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List of Ork Waaaghs!

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This articles lists all known Ork Waaaghs! Note that the word has many meanings and is sometimes used to describe any Ork Invasion. This article only lists Waaaghs! officially recognised by the Imperium, while smaller invasion forces can be found in List of Ork Tribes and Warbands. Many of these conflicts are also known by different names, which are also given here.


Known Waaaghs!

Current Ork activity in the Galaxy[45]

Waaagh! Arbuttz

Led by Warboss Arbuttz, it devastated the Zypher Subsector and captured the Exodite World of Baran in an early M40.[18]

Waaagh! Argluk

Sirca 730.M41. It is sad that the Corinthian Crusade inflicted heavy damages on the Orks and delayed the invasion of this Waaagh! by 30 years.[33]

Waaagh! Badsmak

Main article: Waaagh! Badsmak

Launched sometime after the formation of the Great Rift, this Waaagh! was ultimately defeated by the Death Guard in the Scourge Stars.[54]

Waaagh! Badun

During this Waaagh! the Taronian 6th Regiment of the Imperial Guard was heavily engaged and suffered heavy losses.[43]

Waaagh! The Beast

In 544.M32 Ork known as The Beast united much of the Ork race and began his Waaagh!, rampaging across the Imperium on a massive scale. The number of attacks grew until it became the greatest Ork invasion that the Galaxy has ever known. Nothing was safe from the Orks' primal desire, and their widespread advances were only halted when the Imperium resorted to the most extreme of measures, at great cost to the Adeptus Astartes.[13a]

Waaagh! Bigtoof

Orks of this Waaagh! fought with Cadian 122nd Armoured Regiment on Excovar in 997.M41.[9b]

Waaagh! Blaktoof

Main article: Octarius War

Also known as Octarius War, this Waaagh! is a counter attack by Overfiend Blaktoof, leader of Ork Empire of Octarius against Hive Fleet Leviathan in 989.M41. The war is ongoing, Hive Fleet is known to consume four Ork Worlds of the Empire. In 997.M41 it escalated with the intervention of several Eldar Warhosts.[2c]

Waaagh! Bloodskar

The White Scars 5th Company reinforces Cadian Shock Trooper Imperial Guard Regiments in the Lonnas System.[23]

Waaagh! Bork

This Waaagh! was lead by the Warboss Klawjaw, once known simply as Kog. He grew on the planet Bork (Known to Imperium as Bhorc Prime) and succeeded in uniting local Ork fractions and capturing the planet during the War for Bhorc Prime.[16] He continued his Waaagh! against the Imperium, forming the Ork Empire of Bork with himself as its leader, the Mighty Mangler of Bork. Opposing Imperial armies sent to intercept found out that the Mighty Mangler lives up to his name. At the head of a vast brigade of heavily armoured Battlewagons he conquered a large portion of the Ghoul Stars and claimed a great area of galactic fringe.[2c] Major battles include:

Broken-worlds Waaagh!

The year unknown. Was defeated by the Black Templars in the Ajaxian Crusade[32]

Waaagh! Chobog

Was lured, by tricks and feints, by Craftworld Varantha's Farseers, into the path of the Iron Hands’ fortresses on the planet Taira-Shodan; thereby sparing the Imperium and Exodite worlds in the Waaagh!'s path.[30]

Waaagh! Dakskrag

This Waaagh! was stopped near the Sol System by forces of The Shuddering Stars Imperial crusade somewhere between M33 and M39.[42c]

Waaagh! Deffbringa

Main article: Waaagh! Deffbringa

Waaagh! Dethrekka

Fought with Sable Swords on Adeptus Mechanicus world in 954.M41. Mechanicus forces managed to escape, but Orks captured the world in battle known as The Fall of Rogue's Spire.[11c]

Waaagh! Dok

Responsible for the Arkunasha War

Waaagh! Garaghak

Main article: Waaagh! Garaghak

This Waaagh! is led by Warlord Garaghak and has captured most of the Forsarr Sector including its capital, now known as Garaghak's World. This rendered the sector indefensible and Imperial forces are retreating en masse. The Waaagh goes on with an assault on the Raven Guard homeworld of Deliverance. Major battles include:[3][4]

Waaagh! Gazbag

Gazbag, Ork Speed Freak Warlord lead this Waaagh! against a group of unprotected Eldar Paradise Worlds in 831.M41. Eldar of Biel-Tan Craftworld intervened in fighting, but were forced to withdraw after suffering heavy losses in a bloody campaign. Gazbag enslaved the indigenous Eldar population and burned all he could find, transforming the once-verdant worlds more to his liking.[2c]

Waaagh! Ghazghkull

This infamous Waaagh! is lead by many Ork Warlords including Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub, Great Despot of Dregruk and Urgok the Unstoppable with Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka as supreme commander. Major battles include:[2f]

Waaagh! Gluttok

Waaagh! Gorbad

Not to be confused with Waaagh! Gorbag

Waaagh! Gorbad was lead by Warlord Gorbad of Redskulls tribe and began in 994.M41. The Ork forces assembled in systems of Alacanth, Redwold and Tyr and began their invasion with capturing Kolchis system, which was sacrificed to buy more time for Ryza Forge World. They are believed to proceed in attacking the Ryza itself, probably joining forces with Waaagh! Grax.[17]

Waaagh! Gorbag

Not to be confused with Waaagh! Gazbag or Waaagh! Gorbad

The infamous Ork Warlord known as Overfend Gorbag lead this two-pronged Waaagh! in the Gothic Sector in 976.M41. Most of the major battles were fought in space where the sheer size of Gorbag's fleet, combined with his daring and predatory tactics proved more than a match for the Imperial Navy. He captured an Imperial Dominator Cruiser and turned it into his flagship, Gorbag's Revenge. Gorbag is believed to participate in the Waaagh! Ghazghkull.[2c]

Waaagh! Gorgit

Led by the Blood Axes Kommanda, Gorgit Killsnik.[53]

Waaagh! Gorklaw

In 805.M41 the Ultramarines and the Imperial Guard try to defend Jorun's World from Warlord Gorklaw's Waaagh![34]

Waaagh! Gragnatz

Main article: Waaagh! Gragnatz

Waaagh! Gragnatz devastated Vorsk subsector in M41. It began as a force of a few hundred thousand Orks and eventually incorporated numerous Ork warbands, tribes and other Waaaghs! By the time Gragnatz's Grand Armada reached Vorsk Sector it was an immense force, capable of assaulting several star systems at once.[1b]

Waaagh! Gratsnik

A Waaagh! that was purged from the Horandez Cluster in M42, by the Adeptus Custodes' Dread Host[56b]

Waaagh! Gratzdakka

Led by the Blood Axes warlord Gratzdakka Wur Mekdakka. Invaded the Mining World of Kalidar IV. Eventually defeated in 397.M41 by Space Marines of the Black Templars and a force of multiple Imperial Guard Regiments.[41a][41b][41c]

Waaagh! Grax

Main article: Waaagh! Grax

Lead by Ork Warlord Grax, it invaded Ryza system in 925.M41. Regiments were raised from planets within ten, and then twenty light years, including the worlds of Barac, Ulani, Dulma'lin and Catachan.[9a] Forces of Legio Crucius, Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy fought bitterly across a hundred fronts. Yet still the Orks advanced, drawn by millions, capturing numerous worlds in a Ryza system and bringing untold devastation on others.[13b] The bulk of Ork forces is beleived to be eventually defeated by Commander Morbid van Hordric in the heroic battle of Desolation Valley.[19a]

Green Kroosade

Main article: Green Kroosade

This Waaagh! engulfed Scarus Sector in the wake of the 13th Black Crusade. It currently holds numerous world in the Sector. The overall situation is grim and there seems to be no halt to the green Tide.[10]

Green Tide

Led by Warboss Buzzgit in M37.[27]

Waaagh! Grimgut

Attacked and infested the hives of the planet Helios. Was defeated in 857.M38 by the Red Scorpions Chapter.[39]

Waaagh! Grimgutz

Led by Grimgutz da 'Orrible, it invaded the Knight World Karastus. The Waaagh! was defeated by aid of Knights of House Curtana[36]

Waaagh! Grimsnag

Led by Grimsnag Urk, it invaded the Imperial world Agrippina-6. However the bloodshed the Waaagh! caused, drew the attention of the Skulltaker, who led a Daemonic invasion of the world in response. In the battle that followed, the Skulltaker killed Grimsnag and the Waaagh! was destroyed by the Daemons of Khorne.[52]

Waaagh! Grimtusk

Lead by Grimtusk Bloodboila, it invaded the Athelaq Sector in 895.M41. The Warlord Grimtusk was slain but the war continues between Orks, Space Wolves Great Company of Egil and Eldar lead by Autarch Elenduil.[12a]

Waaagh! Grizgutz

Also known as the Lost Waaagh!, it was lead into the Morloq system in 978.M41 by Ork Warlord Grizgutz, a noted kleptomaniac. Due to a strange accident of Warp-travel he returned in system earlier then he launched the Waaagh! itself. Grizlutz murdered his doppelgänger to have a spare of his favourite gun and a resulting confusion stopped the Waaagh! in its tracks.[2c]

Waaagh! Groblonik

Swept through several Imperial worlds and threatened dozens more before being defeated by the Dark Angels and Imperial Guard.[Needs Citation]

Waaagh! Grog

Main article: War of Dakka

Also known as War of Dakka, this Waaagh! is lead by Warchief Grog Ironteef, leader of Ork Empire of Alsanta. It has already captured a bunch of Tau Sept Worlds from Farsight Enclaves, turning Tau expansion for a simple fight for survival.[2b]

Waaagh! Grognik

Assaulted the Tau Empire, but was destroyed by the strategic ability of Aun'va.[22]

Waaagh! Grughakh

Assaulted the Death World Denkari Minor and fought there with the Imperium forces, included the Tekarn 11th Heavy Tank Company.[38]

Waaagh! Gulgrag

Invaded the Hive World M'kond, in 321.M40.[31]

Waaagh! Gutcutta

Orks of this Waaagh! invaded the Imperial world of Cyris. An Imperial army group, which included the Cadian 423rd Armoured Regiment deployed to defend the planet. In Pask's first engagement he took command of the Leman Russ Battle Tank Hand of Steel when its commander was killed and accounted for fifteen armour-kills, breaking the back of the Ork assault.[9c]

Waaagh! Gutrippa

Main article: Waaagh! Gutrippa

Defeated by the Astra Militarum on Herculae II.[49]

Waaagh! Hruk

This Waaagh! was lead by the noted Snakebite boss Hruk Teffsplinta in 855.M41. He enslaved the entire population of his old stomping grounds, the binary system Corva, and forced the slaves to build a spacecraft with holds cavernous enough to hold his beloved mega-menagerie. He led his Waaagh! to the core worlds of the Imperium, captured nine worlds of Marlisanct and used the Basilica Imperator Majoris as a breeding pen for his famously incontinent Squiggoths.[2c]

Waaagh! Irongol

Lead by Warboss Irongol, this Waaagh! was destroyed during Sancta Angelis Campaign in 339-370.M39 in by a contingent from the Raptors Chapter before it could become a major threat.[14]

Waaagh! Irontoof

In 998.M41 this Waaagh! was being engaged by a combined force of the Ultramarines and the Genesis Chapter.[11a]

Waaagh! Jagga

This consists of four sub-groups, each contesting for the title of the Great Tyrant of Jagga.[44]

Waaagh! Killstomp

Orks of this Waaagh! waged a century-long war against the Bloody Path Chaos Warband.[40]

Waaagh! Krushfist

Trajann Valoris and the Adeptus Custodes are currently spearheading a preemptive strike against the Waaagh!.[42b]

Waaagh! Madeye

A Deathskulls Waaagh! that is currently being attacked by the Blood Angels Chapter's 2nd Company.[50]

Waaagh! Makrina

The Waaagh! was broken when Warboss Makrina, was killed in battle with the Space Wolves on the planet Quaran.[25]

Waaagh! Megamek

Equipped with immense vehicle armoury, forces of Megamek fought Space Wolves in Elixir system in 999.M41[12b]

Waaagh! Morbad

Main article: Waaagh! Morbad

An Evil Sunz Kult of Speed Waaagh!, that is led by the Speedboss Morbad Zagblasta and it is taking part in the Octarius War, in M42.[55]

Waaagh! Nagrut

Took part in the Dellrond Campaign.[24a]

Waagh! Nazdreg

Under Warboss Nazdreg, it has been driven north by the Great Rift and is threatening Valhalla, Goth, and Alaric[44].

Red Waaagh!

Battled the Imperium in the Sanctus Reach.

Waaagh! Rekkfist

In 995.M41 this Waaagh!, led by the Warboss Rekkfist, threatened to invade Iyanden before it was defeated by an unlikely alliance between the craftworld, the Kabal of the Wraithkind and the Cult of the Flayed Hand.[21b]

Waaagh! Rukrippa

Main article: Fires of Phaistos

Fought with the forces of Salamanders Chapter on Cardinal world of Phaistos Osiris.[15]

Waagh! Scraghurtz

Waagh! Scraghurtz was vast armada of Ork warships that swept into the fledgling Tau Empire and threatened to overwhelm them.[37]

Waaagh! Skadrek

A dozen Black Templars are able to hold back an Ork attack on the world of Agrella long enough for Imperial officials to escape.[24b]

Waaagh! Skagrog

Led by Warboss Skagrog and it is currenly invading an Imperial world.[57]

Waaagh! Skullkrak

Main article: Waaagh! Skullkrak

Led by Warboss Skullkrak, it devastated unknown Sector of the Imperium, located next to Forsarr Sector. Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy fought Orks of Skullkrak, motivated by the heroic example of Kayvaan Shrike.[9b][11c] War devastated numerous Imperial worlds before the Skullkrak's death fron the hands of Necron forces during Battle of Fordris.[20] Current status of the Waaagh! is unknown.

Waaagh! Smashakrak

The Waaagh! dispersed within four temporal cycles, after entering the Pariah Nexus.[51]

Waaagh! Smogbelcha

On the Fireplains of Voth, amid thundering geysers of geothermal flame, this Waaagh! was stopped and crushed by Knights of House Raven in 246.M41.[35]

Waaagh! Snagrod

Main article: Waaagh! Snagrod

This Waaagh is led by Snagrod the Arch-Arsonist from the Ork Empire of Charadon in 989.M41. He captured a large part of Loki Sector uniting local Ork factions and is now beleived to be leading his Waaagh! into Ultramar. Major battles include:[2c][2f]

Waaagh! Snakrat

The Waaagh! invaded the Imperial world Bulwark IX, but it was successfully defended by the 56th Ghobyan Assault Guards Regiment.[47]


This Waaagh! is led by the Speedboss Krooldakka and is a major invading force in the ongoing war on Vigilus.

Waaagh! Starsmasha

Main article: Waaagh! Starsmasha


This Waaagh! launched in M42 and is led by the Mek-Boss, Da Meklord. It is currently invading the Forge World Hephaesto, alongside the Orks of the Freebooter Badrukk.[46]

Waaagh! Thogza

This decades-long Waaagh! was lead by Warlord Thongza into the Duros Sector. His Orks were involved in heavy fighting and veterans were reputed to reach a size almost twice as tall as a man.[2d]

Waaagh! Thugga

This Waaagh! launched in M42 and is led by the Warboss Gorak Thugga, who commands an empire. The Imperium was caught unprepared by this, as the watch-savants that had been deployed to watch over Thugga's empire, had been disabled. This allowed Waaagh! Thugga to overwhelm the empire's neighboring Sub-Sector.[48]

Waaagh! Tuska

Primary Ork Waaaghs![2a]

Lead by the infamous Tuska the Daemon-Killa, this Waaagh! devastated the world of Prosan in the Cadian System, breached the Cadian Gate and disappeared into the Eye of Terror. It left numerous Daemon Worlds in the Eye in ruins and eventually was locked in the eternal battle with the daemonic forces of the Blood Prince.[2e]

Waaagh! Ugblitz

This Waaagh! was lead by Naggrud Ugblitz, an Ork Goff Warlord and had overrun a vast part of Saras Sector in 892.M41. He was eventually stopped on the devastated agri-world of Saras VII by a combined Imperial army group, spearheaded by Cadian 6th.[19]

Waaagh! Ugskraga

The Waaagh! has made a major incursion into Segmentum Pacificus and Balle Prime is among the worlds it is currently invading.[26]

Waaagh! Urgok

Laid siege to the world of Ryza, but currently is threatened by the Maelstrom.[44]

Waaagh! Vangrod

Attacked the Worlds of the Imperium in M35.[28]

Waaagh! Wazdakka

This Waaagh! is lead by infamous Ork biker Wazdakka Gutsmek. He dreams to create portals from planet to planet so he can drive his warbike from one end of the Galaxy to another, slaughtering everything in his path. This mad plan has attracted numerous Speed Freaks to his banner. Major battles include:[2f]

Waaagh! Zagdakka

Led by the powerful Weirdboy Zagdakka. Also known as the Weirdwaaagh!

Waaagh! Zagstomp

Waaagh! Zanzag

Lead by Warboss Zanzag, this Waaagh! captured nine Imperial worlds and eventually fell into disarray after the Zanzag's death during the Assault on Black Reach.[11b]

Waaagh! Zoggit

Led by the the Warboss and Weirdboy Zoggit, this Waaagh! invaded Commorragh in 227.M38 through a spacerift near the world of Zogg-Dis. The Orks caused much damage as the Dark Eldar Kabals fight them and each other trying to turn the situation to their advantage. Eventually the invasion is defeated and 10,000 Orks are rounded up for the Wych arenas.[21a]

Waaagh! Zort

An Ork Waaagh! which targeted a Necron Tomb World.

Waaagh! Weirdgrob

A Weirdboy led Waaagh!, that was purged on Crucior III by the Sisters of Silence in M42.[56a]


A major Ork Waaaagh! that first appeared in M41, led by the Weirdboy Zogwort.

Unnamed Waaaghs!

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