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List of Battle Barges

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A list of Space Marine Battle Barges.

Chapter/Legion Vessel Notes Source(s)
Absolvers Vow of Absolution Unknown [55]
Alpha Legion Alpha Unknown [15]
Beta Orbital support during the Battle of Ravendelve. [15]
Omicron Harrowing of Callistra Mundi. [63]
Angels Eradicant Light of the Emperor Unknown [44]
Angels Excelsis Essence Eternal Unknown
Angels of Absolution Liberatorii Delictum Unknown [Needs Citation]
Angels Sanguine Cruor Domina Unknown
Astral Knights Tempestus Destroyed in a collision with the World Engine. Wrecked hull converted into an Imperial Shrine to the Astral Knights on Safehold.
Black Dragons Ebon Flame Unknown
Black Legion Harbinger of Doom Unknown
Vengeful Spirit Unknown
Black Templars Abhorrence Fought during War of the Beast in M32.
Admonisher Unknown
Eternal Crusader Chapter Flagship. [5]
Leveller Unknown
Night's Vigil Took part in the Ghoul Stars Crusade. [58]
Rectifier Unknown
Revenant Unknown
Sigismund Unknown
Sigismund's Fury Unknown
Sigismund's Light Unknown [38]
Sigismund's Oath Took part in the Third Armageddon War. [39]
Blood Angels Baal's Fury Unknown
Bellus Led the expedition into Ork space to recover the Spear of Telesto; subsequently commandeered as the flagship of Arkio and Inquisitor Ramius Stele. Destroyed over Sabien in combat with its sister ship Europae and the Desolator Battleship Misericorde.
Blade of Vengeance A major ship of the Blood Angels's Battlefleet during the Cryptus Campaign in 998.M41
Blood Crusader Unknown [61]
Bloodcaller Chapter Master Kadeus fought there with a Tzeentch Daemon Prince Sethselameth and defeated him.
Crimson Spectre Unknown
Eclipse of Hope Lost in the 5th Black Crusade. [52]
Europae Served as Mephiston's flagship in the punitive expedition against Arkio and his rebel faction.
Misericord Took part in the War on Murder during the Great Crusade [57]
Red Tear Unknown
Blood Drinkers Crimson Sacrament Unknown
Blood Ravens Dauntless Unknown
Litany of Fury Transported the Chapter's 3rd Company to the planet Tartarus. [18a]
Ominous Insight Stationed in the Qulus System and normally watches over the wealthy merchant world Qulus Trine. [26a]
Omnis Arcanum Unknown [18]
Scientia Est Potentia Unknown [26b]
Brazen Beasts Cerberite Unknown
Brazen Drakes Drake Rampant Unknown [59]
Brazen Minotaurs Pride of Tauron Unknown
Carcharodons Nicor Took part in the Badab War. [27]
Celebrants Laudator Unknown
Celestial Lions Serenkai Unknown
Charnel Guard Invictrix Chapter Flagship. Took part in the Devastation of Baal. [42]
Cruor Blades Xiphos Chapter Flagship.
Dark Angels Angel of Retribution Vraks Campaign. [12]
Implacable Justice Vessel of the Ravenwing.
Invincible Reason Unknown
Penitent Warrior Unknown
Reprisal Unknown
Spear of Truth Unknown
Undying Faith Unknown [Needs Citation]
Unrelenting Fury Unknown [Needs Citation]
Vinco Redemptor Unknown [Needs Citation]
Wrath's Descent Unknown [62]
Death Guard Endurance Unknown
Reaper's Scythe Unknown
Stalwart Unknown
Doom Eagles Doombearer Took part in the defense of the Cadian Gate during the 13th Black Crusade.
Dragon Warriors Hell-stalker Unknown [53]
Eagle Warriors Valorous[43] Unknown
Emperor Himself Bucephelus Great Crusade, Battle of Gyros-Thravian
Emperor's Children Callidora Destroyed by the Iron Hands. [15][28]
Longinus Black Crusades
Pride of the Emperor Unknown
The Agony and the Ecstasy Unknown [Needs Citation]
Wage of Sin Black Crusades
Emperor's Spears Warrior Queen Unknown
Emperor's Warbringers Deathmonger Unknown
Executioners Death's Shroud Unknown
Exorcists Punisher Unknown [1]
Redeemer Unknown [1]
Fists Exemplar Alcazar Remembered War of the Beast.
Flesh Tearers Victus Unknown [9]
Grey Knights Bright Sword Unknown [6]
Emperor's Will Unknown [6]
Fire of Dawn Unknown [6]
Redeemer of Souls Unknown [6]
Ruler of the Black Skies First War for Armageddon [19b]
Howling Griffons Force of Destiny During the Third War for Armageddon a Chapter Master of the Howling Griffons Alvaro led the 1st Company of the Chapter from this Battle Barge, where they engaged in the persecution of a company of Night Lords Traitor Legionnaires under the command of the infamous Daemon Prince Periclitor. [25]
Imperial Hawks Carmine Talon Unknown [14]
Imperial Fists Antorax Took part in the War of the Beast. Destroyed by Orks.
Fortress of Eternity Fought in the Solar War.
Hammer of Terra Horus Heresy. Destroyed
Lanxium War with Chromes, War of the Beast. Destroyed by Orks. [40]
Monarch of Fire Unknown
Spear of Vengeance Unknown [30]
Storm of Wrath Unknown [30]
War Oath Unknown
Iron Hands Armourum Ferrus Unknown [Needs Citation]
Ferrum Unknown [Needs Citation]
Fist of Iron Unknown
Gorgon's Will In service with Clan Raukaan.
Iron Requiem Took part in the Siege of the Fenris System in 999.M41. [41]
Iron Will Unknown
Metallus Destroyed by the Diasporex. [Needs Citation]
Iron Snakes Temerity Unknown [Needs Citation]
Iron Warriors Contrador Battle at the Phall system
Iron Blood Unknown
Stonebreaker Unknown
Warbreed Invasion of Ultramar
Lamenters Daughter of Tempests Seized by the Minotaurs Chapter during the Badab War.
Legion of the Damned Raptorus Rex Unknown [Needs Citation]
Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus Breakspear Unknown [Needs Citation]
Magna Tyrannis Unknown
Throne of the Underworld Took part in the Solar War.
Vengeful Spirit Battle of Terra, 13th Black Crusade
Mantis Warriors Endless Redemption Fought Tyranids near the planet Herodian IV. [29]
Marines Mordant Assiduous Unknown [46a][46b]
Minotaurs Daughter of Tempests Unknown
Fidelitas Lambda Unknown
Night Lords Hunter's Premonition Unknown [31]
Nightfall Unknown
Terrorclaw Unknown [32]
Umbrea Insidior Unknown
Novamarines Inexorable Fury Destroyed by Eldar.
Liberator Unknown
Raptors War Talon Unknown [11]
Raven Guard Avenger Unknown
Providence Unknown
Raven’s Claw Unknown
Shadow of the Emperor Dropsite Massacre. Destroyed at Isstvan by the Terminus Est. [2]
Shadowed Guardian Unknown
Red Corsairs Spectre of Ruin Unknown [37]
Red Scimitars Edge of Rage Unknown
Red Scorpions Auel's Bane Unknown
Sword of Ordon Unknown
Red Talons Emperor's Blade Unknown
Sword of Truth Unknown
Salamanders Charybdis Unknown
Flamewrought Defense of Nocturne [23]
Hammer of Nocturne Unknown [10]
Pyre of Glory Badab War [22]
Vulkan's Might Unknown
Vulkan's Wrath Commorragh Raid. [8]
Scythes of the Emperor Heart of Cronus Unknown [51a]
Honour's Might Chapter flagship. [51b]
Sons of Orar Honour Implacable Took part in the Indomitus Crusade. [50]
The Shriven Drake Rampant Unknown [59]
Soul Drinkers Carnivore Scuttled. [48a][48c]
Glory Scuttled. [49]
Leuctra Scuttled. [48b][48c]
Mare Infernum Scuttled. [48a][48c]
Space Wolves Allfather's Honour Siege of the Fenris System
Axe of Russ Unknown [54]
Firemane's Fang Unknown
Gylfarheim First War for Armageddon [19a]
Herald of Morkai Unknown [33]
Holmgang Unknown [41]
Hrafnkel Unknown
Spear of Russ Unknown [33]
Wolf-Spirit Unknown
Storm Warriors Sirius Unknown [45]
Templars of Blood Blood Sword Unknown
Thousand Sons Ankhtowe Unknown [34]
Kymmeru Unknown [34]
Photep Unknown [34]
Scion of Prospero 12th Black Crusade, 13th Black Crusade
Tome Keepers Legerin Heqite Unknown [60]
Ultramarines Aeternus Unknown [35]
Anacreon Unknown
Armsman Took part in the Battle of Nuceria, in which it launched a boarding action of the World Eaters flagship Conqueror. [47]
Asidus Unknown [35]
Caesar Reports conflict: either destroyed by Hive Fleet Behemoth during the Battle for Macragge (745.M41)[7], or crashed in the seas of Talassar in 854999.M41[16] [7][16]
Caracalla Unknown
Ceres Took part in the Battle of Nuceria. Also described as a Bulk Cruiser. Destroyed. [47]
Constellation of Tarmus Unknown
Emperor Incarnatus Unknown [35]
Excelsior Destroyed [35]
Gauntlet of Power Battle of Thessala
Guilliman's Hand Unknown
Judicious Truth Battle for Calth. Destroyed
Lord Lamedon Unknown [35]
Macragge's Honour Flagship of the Ultramarine Navy. Suffered heavy damage at the Battle of Calth. [17]
Mare Nostrum Flagship of 8th Company under Captain Numitor during the Indomitus Crusade.
Octavius Unknown
Phaunos Unknown
Rath's Honour Rescued the Raptors chapter from the death-world of Jemdal. [3]
Samothrace Temporary flagship of Roboute Guilliman during the Horus Heresy. Battle of Anuari.
Seditio Opprimere Rebuilt after battles with Hive Fleet Behemoth
Severian Unknown [4]
Sons of Ultramar Unknown
Spear of Macragge Unknown
Wrath of Hope Unknown [56]
Warmongers Allegiance of Terra Took part in the Jakal II Intercept Force, under the command of Captain Balthus. [24]
White Consuls Sword of Truth Unknown [1]
White Scars Jaghatai's Pride Unknown [36]
Silent Horseman Originally known as the Plainsmaster.
Swordstorm Unknown [36]
Word Bearers Act of Convocation Unknown
De Profundis Unknown
Destiny's Hand Unknown
Fidelitas Lex Shadow Crusade. Destroyed.
Glory Eternal Unknown
Inexorable Ruination Unknown
Infidus Imperator Orignally known as the Raptorus Rex. Took part in the Battle of Calth. Destroyed by Macragge's Honour. [21]
World Eaters Conqueror Originally known as the Adamant Resolve. Legion flagship during the Horus Heresy. Later took part in the First War for Armageddon and 13th Black Crusade.
Dedicated Wrath Unknown
Iaculum Unknown
Unknown Incarnadine Unknown