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List of Imperial Tomes

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This is a list of all known Imperial tomes of knowledge, ranging from practical advice on travelling the galaxy to ancient knowledge of the first Space Marine Legions, with a brief description of each.


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Name Notes Source(s)
700 Wonders Of The Imperium published by the Avalon Free Press on the wonders of the Imperium [8]


Name Notes Source(s)
Adeptus Record A text that contains hints relating to the Grey Knights and mentions that this Chapter had been created by the Emperor. [16a]
Amulet, Prince Demark A play attributed to the dramaturge Shakespire, written circa M2. [45]
Annotated Tome A massive, heavy volume of the Iron Hands Chapter that catalogues the Daemons, Cults, and other horrors of Chaos encountered by the Iron Hands operating in the Calixis Sector [34]
Apocrypha of Davio A list of the Second Founding Space Marine Chapters made in M33. [1]
Apocrypha of Skaros The earliest known copy of the Codex Astartes. States that there were 23 Primogenitor Chapters (chapters founded from the Ultramarines Legion during the Second Founding). [16b]
Apocrypha of the Nightbringer Contains details on the Necron race. [28b]
Avoiding Becoming Your Own Grandfather Written by Inquisitor August Helden IIV the Elder/Younger of the Ordo Chronos. Details chronal dilation during transit through the Warp. [47]


Name Notes Source(s)
The Book of Atticus An Ecclesiarchy text, filled with verses [31b]
Book of Five Spheres The art of war of the Imperial Fists, authored by Rhetoricus. [18]
Book of Judgement The legal code of the Imperium, enforced by the Adeptus Arbites. [13]
Book of Mephiston The life and origins of Mephiston of the Blood Angels [7]
A Book of Retrospections The memoir of Canoness Sepherina of the Order of Our Martyred Lady. [52b]
Book of Salvation A relic of the Dark Angels Chapter listing the names of captured Fallen. [53]
Book of Sanguinius The most profound epithets of Sanguinius. [42a]


Name Notes Source(s)
Catechisms Martial Book written for Soul Drinkers. [Needs Citation]
Codex Astartes The doctrine of Space Marine Chapter organisation, produced by Roboute Guilliman. [1]
Codex Hereticus Collective name for the Inquisition records on every aspect and all forms of heretical cults. [14][15]
Codex Imperium Imperial vehicles with details for the Imperial Guardsman. [4]
Codex Sanguine Details the process of Founding of the Angels Sanguine Chapter, following the death of Sanguinius, and the curses they have inherited from the Blood Angels. [36]
Codicium Arkathalor Details of the campaigns in the Pandora Sector in M30
Corpus Presidium Calixis The legal code for the Calixis Sector [33]
The Credo of the Astronomican See an extract from it [43a]


Name Notes Source(s)
De Natura Belli Written by Leman Russ on warfare. [5]
De Xenos Maleficorum An Inquisitorial tome used by the Ordo Xenos that speaks of Space Hulks. [19]
Deeds of the Adeptus Astartes A series of volumes on the exploits of various Space Marine Chapters [30b]
Dictatus Callidus The book of the Callidus Assassin [6]
Dictatus Culexus The book of the Culexus Assassin [6]
Dictatus Eversor The book of the Eversor Assassin [6]
Dictatus Vindicare The book of the Vindicare Assassin [6]
Dogma Omniastra A text written on the threat the awakening Necrons pose to Mankind [32]
Dominican Tracts An Ecclesiarchy text [31a]
Dreamer Unsleeping An ancient text on the life and death of Malcador the Sigillite [25b]


Name Notes Source(s)
First Book of Indocrinations See an extract from it White Dwarf 93 (UK), pg. 39
First Book of Ordeal One of the Inquisition books. Imperial Armour Volume Two (First Edition), pg. 204


Name Notes Source(s)
Grimoire Hereticus A list of, and information on, the Space Marine Legions which turned on the Imperium during the Horus Heresy, made in M35. [1]
Grimoire Purgatus Grey Knights series detail specific ways for defeating in combat various Daemons of Chaos. [40]


Name Notes Source(s)
Heroes of Legend A study of the Dreadnoughts of the Blood Angels, including Moriar the Chosen. [7]
Hidden Chronicles of the Chogoran Epics A text on the histories and legends of the planet Chogoris [30a]
Hunter's Lore Series of the Dark Angels' scrolls that detail strike forces modified from those found in the Codex Astartes [41]


Name Notes Source(s)
The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer A small book of instructions, issued to Imperial Guard troopers. [3][12]


Name Notes Source(s)
Leaders of the Adeptus Astartes: A Most Secret Report Information on the leaders of the Space Marines, including Azrael. [8]
Legend of Hourian Tells the story of an ill fated Inquisitor, who falls in love with an Eldar Princess [29]
Liber Armorum Presumably information about vehicles and war machines. First military using of Rhino was documented there. [39]
Liber Astartes Information on the Ultramarines and their empire of Ultramar, written in M37. [1]
Liber Daemonicum The equivalent of the Codex Astartes for the Grey Knights chapter. [9]
Liber Honorus Imperial Fists List of honoured Space Marines of the Imperial Fists Chapter, continuous use. [1]
Liber Malan [50]
Liber Proditor Armorum A work authored by Imperial Fists Techmarine Suprema Lysol Blane on the use of armoured vehicles by Chaos Space Marines. [Needs Citation]
Liber Subditus This tome of Clade Callidus contains no-mind focusing mantras and had been used by their assassin operatives as far back as the Great Crusade era. [20]
The Life and Times of Lion El'Jonson The life of Lion El'Jonson until his disappearance. [11]
Like a Phoenix From the Flames: The Founding of the 597th Written by Lady General Jenit Sulla of Valhalla. Part of Sulla's autobiography, detailing the early days of the Valhallan 597th regiment and her career with it. [10c]
Liturgis Honorum Liturgies of honourable members of the Dark Angels. [8]
Lords of Baal Description of much of the upper echelons of the Blood Angels. [7]


Name Notes Source(s)
The Mirror of Smoke A short and very personal work about being a disabled psyker, by Gideon Ravenor. [11]
Mythos Angelica Mortis A list of the Space Marine chapters produced in M36 and including the status of each of the original legions, as well as listing a few of the Chapters of the Second Founding, compiled with information found in the Apocryphia of Davio of M33 and the Grimoire Hereticus of M35. [1]


Name Notes Source(s)
The Neimerel Scrolls [51]


Name Notes Source(s)
Obscurus Analects of Xenoartefacts A series of writings and texts that had been written by the notorious Inquisitor Ichtyus Drumall who claimed that he had spent three years in the underworld of the Eldar Craftworld Saim-Hann [28a]
Our Friend Promethium (Imperial Educational Press, 238th edition, 897.M41) Educational book by Pyrus the fame, describing various properties of Promethium. [21]


Name Notes Source(s)
Philosophies of Raldoron Written by Raldoron, first Chapter Master of the Blood Angels. [46]
Psykana Occultis A tome that contains lore on psychic research and the powers of psykers. The novitiate Sister of Silence Leillani Mollitas had read early volumes of this text alongside the Voiceless Judgements of Malaena Verdthand in the libraria on the Somnus Citadel at Luna. This knowledge allowed her to prepare herself for her duty as a witch hunter. [17]
Purge the Guilty! An impartial account of the liberation of Gravalax Written by the amateur historian Stententious Logar in 085.M42. A historical account of the Gravalax Incident and the events leading up to it. [10b]


Name Notes Source(s)
The Rebuke One of the many books of sanctified combat doctrine adhered to by the Sisters of Battle [22]
Reflections on the Hive State A work on the nature and culture of living in a hive, by Gideon Ravenor. [11]
Requiem Angelis A work (presumably a requiem to be sung before battle), sacred to the Unforgiven Chapters. [Needs Citation]
Revelati Draconis An ancient text that speaks of the old myths surrounding dragons on the planet Terra [27]
The Road to Salvation: A Guide to Following in the Steps of the Prophets and Saints of the Imperium A source for the Macharian Crusade. [4]


Name Notes Source(s)
Scriptorium of Iron A tome of the Iron Hands, that contains the history of deeds done by the Chapter's most renowned members [26]
Scrolls of Sanguinius The writing of innermost thoughts of Sanguinius [42b]
Second Book of Ordeals A tome of the Inquisition [38]
Space Lanes of The Imperium and the Perils of the Galaxy A bulky guide to many of the major phenomenas of to be found in the galaxy, including Van Grothe's Rapidity, featuring in The Fall of Medusa V campaign. [2]
The Speculum Historiale Contains one the most extensive records of the Great Crusade known. [49]
The Spheres of Longing A famous work about both the nature of Chaos and the warp, and also the essence of being a psyker, by Gideon Ravenor. [11]
Sunset on Deneb A play that tells of the improbable series of events, that leads a stumbling hero into becoming a Lord Militant [25a]


Name Notes Source(s)
Tactica Imperium Imperial Guard combat and tactics handbook, continuous use [3]
Teachings on the Unholy Written by Inquisitor Czevak. [52a]
Terminus Decree An ancient scripture, that is a sacred relic to the Grey Knights Chapter [35]
Terra Redux: A History of the early Inquisition The beginnings of the Imperial Inquisition, post-heresy. By Gideon Ravenor. [11]
Tome of Ectoclades Secrets about xenos [43]
To Serve The Emperor: A Commissar's Life Written by Commissar Ciaphas Cain about his glorious career. [10a]
Towards an Imperial Utopia Ideas of cultural philosophy, how the Imperium could develop and improve itself. Written by Gideon Ravenor. [11]
The Tome of the Long Hunt Details some of the greatest achievements of the Ravenwing. [37]
A Treatise on the Shield that Slays A treatise on the Deathwatch written by Inquisitor Ishmael. [48]
The Truth of the Damocles Gulf Crusade A recount of the history of the Damocles Gulf Crusade. [23]


Name Notes Source(s)
Valhallan Valkyrie A biography of Lady General Jenit Sulla, written by Dragen. [10d]
The Virus of Betrayal: The Cleansing of Viridia and its Aftermath A recounting of the Viridian Insurrection, written by Lady Ottaline Melmoth. [44]


Name Notes Source(s)
Words of the Saints Selected for the Noble of Mind A huge and comprehensive book of prayers attributed to Calixian Saints. [24]
Warrior's Catechism of Worship See an extract from it [43b]

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