Celebration 2023 Various Various 2023
Renegades of the Long War Various Various 2023
Knight of Talassar Nick Kyme Cato Sicarius 2023
Once a Killer Various Warhammer Crime 2023
Legends of the Dark Angels Gav Thorpe/CZ Dunn Dark Angels 2023
For Glory and Honour Various Space Marine Conquests 2023
Ciaphas Cain: The Anthology Sandy Mitchell Ciaphas Cain 2023
Galaxy of Horrors Various Various 2023
Black Library Celebration 2024 Various Various 2024


Title Author Series Publication Date
Assault on Black Reach Nick Kyme Ultramarines 2008
Space Hulk Gav Thorpe Blood Angels 2009
Daenyathos Ben Counter Soul Drinkers 2010
Iron Warrior Graham McNeill Iron Warriors 2010
Aurelian Aaron Dembski-Bowden Horus Heresy Series 2011
Promethean Sun Nick Kyme Horus Heresy Series 2011
Accursed Eternity Sarah Cawkwell Space Marine Battles/Star Dragons/Blood Swords 2012
Endeavour of Will Ben Counter Space Marine Battles/Imperial Fists 2012
Fateweaver John French Space Marine Battles/White Consuls 2012
Sanctus Darius Hinks Space Marine Battles/Relictors 2012
The Unkindness of Ravens George Mann Raven Guard/Brazen Minotaurs 2012
Old Soldiers Never Die Sandy Mitchell Ciaphas Cain 2012
Catechism of Hate Gav Thorpe Space Marines Battles/Ultramarines 2012
Flesh of Cretacia Andy Smillie Space Marines Battles/Flesh Tearers 2012
Dark Vengeance C.Z. Dunn Dark Angels 2012
The Crimson Fist John French Horus Heresy Series 2012
Brotherhood of the Storm Chris Wraight Horus Heresy Series 2012
The Reflection Crack'd Graham McNeill Horus Heresy Series 2012
Feat of Iron Nick Kyme Horus Heresy Series 2012
Prince of Crows Aaron Dembski-Bowden Horus Heresy Series 2012
The Lion Gav Thorpe Horus Heresy Series 2012
Traitor's Gorge Mike Lee Space Marines Battles/Crimson Fists 2013
The Masque of Vyle Andy Chambers Dark Eldar 2013
Calth That Was Graham McNeill Horus Heresy Series 2013
Tallarn: Executioner John French Horus Heresy Series 2013
Scorched Earth Nick Kyme Horus Heresy Series 2013
Corax: Soulforge Gav Thorpe Horus Heresy Series 2013
Mephiston: Lord of Death David Annandale Lords of the Space Marines 2013
Shadowsun Braden Campbell Tau 2013
Stormseer David Annandale Space Marines Battles/White Scars 2013
The Serpent Beneath Rob Sanders Horus Heresy Series 2013
Blood and Fire Aaron Dembski-Bowden Space Marine Battles 2013
Spear of Macragge Nick Kyme Space Marine Battles/Ultramarines 2013
Yarrick: Chains of Golgotha David Annandale Yarrick (Novel Series) 2013
Shadow Captain David Annandale Space Marines Battles/Raven Guard 2014
Forge Master David Annandale Space Marines Battles/Salamanders 2014
Arjac Rockfist: Anvil of Fenris Ben Counter Lords of the Space Marines/Space Wolves 2014
Knights of the Imperium Graham McNeill Titan Legions 2014
Crimson Dawn C.Z. Dunn Crimson Slaughter 2014
Plague Harvest Cavan Scott Space Marines Battles/Doom Eagles/Ultramarines 2014
Engines of War Steve Lyons Space Marine Battles/Ultramarines 2014
Armour of Faith Graeme Lyon Space Marine Battles/Ultramarines 2014
Ravenlord Gav Thorpe Horus Heresy Series 2014
Blood Oath Phil Kelly Apocalypse 2014
Broken Sword Guy Haley Apocalypse 2014
Black Leviathan Ben Counter Apocalypse 2014
Hunter's Snare Josh Reynolds Apocalypse 2014
Sin of Damnation Gav Thorpe Blood Angels 2014
The Seventh Serpent Graham McNeill Horus Heresy Series 2014
The Last Days of Ector Guy Haley Apocalypse 2014
Sons of Wrath Andy Smillie Space Marine Battles/Flesh Tearers 2014
Angron's Monolith Steve Lyons Space Marine Battles/Relictors 2014
The Eternal Crusader Guy Haley Space Marine Battles/Black Templars 2014
Dante's Canyon Josh Reynolds Space Marine Battles/Blood Angels 2014
Shield of Baal: Tempestus Braden Campbell Shield of Baal 2014
Shield of Baal: Deathstorm Josh Reynolds Shield of Baal 2014
Shield of Baal: Devourer Joe Parrino Shield of Baal 2015
Sanctus Reach: Evil Sun Rising Guy Haley Space Marine Battles/Orks 2014
Sanctus Reach: Blood on the Mountain Ben Counter Space Marine Battles/Space Wolves 2014
Sanctus Reach: Maledictus David Annandale Space Marine Battles/Grey Knights 2014
Lords of Caliban Gav Thorpe Dark Angels 2015
Tallarn: Ironclad John French Horus Heresy Series 2015
Cybernetica Rob Sanders Horus Heresy Series 2015
Wolf King Chris Wraight Horus Heresy Series 2015
The Hunt for Magnus Chris Wraight Space Marine Battles/Space Wolves 2015
The Honoured Rob Sanders Horus Heresy Series 2015
The Unburdened David Annandale Horus Heresy Series 2015
Garro: Vow of Faith James Swallow Horus Heresy Series 2016
Meduson Wings Matt Westbrook Iron Hands 2016
Sons of the Forge Nick Kyme Horus Heresy Series 2016
Auric Gods Nick Kyme Adeptus Custodes 2018
Dreadwing David Guymer Horus Heresy Series 2018
Spear of Ultramar David Annandale Horus Heresy Series 2018
Steel Daemon Ian St. Martin Imperial Guard 2018
The Bloodied Rose Danie Ware Sisters of Battle 2018
Death Knell Phil Kelly Ultramarines 2018
Lords of the Storm Edoardo Albert Space Marines 2019
Wreck and Ruin Danie Ware Sisters of Battle 2019
Iron Resolve Steve Lyons Imperial Guard 2019
Isha's Lament Thomas Parrott Eldar 2019
Severed Nate Crowley Necrons 2019
Astorath: Angel of Mercy Guy Haley Blood Angels 2020
Blade Oath Andy Clark Silver Templars 2020
The Rose in Anger Danie Ware Sisters of Battle 2020
Prisoners of Waagh! Justin Woolley Orks 2020
Traitor by Deed Ben Counter Soul Drinkers 2020
Spark of Revolution Gary Kloster Necromunda 2020
Garro: Knight of Grey James Swallow Horus Heresy 2022
Bones of the Martyr Tom Horth Adepta Sororitas 2022
Kjalma's Skull Tom Horth Adepta Sororitas 2022

Single Novels

Title Author(s) Faction/Focus Publication Date
Space Marine Ian Watson Inquisition War (spinoff) 1993
Eye of Terror Barrington J. Bayley Rogue Trader 1999
Pawns of Chaos Brian Craig Chaos Cultists 2001
Farseer William King Eldar 2002
Daemon World Ben Counter Word Bearers 2003
Angels of Darkness Gav Thorpe Dark Angels 2003
Fire Warrior Simon Spurrier Tau 2003
Double Eagle Dan Abnett Sabbat Worlds Crusade (spinoff) 2004
Iron Hands Jonathan Green Iron Hands 2004
Lord of the Night Simon Spurrier Night Lords 2005
Brothers of the Snake Dan Abnett Iron Snakes 2007
Eldar Prophecy C.S. Goto Eldar 2007
Relentless Richard Williams Imperial Navy 2008
Titanicus Dan Abnett Sabbat Worlds Crusade (spinoff) 2008
Sons of Dorn Chris Roberson Imperial Fists 2010
Atlas Infernal Rob Sanders Inquisitor Czevak 2011
The Emperor's Gift Aaron Dembski-Bowden Grey Knights 2012
Fire Caste Peter Fehervari Imperial Guard/Tau 2013
Seventh Retribution Ben Counter Imperial Fists 2013
Valedor Guy Haley Apocalypse 2014
Dark Hunters: Umbra Sumus Paul Kearney Dark Hunters 2015
Assassinorum: Execution Force Joe Parrino Officio Assassinorum 2015
Silver Skulls: Portents Sarah Cawkwell Silver Skulls 2015
Curse of the Wulfen David Annandale War Zone: Fenris 2016
Warlord: Fury of the God Machine David Annandale Collegia Titanica 2017
Calgar's Fury Paul Kearney Ultramarines 2017
Lucius: The Faultless Blade Ian St. Martin Emperor's Children 2017
Shroud of Night Andy Clark Alpha Legion 2017
The Last Hunt Robbie MacNiven White Scars 2017
Sons of the Hydra Rob Sanders Alpha Legion 2017
Lukas the Trickster Josh Reynolds Space Wolves 2018
Imperator: Wrath of the Omnissiah Gav Thorpe Titans 2018
Legacy of Dorn Mike Lee Crimson Fists 2018
Blood of Iax Robbie Macniven Ultramar 2018
The Lords of Silence Chris Wraight Death Guard 2018
Spear of the Emperor Aaron Dembski-Bowden Emperor's Spears 2018
Celestine Andy Clark Adepta Sororitas 2019
Honourbound Rachel Harrison Commissariat (Severina Raine) 2019
Requiem Infernal Peter Fehervari Adepta Sororitas 2019
Knights of Macragge Nick Kyme Ultramarines 2019
Belisarius Cawl: The Great Work Guy Haley Adeptus Mechanicus 2019
Rites of Passage Mike Brooks Navis Nobilite 2019
Mark of Faith Rachel Harrison Inquisition/Adepta Sororitas 2020
Ephrael Stern: Heretic Saint David Annandale Adepta Sororitas 2020
The Infinite and the Divine Robert Rath Necrons 2020
Indomitus Gav Thorpe Indomitus Crusade 2020
Ghazghkull Thraka: Prophet of the Waaagh! Nate Crowley Orks 2021
Silent Hunters Edoardo Albert Carcharodons 2021
Volpone Glory Nick Kyme Imperial Guard 2021
Steel Tread Andy Clark Imperial Guard 2021
Day of Ascension Adrian Tchaikovsky Genestealer Cults/Adeptus Mechanicus 2022
The Triumph of Saint Katherine Danie Ware Sisters of Battle 2022
Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom Mike Brooks Huron Blackheart 2022
Assassinorum: Kingmaker Robert Rath Officio Assassinorum 2022
Catachan Devil Justin Woolley Catachan Jungle Fighters 2022
Helbrecht: Knight of the Throne Marc Collins Black Templars 2022
Witchbringer Steven B. Fischer Imperial Guard/Sanctioned Psykers 2022
Warboss Mike Brooks Orks 2022
Outgunned Denny Flowers Aeronautica Imperialis 2022
Awakenings George Mann Inquisition/Astor Sabbathiel 2022
Shadowsun: The Patient Hunter Phil Kelly Shadowsun/Tau 2022
Void King Marc Collins Rogue Traders 2022
Kasrkin Edoardo Albert Stormtroopers 2022
Wrath of the Lost Chris Forrester Flesh Tearers 2023
Angron: The Red Angel David Guymer Angron/World Eaters 2023
Pilgrims of Fire Justin D. Hill Adepta Sororitas 2023
Creed: Ashes of Cadia Jude Reid Imperial Guard 2023
Longshot Rob Young Imperial Guard 2023
The Lion: Son of the Forest Mike Brooks Dark Angels 2023
Leviathan Darius Hinks Ultramarines/Tyranids 2023
Genefather Guy Haley Fabius Bile/Belisarius Cawl 2023
Fall of Cadia Robert Rath Cadian Shock Troopers/13th Black Crusade 2023
Lazarus: Enmity's Edge Gary Kloster Lazarus/Dark Angels 2024

Novel Series

Adepta Sororitas

Title Author(s) Publication Date
The Bloodied Rose Danie Ware 2018
Wreck and Ruin Danie Ware 2019
The Rose in Anger Danie Ware 2020
The Rose at War Danie Ware 2022
The Rose in Darkness Danie Ware 2023

Adeptus Mechanicus

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Skitarius Rob Sanders 2015
Tech-Priest Rob Sanders 2015
Adeptus Mechanicus (Omnibus) Rob Sanders 2016


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Ahriman: Exile John French 2013
Ahriman: Sorcerer John French 2014
Ahriman: Unchanged John French 2015
Ahriman: Exodus (Anthology) John French 2015
Ahriman: The Omnibus John French 2017
Ahriman: Eternal John French 2022


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Crusade for Armageddon Jonathan Green 2003
Conquest of Armageddon Jonathan Green 2005
The Armageddon Omnibus Jonathan Green 2011

Baggit and Clodde

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Dredge Runners Alec Worley 2020
The Wraithbone Phoenix Alec Worley 2022

Bastion Wars

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Emperor's Mercy Henry Zou 2009
Flesh and Iron Henry Zou 2010
Blood Gorgons Henry Zou 2011
Bastion Wars: The Omnibus Henry Zou 2014

The Beast Arises

# Title Author(s) Publication Date
1 I Am Slaughter Dan Abnett 2015
2 Predator, Prey Rob Sanders 2016
3 The Emperor Expects Gav Thorpe 2016
4 The Last Wall David Annandale 2016
5 Throneworld Guy Haley 2016
6 Echoes of the Long War David Guymer 2016
7 The Hunt for Vulkan David Annandale 2016
8 The Beast Must Die Gav Thorpe 2016
9 Watchers in Death David Annandale 2016
10 The Last Son of Dorn David Guymer 2016
11 Shadow of Ullanor Rob Sanders 2016
12 The Beheading Guy Haley 2016
1-4 The Beast Arises Volume 1 Various 2018
5-8 The Beast Arises Volume 2 Various 2018
9-12 The Beast Arises Volume 3 Various 2018

Black Crusade

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Khârn: Eater of Worlds Anthony Reynolds 2014
The Red Path Chris Dows 2016

Black Legion

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Abaddon: Talon of Horus Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2014
Black Legion Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2017

Blackstone Fortress

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Blackstone Fortress Darius Hinks 2018
Vaults of Obsidian Various 2019
Ascension Darius Hinks 2020
Blackstone Fortress: The Omnibus Various 2023

Blood Angels

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Deus Encarmine James Swallow 2004
Deus Sanguinius James Swallow 2005
Red Fury James Swallow 2008
Blood Angels: The Omnibus James Swallow 2008
Black Tide James Swallow 2010
Blood Angels: The Second Omnibus James Swallow 2012
Blood Angels: The Complete Rafen Omnibus James Swallow 2019

Blood of Asaheim

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Blood of Asaheim Chris Wraight 2013
Stormcaller Chris Wraight 2014
The Helwinter Gate Chris Wraight 2020


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Cadia Stands Justin D. Hill 2017
Cadian Honour Justin D. Hill 2018
Traitor Rock Justin D. Hill 2021
Shadow of the Eighth Justin D. Hill 2023
Minka Lesk: The Last Whiteshield (Omnibus) Justin D. Hill 2023


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Carcharadons: Red Tithe Robbie Macniven 2017
Carcharodons: Outer Dark Robbie Macniven 2018

Castellan Crowe

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Warden of the Blade David Annandale 2017
Castellan David Annandale 2017

Ciaphas Cain

# Title Author(s) Publication Date
1 For the Emperor Sandy Mitchell 2003
2 Caves of Ice Sandy Mitchell 2004
3 The Traitor's Hand Sandy Mitchell 2005
4 Death or Glory Sandy Mitchell 2006
5 Duty Calls Sandy Mitchell 2007
6 Cain's Last Stand Sandy Mitchell 2008
1-3 Ciaphas Cain: Hero of the Imperium (Omnibus) Sandy Mitchell 2009
3-6 Ciaphas Cain: Defender of the Imperium (Omnibus) Sandy Mitchell 2010
7 The Emperor's Finest Sandy Mitchell 2011
8 The Last Ditch Sandy Mitchell 2012
9 The Greater Good Sandy Mitchell 2013
7-9 Ciaphas Cain: Saviour of the Imperium (Omnibus) Sandy Mitchell 2018
10 Choose Your Enemies Sandy Mitchell 2018
11 Vainglorious Sandy Mitchell 2023
Ciaphas Cain: The Anthology Sandy Mitchell 2023


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Lord of the Fallen John French 2023


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Dante Guy Haley 2017
Darkness in the Blood Guy Haley 2020

Da Red Gobbo

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Da Gobbo's Revenge Mike Brooks 2021
Da Gobbo's Demise Denny Flowers 2022
Da Gobbo Rides Again Rhuairidh James 2023

Dark Eldar

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Path of the Renegade Andy Chambers 2012
Path of the Incubus Andy Chambers 2013
Path of the Archon Andy Chambers 2014
Path of the Dark Eldar (Omnibus) Andy Chambers 2015

Dark Heresy

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Scourge the Heretic Sandy Mitchell 2008
Innocence Proves Nothing Sandy Mitchell 2009

Dark Imperium

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Dark Imperium Guy Haley 2017
Plague War Guy Haley 2018
Godblight Guy Haley 2020

Dawn of Fire

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Avenging Son Guy Haley 2020
The Gate of Bones Andy Clark 2021
The Wolftime Gav Thorpe 2021
Throne of Light Guy Haley 2022
The Iron Kingdom Nick Kyme 2023
The Martyr's Tomb Marc Collins 2023
Sea of Souls Chris Wraight 2023
Hand of Abaddon Nick Kyme 2024

Dawn of War

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Dawn of War C.S. Goto 2004
Ascension C.S. Goto 2005
Tempest C.S. Goto 2006
Blood Ravens: The Dawn of War Omnibus C.S. Goto 2008
Dawn of War II Chris Roberson 2009
Dawn of War III Robbie MacNiven 2017

Death Korps of Krieg

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Krieg Steve Lyons 2022
Siege of Vraks Steve Lyons 2024


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Warrior Brood C.S. Goto 2005
Warrior Coven C.S. Goto 2006
Deathwatch Steve Parker 2013
Shadowbreaker Steve Parker 2019

Fabius Bile

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Primogenitor Josh Reynolds 2016
Clonelord Josh Reynolds 2017
Manflayer Josh Reynolds 2020
Fabius Bile: The Omnibus Josh Reynolds 2022


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Farsight Phil Kelly 2015
Crisis of Faith Phil Kelly 2017
Empire of Lies Phil Kelly 2020

Forges of Mars

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Priests of Mars Graham McNeill 2012
Lords of Mars Graham McNeill 2013
Gods of Mars Graham McNeill 2014
Forges of Mars (Omnibus) Graham McNeill 2017

Gaunt's Ghosts

# Title Author(s) Publication Date
1 First and Only Dan Abnett 1999
2 Ghostmaker Dan Abnett 2000
3 Necropolis Dan Abnett 2000
4 Honour Guard Dan Abnett 2001
5 The Guns of Tanith Dan Abnett 2002
6 Straight Silver Dan Abnett 2002
7 Sabbat Martyr Dan Abnett 2003
1-3 Gaunt's Ghosts: The Founding (Omnibus) Dan Abnett 2003
8 Traitor General Dan Abnett 2004
9 His Last Command Dan Abnett 2005
10 The Armour of Contempt Dan Abnett 2006
4-7 Gaunt's Ghosts: The Saint (Omnibus) Dan Abnett 2007
11 Only in Death Dan Abnett 2008
12 Blood Pact Dan Abnett 2009
8-11 Gaunt's Ghosts: The Lost (Omnibus) Dan Abnett 2009
Sabbat Worlds Dan Abnett 2010
13 Salvation's Reach Dan Abnett 2011
Sabbat Crusade Dan Abnett 2014
14 The Warmaster Dan Abnett 2017
12-13 Gaunt's Ghosts: The Victory (part one) (Omnibus) Dan Abnett 2018
15 The Anarch Dan Abnett 2019
16 The Vincula Insurgency Dan Abnett 2021
Sabbat War Various 2021

Genestealer Cults

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Cult of the Warmason C.L. Werner 2017
Cult of the Spiral Dawn Peter Fehervari 2018

Gothic War

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Execution Hour Gordon Rennie 2001
Shadow Point Gordon Rennie 2003
The Gothic War (Omnibus) Gordon Rennie 2010

Grey Knights

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Grey Knights Ben Counter 2004
Dark Adeptus Ben Counter 2006
Hammer of Daemons Ben Counter 2008
The Grey Knights Omnibus Ben Counter 2009

Horus Heresy Series

# Title Author(s) Publication Date
1 Horus Rising Dan Abnett 2006
2 False Gods Graham McNeill 2006
3 Galaxy in Flames Ben Counter 2006
4 The Flight of the Eisenstein James Swallow 2007
5 Fulgrim Graham McNeill 2007
6 Descent of Angels Mitchel Scanlon 2007
7 Legion Dan Abnett 2008
8 Battle for the Abyss Ben Counter 2008
9 Mechanicum Graham McNeill 2008
10 Tales of Heresy Various 2009
11 Fallen Angels Mike Lee 2009
12 A Thousand Sons Graham McNeill 2010
13 Nemesis James Swallow 2010
14 The First Heretic Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2010
15 Prospero Burns Dan Abnett 2011
16 Age of Darkness Various 2011
17 The Outcast Dead Graham McNeill 2011
18 Deliverance Lost Gav Thorpe 2011
19 Know No Fear Dan Abnett 2012
20 The Primarchs Various 2012
21 Fear to Tread James Swallow 2012
22 Shadows of Treachery Various 2012
23 Angel Exterminatus Graham McNeill 2013
24 Betrayer Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2013
25 Mark of Calth Various 2013
26 Vulkan Lives Nick Kyme 2013
27 The Unremembered Empire Dan Abnett 2014
28 Scars Chris Wraight 2014
29 Vengeful Spirit Graham McNeill 2014
30 The Damnation of Pythos David Annandale 2014
31 Legacies of Betrayal Various 2014
32 Deathfire Nick Kyme 2015
33 War Without End Various 2015
34 Pharos Guy Haley 2015
35 Eye of Terra Various 2016
36 The Path of Heaven Chris Wraight 2016
37 The Silent War Various 2016
38 Angels of Caliban Gav Thorpe 2016
39 Praetorian of Dorn John French 2016
40 Corax Various 2016
41 Master of Mankind Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2016
42 Garro James Swallow 2017
43 Shattered Legions Various 2017
44 The Crimson King Graham McNeill 2017
45 Tallarn John French 2017
46 Ruinstorm David Annandale 2017
47 Old Earth Nick Kyme 2017
48 The Burden of Loyalty Various 2018
49 Wolfsbane Guy Haley 2018
50 Born of Flame Nick Kyme 2018
51 Slaves to Darkness John French 2018
52 Heralds of the Siege Various 2018
53 Titandeath Guy Haley 2018
54 The Buried Dagger James Swallow 2019
1-3 Crusade's End (Omnibus) Various 2016
5+23 The Last Phoenix (Omnibus) Various 2016
12+15 The Razing of Prospero (Omnibus) Various 2016

Horus Heresy: The Primarchs

# Title Author(s) Publication Date
1 Roboute Guilliman: Lord of Ultramar David Annandale 2016
2 Leman Russ: The Great Wolf Chris Wraight 2016
3 Magnus the Red: Master of Prospero Graham McNeill 2016
4 Perturabo: Hammer of Olympia Guy Haley 2017
5 Lorgar: Bearer of the Word Gav Thorpe 2017
6 Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix Josh Reynolds 2017
7 Ferrus Manus: The Gorgon of Medusa David Guymer 2017
8 Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris Chris Wraight 2018
9 Vulkan: Lord of Drakes David Annandale 2018
10 Corax: Lord of Shadows Guy Haley 2018
11 Angron: Slave of Nuceria Ian St. Martin 2019
12 Konrad Curze: The Night Haunter Guy Haley 2019
13 Lion El'Jonson: Lord of the First David Guymer 2020
14 Alpharius: Head of the Hydra Mike Brooks 2021
15 Mortarion: The Pale King David Annandale 2022
16 Rogal Dorn: The Emperor's Crusader Gav Thorpe 2022
17 Sanguinius: The Great Angel Chris Wraight 2022
Sons of the Emperor various 2018
Scions of the Emperor various 2019
Blood of the Emperor various 2021
Heirs of the Emperor various 2022

Horus Heresy Character Series

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Valdor: Birth of the Imperium Chris Wraight 2020
Luther: First of the Fallen Gav Thorpe 2020
Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader John French 2022
Eidolon: The Auric Hammer Marc Collins 2024

The Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra

# Title Author(s) Publication Date
1 The Solar War John French 2019
2 The Lost and the Damned Guy Haley 2019
3 The First Wall Gav Thorpe 2019
4 Saturnine Dan Abnett 2020
Sons of the Selenar Graham McNeill 2019
Fury of Magnus Graham McNeill 2020
5 Mortis John French 2021
6 Warhawk Chris Wraight 2021
7 Echoes of Eternity Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2022
Garro: Knight of Grey James Swallow 2022
8 The End and the Death: Volume I Dan Abnett 2023
9 The End and the Death: Volume II Dan Abnett 2023
10 The End and the Death: Volume III Dan Abnett 2024

Horusian Wars

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Resurrection John French 2017
Incarnation John French 2018
Divination John French 2019

Imperial Guard

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Fifteen Hours Mitchel Scanlon 2005
Death World Steve Lyons 2006
Rebel Winter Steve Parker 2007
Imperial Guard Omnibus: Volume One Various 2008
Desert Raiders Lucien Soulban 2007
Ice Guard Steve Lyons 2009
Gunheads Steve Parker 2009
Cadian Blood Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2009
Redemption Corps Rob Sanders 2010
Dead Men Walking Steve Lyons 2010
Hammer of the Emperor (Omnibus) Various 2011
Imperial Glory Richard Williams 2011
Iron Guard Mark Clapham 2012
Commissar Andy Hoare 2013
Baneblade Guy Haley 2013
Straken Toby Frost 2014
Honour Imperialis (Omnibus) Various 2014
Shadowsword Guy Haley 2016
Glory Imperialis (Omnibus) Various 2017
Shield of the Emperor (reprint 1st Omnibus) Various 2019

Imperial Knights

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Kingsblade Andy Clark 2017
Knightsblade Andy Clark 2018

Inquisition War

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Inquisitor Ian Watson 1990
Harlequin Ian Watson 1994
Chaos Child Ian Watson 1995
Draco Ian Watson 2002
The Inquisition War (Omnibus) Ian Watson 2009


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Xenos Dan Abnett 2001
Malleus Dan Abnett 2001
Hereticus Dan Abnett 2002
Eisenhorn (Omnibus) Dan Abnett 2005
Ravenor Dan Abnett 2004
Ravenor Returned Dan Abnett 2005
Ravenor Rogue Dan Abnett 2007
Ravenor: The Omnibus Dan Abnett 2009
Pariah Dan Abnett 2012
The Magos Dan Abnett 2018
Penitent Dan Abnett 2021

Iron Hands

Title Author(s) Publication Date
The Eye of Medusa David Guymer 2017
The Voice of Mars David Guymer 2018

Iron Warriors

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Storm of Iron Graham McNeill 2002
Iron Warriors: The Omnibus Graham McNeill 2012
Iron Warriors: The Complete Honsou Omnibus Graham McNeill 2019

Last Chancers

Title Author(s) Publication Date
13th Legion Gav Thorpe 2000
Kill Team Gav Thorpe 2001
Annihilation Squad Gav Thorpe 2004
The Last Chancers (Omnibus) Gav Thorpe 2006
Armageddon Saint Gav Thorpe 2020

Legacy of Caliban

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Ravenwing Gav Thorpe 2013
Master of Sanctity Gav Thorpe 2014
The Unforgiven Gav Thorpe 2015
Legacy of Caliban: The Omnibus Gav Thorpe 2016

Legends of the Dark Millennium

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Deathwatch Ian St Martin 2015
Ultramarines Various 2016
Shas'o/The Tau Empire Various 2016
Sons of Corax George Mann 2016
Astra Militarum Various 2016
Space Wolves Various 2017

The Macharian Crusade

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Angel of Fire William King 2012
Fist of Demetrius William King 2013
Fall of Macharius William King 2014
The Macharian Crusade (Omnibus) William King 2017


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Mephiston: Blood of Sanguinius Darius Hinks 2017
Mephiston: Revenant Crusade Darius Hinks 2018
Mephiston: City of Light Darius Hinks 2019


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Status: Deadzone Marc Gascoigne and Andy Jones 2000
Survival Instinct Andy Chambers 2005
Salvation C.S. Goto 2005
Blood Royal Gordon Rennie and Will McDermott 2005
Junktion Matthew Farrer 2005
Fleshworks Lucien Soulban 2006
Outlander Matt Keefe 2006
Back from the Dead Nick Kyme 2006
Cardinal Crimson Will McDermott 2006
Lasgun Wedding Will McDermott 2007
Necromunda Omnibus 1 Various 2011
The Complete Kal Jerico Various 2011
Necromunda Omnibus 2 Various 2012
Kal Jerico: The Omnibus Various 2017
Wanted: Dead Mike Brooks 2018
Sinners Bounty Josh Reynolds 2019
Terminal Overkill Justin D. Hill 2019
Low Lives Denny Flowers 2019
Underhive: A Necromunda Anthology Mike Brooks 2019
Road to Redemption Mike Brooks 2020
Soulless Fury Will McDermott 2020
Uprising Denny Flowers 2020
Spark of Revolution Gary Kloster 2020
Fire Made Flesh Denny Flowers 2021

Night Lords

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Soul Hunter Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2010
Blood Reaver Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2011
Void Stalker Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2012
Night Lords: The Omnibus Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2014

Path of the Eldar

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Path of the Warrior Gav Thorpe 2010
Path of the Seer Gav Thorpe 2011
Path of the Outcast Gav Thorpe 2012
Path of the Eldar (Omnibus) Gav Thorpe 2014

Phoenix Lords

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Asurmen: Hand of Asuryan Gav Thorpe 2015
Jain Zar: The Storm of Silence Gav Thorpe 2017


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Harrowmaster Mike Brooks 2022
Lord of Excess Rich McCormick 2024

Rise of the Ynnari

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Ghost Warrior Gav Thorpe 2017
Wild Rider Gav Thorpe 2018

Rogue Trader

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Rogue Star Andy Hoare 2006
Star of Damocles Andy Hoare 2007
Savage Scars Andy Hoare 2011
Rogue Trader Omnibus Andy Hoare 2018

Shira Calpurnia

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Crossfire Matthew Farrer 2003
Legacy Matthew Farrer 2004
Blind Matthew Farrer 2006
Enforcer (Omnibus) Matthew Farrer 2010

Sisters of Battle

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Faith and Fire James Swallow 2006
Hammer and Anvil James Swallow 2011
Sisters of Battle: The Omnibus James Swallow 2017

Soul Drinkers

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Soul Drinker Ben Counter 2002
The Bleeding Chalice Ben Counter 2003
Crimson Tears Ben Counter 2005
The Soul Drinkers Omnibus Ben Counter 2006
Chapter War Ben Counter 2007
Hellforged Ben Counter 2009
Daenyathos Ben Counter 2010
Phalanx Ben Counter 2012
Soul Drinkers: Annihilation (2nd Omnibus) Ben Counter 2013
Traitor by Deed Ben Counter 2020

Space Marine Battles

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Rynn's World Steve Parker 2010
Helsreach Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2010
Hunt for Voldorius Andy Hoare 2010
The Purging of Kadillus Gav Thorpe 2011
Fall of Damnos Nick Kyme 2011
Battle of the Fang Chris Wraight 2011
The Gildar Rift Sarah Cawkwell 2011
Legion of the Damned Rob Sanders 2012
Architect of Fate (Anthology) Various 2012
Wrath of Iron Chris Wraight 2012
The Siege of Castellax C.L. Werner 2012
The Death of Antagonis David Annandale 2013
Death of Integrity Guy Haley 2013
Malodrax Ben Counter 2013
Pandorax C.Z. Dunn 2013
Overfiend (Anthology) David Annandale 2014
Damocles (Anthology) various 2014
The World Engine Ben Counter 2014
Sanctus Reach (Anthology) Various 2015
Flesh Tearers Andy Smillie 2016
Blades of Damocles Phil Kelly 2016
The Plagues of Orath (Anthology) various 2016
Crusaders of Dorn (Anthology) various 2016
Calgar's Siege Paul Kearney 2016
Storm of Damocles Justin D. Hill 2016
Tyrant of the Hollow Worlds Mark Clapham 2016
Shield of Baal (Anthology) various 2017
Scythes of the Emperor (Anthology) Laurie Goulding 2017
The Eye of Ezekiel CZ Dunn 2017

Space Marine Conquests

Title Author(s) Publication Date
The Devastation of Baal Guy Haley 2017
The Ashes of Prospero Gav Thorpe 2018
War of Secrets Phil Kelly 2018
Of Honour and Iron Ian St. Martin 2018
Apocalypse Josh Reynolds 2019
Fist of the Imperium Andy Clark 2020
Masters of Shadow Thomas Parrott Unreleased
For Glory and Honour (Anthology) Various 2023

Space Marine Legends

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Ragnar Blackmane Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2015
Lemartes: Guardian of the Lost David Annandale 2016
Cassius Ben Counter 2016
Shrike George Mann 2016
Azrael Gav Thorpe 2016

Space Wolf

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Space Wolf William King 1999
Ragnar's Claw William King 2000
Grey Hunter William King 2002
Wolfblade William King 2003
Sons of Fenris Lee Lightner 2007
Wolf's Honour Lee Lightner 2008
The Space Wolf Omnibus William King 2008
Space Wolf: The Second Omnibus William King/Lee Lightner 2009

Tome of Fire (Salamanders)

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Salamander Nick Kyme 2009
Firedrake Nick Kyme 2010
Nocturne Nick Kyme 2011
Tome of Fire (Anthology) Nick Kyme 2012
Salamanders: The Omnibus Nick Kyme 2013
Salamanders: Rebirth Nick Kyme 2013

The Twice Dead King

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Ruin Nate Crowley 2021
Reign Nate Crowley 2021

Ufthak Blackhawk

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Brutal Kunnin Mike Brooks 2020
Da Big Dakka Mike Brooks 2024


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Nightbringer Graham McNeill 2002
Warriors of Ultramar Graham McNeill 2003
Dead Sky, Black Sun Graham McNeill 2004
The Ultramarines Omnibus Graham McNeill 2006
The Killing Ground Graham McNeill 2008
Courage and Honour Graham McNeill 2009
The Chapter's Due Graham McNeill 2010
The Swords of Calth Graham McNeill 2021
Ultramarines: The Second Omnibus Graham McNeill 2012
The Uriel Ventris Chronicles Vol 1 (Omnibus) Graham McNeill 2019
The Uriel Ventris Chronicles Vol 2 (Omnibus) Graham McNeill 2019


Title Author(s) Publication Date
The Serpent and the Saint Matthew Farrer 2021
The Magister and the Martyr Matthew Farrer 2021

Vaults of Terra

Title Author(s) Publication Date
The Carrion Throne Chris Wraight 2017
The Hollow Mountain Chris Wraight 2019
The Dark City Chris Wraight 2022

Warhammer Adventures: Warped Galaxies

# Title Author(s) Publication Date
1 Attack of the Necron Cavan Scott 2019
2 Claws of the Genestealer Cavan Scott 2019
3 Secrets of the Tau Cavan Scott 2019
4 War of the Orks Cavan Scott 2020
5 Plague of the Nurglings Cavan Scott 2020
6 Tomb of the Necron Cavan Scott 2020

Warhammer Crime

Title Author(s) Publication Date
No Good Men Various 2020
Bloodlines Chris Wraight 2020
Flesh and Steel Guy Haley 2020
Grim Repast Marc Collins 2021
Broken City Various 2021
Sanction and Sin Various 2021
The King of the Spoil Justin D. Beer 2023
Once a Killer Various 2023

Warhammer Horror

Title Author(s) Publication Date
The Wicked and the Damned Various 2019
Maledictions Various 2019
The House of Night and Chain David Annandale 2019
Invocations Lora Gray 2019
The Colonel's Monograph Graham McNeill 2019
The Oubliette J.C. Stearns 2020
Anathemas Various 2020
Sepulturum Nick Kyme 2020
The Reverie Peter Fehervari 2020
The Deacon of Wounds David Annandale 2021
The Accursed Various 2021
The Bookkeeper's Skull Justin D. Hill 2022
The Resting Places Various 2022
Unholy Various 2022

Watchers of the Throne

Title Author(s) Publication Date
The Emperor's Legion Chris Wraight 2017
The Regent's Shadow Chris Wraight 2020

Word Bearers

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Dark Apostle Anthony Reynolds 2007
Dark Disciple Anthony Reynolds 2008
Dark Creed Anthony Reynolds 2010
The Word Bearers Omnibus Anthony Reynolds 2012


Title Author(s) Publication Date
Chains of Golgotha David Annandale 2013
Imperial Creed David Annandale 2014
The Pyres of Armageddon David Annandale 2015
Yarrick: The Omnibus David Annandale 2018

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