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List of Battle Barges

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A list of Space Marine Battle Barges.

Chapter/Legion Vessel Notes Source(s)
Absolvers Vow of Absolution Unknown [55]
Alpha Legion Alpha Unknown [15]
Beta Orbital support during the Battle of Ravendelve. [15]
Omicron Harrowing of Callistra Mundi. [63]
Angels Eradicant Light of the Emperor Unknown [44]
Angels Excelsis Essence Eternal Unknown [Needs Citation]
Angels of Absolution Liberatorii Delictum Unknown [Needs Citation]
Angels Sanguine Cruor Domina Unknown [Needs Citation]
Aurora Chapter Artamenas Participated in the battle for Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade. [67]
Astral Knights Tempestus Destroyed in a collision with the World Engine. Wrecked hull converted into an Imperial Shrine to the Astral Knights on Safehold. [Needs Citation]
Black Dragons Ebon Flame Unknown [Needs Citation]
Black Legion Harbinger of Doom Unknown [Needs Citation]
Vengeful Spirit Unknown [Needs Citation]
Black Templars Abhorrence Fought during War of the Beast in M32. [Needs Citation]
Admonisher Unknown [Needs Citation]
Eternal Crusader Chapter Flagship. [5]
Leveller Unknown [Needs Citation]
Night's Vigil Took part in the Ghoul Stars Crusade. [58]
Rectifier Unknown [Needs Citation]
Revenant Unknown [Needs Citation]
Sigismund Unknown [Needs Citation]
Sigismund's Fury Unknown [Needs Citation]
Sigismund's Light Unknown [38]
Sigismund's Oath Took part in the Third Armageddon War. [39]
Blood Angels Absolution's Ire Flagship of Dante [64]
Baal's Fury Unknown [Needs Citation]
Bellus Led the expedition into Ork space to recover the Spear of Telesto; subsequently commandeered as the flagship of Arkio and Inquisitor Ramius Stele. Destroyed over Sabien in combat with its sister ship Europae and the Desolator Battleship Misericorde. [Needs Citation]
Blade of Vengeance A major ship of the Blood Angels's Battlefleet during the Cryptus Campaign in 998.M41 [Needs Citation]
Blood Crusader Unknown [61]
Bloodcaller Chapter Master Kadeus fought there with a Tzeentch Daemon Prince Sethselameth and defeated him. [Needs Citation]
Crimson Spectre Unknown [Needs Citation]
Eclipse of Hope Lost in the 5th Black Crusade. [52]
Europae Served as Mephiston's flagship in the punitive expedition against Arkio and his rebel faction. [Needs Citation]
Misericord Took part in the War on Murder during the Great Crusade [57]
Red Tear Unknown [Needs Citation]
Blood Drinkers Crimson Sacrament Unknown [Needs Citation]
Blood Ravens Dauntless Unknown [Needs Citation]
Litany of Fury Transported the Chapter's 3rd Company to the planet Tartarus. [18a]
Ominous Insight Stationed in the Qulus System and normally watches over the wealthy merchant world Qulus Trine. [26a]
Omnis Arcanum Unknown [18]
Scientia Est Potentia Unknown [26b]
Brazen Beasts Cerberite Unknown [Needs Citation]
Brazen Drakes Drake Rampant Unknown [59]
Brazen Minotaurs Pride of Tauron Unknown [Needs Citation]
Carcharodons Nicor Took part in the Badab War. [27]
Celebrants Laudator Unknown [Needs Citation]
Celestial Lions Serenkai Unknown [Needs Citation]
Charnel Guard Invictrix Chapter Flagship. Took part in the Devastation of Baal. [42]
Cruor Blades Xiphos Chapter Flagship. [Needs Citation]
Dark Angels Angel of Retribution Vraks Campaign. [12]
Implacable Justice Vessel of the Ravenwing. Destroyed in the Arks of Omen Campaign [Needs Citation]
Invincible Reason Unknown [Needs Citation]
Penitent Warrior Unknown [Needs Citation]
Reprisal Unknown [Needs Citation]
Spear of Truth Unknown [Needs Citation]
Undying Faith Unknown [Needs Citation]
Unrelenting Fury Unknown [Needs Citation]
Vinco Redemptor Unknown [Needs Citation]
Wrath's Descent Unknown [62]
Death Guard Endurance Unknown [Needs Citation]
Reaper's Scythe Unknown [Needs Citation]
Stalwart Unknown [Needs Citation]
Doom Eagles Doombearer Took part in the defense of the Cadian Gate during the 13th Black Crusade. [Needs Citation]
Dragon Warriors Hell-stalker Unknown [53]
Eagle Warriors Valorous[43] Unknown [Needs Citation]
Emperor Himself Bucephelus Great Crusade, Battle of Gyros-Thravian [Needs Citation]
Emperor's Children Callidora Destroyed by the Iron Hands. [15][28]
Longinus Black Crusades [Needs Citation]
Pride of the Emperor Unknown [Needs Citation]
The Agony and the Ecstasy Unknown [Needs Citation]
Wage of Sin Black Crusades [Needs Citation]
Emperor's Spears Warrior Queen Unknown [Needs Citation]
Emperor's Warbringers Deathmonger Unknown [Needs Citation]
Executioners Death's Shroud Unknown [Needs Citation]
Exorcists Punisher Unknown [1]
Redeemer Unknown [1]
Fists Exemplar Alcazar Remembered War of the Beast. [Needs Citation]
Flesh Tearers Victus Unknown [9]
Grey Knights Bright Sword Unknown [6]
Emperor's Will Unknown [6]
Fire of Dawn Unknown [6]
Redeemer of Souls Unknown [6]
Ruler of the Black Skies First War for Armageddon [19b]
Howling Griffons Force of Destiny During the Third War for Armageddon a Chapter Master of the Howling Griffons Alvaro led the 1st Company of the Chapter from this Battle Barge, where they engaged in the persecution of a company of Night Lords Traitor Legionnaires under the command of the infamous Daemon Prince Periclitor. [25]
Imperial Hawks Carmine Talon Unknown [14]
Imperial Fists Antorax Took part in the War of the Beast. Destroyed by Orks. [Needs Citation]
Fortress of Eternity Fought in the Solar War. [Needs Citation]
Hammer of Terra Horus Heresy. Destroyed [Needs Citation]
Lanxium War with Chromes, War of the Beast. Destroyed by Orks. [40]
Monarch of Fire Unknown [Needs Citation]
Spear of Vengeance Unknown [30]
Storm of Wrath Unknown [30]
War Oath Unknown [Needs Citation]
Iron Hands Armourum Ferrus Unknown [Needs Citation]
Ferrum Unknown [Needs Citation]
Fist of Iron Unknown [Needs Citation]
Gorgon's Will In service with Clan Raukaan. [Needs Citation]
Iron Requiem Took part in the Siege of the Fenris System in 999.M41. [41]
Iron Will Unknown [Needs Citation]
Metallus Destroyed by the Diasporex. [Needs Citation]
Iron Snakes Temerity Unknown [Needs Citation]
Iron Warriors Contrador Battle at the Phall system [Needs Citation]
Iron Blood Unknown [Needs Citation]
Stonebreaker Unknown [Needs Citation]
Warbreed Invasion of Ultramar [Needs Citation]
Lamenters Daughter of Tempests Seized by the Minotaurs Chapter during the Badab War. [Needs Citation]
Legion of the Damned Raptorus Rex Unknown [Needs Citation]
Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus Breakspear Unknown [Needs Citation]
Magna Tyrannis Unknown [Needs Citation]
Throne of the Underworld Took part in the Solar War. [Needs Citation]
Vengeful Spirit Battle of Terra, 13th Black Crusade [Needs Citation]
Mantis Warriors Endless Redemption Fought Tyranids near the planet Herodian IV. [29]
Marines Mordant Assiduous Unknown [46a][46b]
Minotaurs Daughter of Tempests Unknown [Needs Citation]
Fidelitas Lambda Unknown [Needs Citation]
Night Lords Hunter's Premonition Unknown [31]
Nightfall Unknown [Needs Citation]
Terrorclaw Unknown [32]
Umbrea Insidior Unknown [Needs Citation]
Novamarines Inexorable Fury Destroyed by Eldar. [Needs Citation]
Liberator Unknown [Needs Citation]
Raptors Accipiter Fortress-Monastery [66]
War Talon Unknown [11]
Raven Guard Avenger Unknown [Needs Citation]
Providence Unknown [Needs Citation]
Raven’s Claw Unknown [Needs Citation]
Shadow of the Emperor Dropsite Massacre. Destroyed at Isstvan by the Terminus Est. [2]
Shadowed Guardian Unknown [Needs Citation]
Red Corsairs Spectre of Ruin Unknown [37]
Red Scimitars Edge of Rage Unknown [Needs Citation]
Red Scorpions Auel's Bane Unknown [Needs Citation]
Sword of Ordon Unknown [Needs Citation]
Red Talons Emperor's Blade Unknown [Needs Citation]
Sword of Truth Unknown [Needs Citation]
Salamanders Charybdis Unknown [Needs Citation]
Flamewrought Defense of Nocturne [23]
Hammer of Nocturne Unknown [10]
Pyre of Glory Badab War [22]
Vulkan's Might Unknown [Needs Citation]
Vulkan's Wrath Commorragh Raid. [8]
Scythes of the Emperor Heart of Cronus Unknown [51a]
Honour's Might Chapter flagship. [51b]
Sons of Orar Honour Implacable Took part in the Indomitus Crusade. [50]
The Shriven Drake Rampant Unknown [59]
Soul Drinkers Carnivore Scuttled. [48a][48c]
Glory Scuttled. [49]
Leuctra Scuttled. [48b][48c]
Mare Infernum Scuttled. [48a][48c]
Space Wolves Allfather's Honour Siege of the Fenris System [Needs Citation]
Axe of Russ Unknown [54]
Firemane's Fang Unknown [Needs Citation]
Gylfarheim First War for Armageddon [19a]
Herald of Morkai Unknown [33]
Holmgang Unknown [41]
Hrafnkel Unknown [Needs Citation]
Spear of Russ Unknown [33]
Wolf-Spirit Unknown [Needs Citation]
Storm Wardens Warchilde Lost during the Achilus Crusade in the Magog System [65]
Storm Warriors Sirius Unknown [45]
Templars of Blood Blood Sword Unknown [Needs Citation]
Thousand Sons Ankhtowe Unknown [34]
Kymmeru Unknown [34]
Photep Unknown [34]
Scion of Prospero 12th Black Crusade, 13th Black Crusade [Needs Citation]
Tome Keepers Legerin Heqite Unknown [60]
Ultramarines Aeternus Unknown [35]
Anacreon Unknown [Needs Citation]
Armsman Took part in the Battle of Nuceria, in which it launched a boarding action of the World Eaters flagship Conqueror. [47]
Asidus Unknown [35]
Caesar Reports conflict: either destroyed by Hive Fleet Behemoth during the Battle for Macragge (745.M41)[7], or crashed in the seas of Talassar in 854999.M41[16] [7][16]
Caracalla Unknown [Needs Citation]
Ceres Took part in the Battle of Nuceria. Also described as a Bulk Cruiser. Destroyed. [47]
Constellation of Tarmus Unknown [Needs Citation]
Emperor Incarnatus Unknown [35]
Excelsior Destroyed [35]
Gauntlet of Power Battle of Thessala [Needs Citation]
Guilliman's Hand Unknown [Needs Citation]
Judicious Truth Battle for Calth. Destroyed [Needs Citation]
Lord Lamedon Unknown [35]
Macragge's Honour Flagship of the Ultramarine Navy. Suffered heavy damage at the Battle of Calth. [17]
Mare Nostrum Flagship of 8th Company under Captain Numitor during the Indomitus Crusade. [Needs Citation]
Octavius Unknown [Needs Citation]
Phaunos Unknown [Needs Citation]
Rath's Honour Rescued the Raptors chapter from the death-world of Jemdal. [3]
Seditio Opprimere Rebuilt after battles with Hive Fleet Behemoth [Needs Citation]
Severian Unknown [4]
Sons of Ultramar Unknown [Needs Citation]
Spear of Macragge Unknown [Needs Citation]
Wrath of Hope Unknown [56]
Warmongers Allegiance of Terra Took part in the Jakal II Intercept Force, under the command of Captain Balthus. [24]
White Consuls Sword of Truth Unknown [1]
White Scars Jaghatai's Pride Unknown [36]
Silent Horseman Originally known as the Plainsmaster. [Needs Citation]
Swordstorm Unknown [36]
Word Bearers Act of Convocation Unknown [Needs Citation]
De Profundis Unknown [Needs Citation]
Destiny's Hand Unknown [Needs Citation]
Fidelitas Lex Shadow Crusade. Destroyed. [Needs Citation]
Glory Eternal Unknown [Needs Citation]
Inexorable Ruination Unknown [Needs Citation]
Infidus Imperator Orignally known as the Raptorus Rex. Took part in the Battle of Calth. Destroyed by Macragge's Honour. [21]
World Eaters Conqueror Originally known as the Adamant Resolve. Legion flagship during the Horus Heresy. Later took part in the First War for Armageddon and 13th Black Crusade. [Needs Citation]
Dedicated Wrath Unknown [Needs Citation]
Iaculum Unknown [Needs Citation]
Unknown Incarnadine Unknown [Needs Citation]