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List of Hives

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A list of known Hives, or Hive Cities.

Planet Hive Notes Sources
Armageddon Acheron Overall favorable for Imperium thus far, still many sectors engaged in combat. [1]
Anaon [31]
Death Mire Potentially a favorable outcome for Imperial Forces, select sectors still engaged. [1]
Hades Hive Destroyed in the Third War for Armageddon. [1][5a]
Helsreach [5f]
Stygia Destroyed in the Third War for Armageddon. [5c]
Tartarus Two critical locations retained by Imperial Forces, although majority of the areas remain contested. [1]
Tempestora [5d]
Tempestus Hive [5e]
Uffern Minor satellite hive to Tempestora. Destroyed in the opening actions of the Second War for Armageddon. [30a][30b]
Volcanus Imperial victory is highly possible and also probable. Select areas remain engaged. [1]
Badab Primaris Dominar [12]
Caligula Aurelian Hive [7a]
Calphernia [7a]
Nero Hive Primary stronghold for Chaos forces on the planet. Invaded in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [7c]
Tiberius [7a]
Formal Prime Sangrel Hive Main bastion of Magister Shebol Red-Hand and the Charismites during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [13]
Ghyre Angelicus Capital hive and seat of the Planetary Governor. [4]
Klaratos [4]
Mastracha [4]
Jirrian Handra-Lai [5b]
Kados Kados Prime Underhive threatened by virus released by pro-alien terrorists, saved by Inquisitor Vortis. [14]
Kalidar IV Kimeradon Abandoned. Inhabited by mutants [8a]
Meradon Base of operations of the Orks of Waaagh! Gratzdakka. [8b]
Modulus Base of operations of the Astra Militarum forces sent to retake the planet. [8c]
Khania Gelon Principal Hive on the planet. [19]
Medusa V Alecto [2]
Amphion [2]
Euryales Capital hive. [2]
Machavius [2]
Megaera [2]
Perseus [2]
Stheno [2]
Sybilla Primus [9]
Sybilla Tertius [9]
Zethus [2]
Necromunda Acropolis Hive [20b]
Gothrul's Needle [20d]
Hive Alortis [23d]
Hive Alpha-Prime [26][27]
Hive Aranthor [22b]
Hive Arcos [20g]
Hive Bellium [25]
Hive Ceres [23b]
Hive Cinus [24]
Hive Hindsk [21]
Hive Janus [21]
Hive Mortis [20c]
Hive Mynerva [12b]
Hive Primus [20a]
Hive Prosperine [26][27]
Hive Rothgol [20f]
Hive Secundus [20c]
Hive Temenos [20b]
Hive Trazior [20a]
Hive Ulantia [23a]
Hive Valkyria [23c]
Hive Vosroth [20h]
Mynerva Cluster [20f]
Palatine Cluster [20a]
Quinspirus Cluster [20b]
Ring of Selene [20a]
Skygelt Tower [23c]
The Skull [20b]
Pyrodiah Castigorum Capital Hive of the planet. [15]
Sapiencia Oskray Island One Base of operations for Sholen Skara and the Kith. [7b]
Sarastus Carceri Once the greatest hive of Sarastus, later became a recruiting ground for a Night Lords warband. [16]
Scitalyss Scitalyss-Altus Orbital skyhive contested by the Imperium, Genestealers of the Illumismatic Order of the Ever-Turning Cog, and the Tau Empire. Nicknamed "The Rat's Cradle" and "Unfolding Nexus." [29]
Supplicium Secundus Anthem [3]
Canticle [3]
Evensong Hive [3]
Oblation [3]
Terra Boocuresti Hive [17]
Verghast Ferrozoica Turned to Chaos, obliterated following Battle of Vervunhive [6a]
Ghasthive [6a]
Isthmus Steeples [6a]
Northern Foundry Collectives Hive Cluster. [6b]
Vervunhive Reduced to ruins by a Chaos invasion. Officially dissolved. [6a]
Vannick Hive Destroyed by an atomic device during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [6c]
Vostroya Ahropol [28]
Decius [18]
Tzurka [28]
Unknown Gatlinghive Overrun by Orks after Angels of Redemption deserted their post. [10]
Torlarok Attacked by Tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken but was saved due to intervention of the Strike Force Ultra. [11]

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