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List of Founders

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The following is a list of Space Marines who left their parent Space Marine Legion or Chapter to found new Chapters.

Name Chapter Parent Legion/Chapter Founding Source(s)
Amit, Nassir Flesh Tearers Blood Angels Second Index Astartes I, [Needs Citation]
Angnar Dark Hunters White Scars Unknown The Blind King (Short Story)
Aquila, Tulian Doom Eagles Ultramarines Second The Returned (Short Story)

Honour to the Dead (Audio Drama)

Corcaedus Death Spectres Raven Guard Thirteenth Deathwatch (Novel), Act 1, Chapter 5
Cordos, Arrias Black Consuls Ultramarines Second Storm of Damocles (Novel), Chapter 12
Corvo, Lucretius Novamarines Ultramarines Second Imperial Armour Volume Nine - The Badab War - Part One, pgs. 116–123
Damocles, Saur Iron Snakes Ultramarines Second Dark Imperium (Novel), Chapter 3
Dantalion, Oriax Fists Exemplar Imperial Fists Second Predator, Prey (Novel), Chapter 19
Katafalque, Demetrius Excoriators Imperial Fists Second Predator, Prey (Novel), Chapter 19
Mor, Autek Red Talons Iron Hands Second The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution[Needs Citation]
Oberdeii Scythes of the Emperor Ultramarines Third The Aegidan Oath (Short Story)
Orias Disciples of Caliban Dark Angels Unknown (late M37) The Unforgiven (Novel), An Enemy Revealed
Polux, Alexis Crimson Fists Imperial Fists Second [Needs Citation]
Rann, Fafnir Executioners Imperial Fists Third (Unconfirmed, only mentioned in Chapter chronicles) Imperial Armour Volume Ten - The Badab War - Part Two, pgs. 84–86
Sigismund Black Templars Imperial Fists Second [Needs Citation]
Tezuka, Sasebo Mortifactors Ultramarines Second Warriors of Ultramar (Novel), Chapter 1
The Forgotten One Carcharodons Raven Guard (Allegedly) Unknown Carcharodons: Red Tithe (Novel), Chapter I
Viator, Caelus Tome Keepers Ultramarines Fourth White Dwarf 458, pgs. 46-48 - Index Astartes: Tome Keepers

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