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List of Space Hulks

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The following is a list of known Space Hulks. The listed names are the codenames which the Imperium assigns to the otherwise nameless hulks they discover.

Name Infestation Notes Sources
Agony of the Damned Unknown Materialised in the Antorro System in 997.M41. Codex: Imperial Guard (5th Edition), pg. 27
Amalgamation Warp entities See Amalgamation Schism Codex: Crimson Slaughter (E-Book) - The Amalgamation Schism
Blasphemous Voyager Chaos Space Marines Ultramarine Strikeforce Sejanus successfully stop Chaos Space Marines from invading the Shrine World of Salamantis VI, in the Salamantis System. By placing explosives in precise locations, the Ultramarines redirect the Space Hulk's trajectory into the system's sun. SacrificeWarhammer Monthly 32
Blasta O' Gork Orks See Tyrant Immortal. The Third War For Armageddon Fleet Lists - Ork Space Hulk - Blasta O' Gork (archived page, last accessed via Wayback Machine 24th December 2020)
Bringer of Sorrow Unknown Boarded by Dark Angels from a transport ship named the Vengeful Blade. Captain Ares, and sergeants Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Chammuel, Zadakiel and Jophiel as well as full Terminator squads boarded the Hulk. White Dwarf 199, pgs. 29–35

Space Hulk Mission Files: Dark Angels - Bringer of Sorrows, The Bringer of Sorrow

Brokenback Genestealers Cleansed by the Soul Drinkers Space Marine Chapter. Base of the Soul Drinkers following their excommunication. Soul Drinker (Novel) - The Soul Drinkers Omnibus, Chapter Eight
Captor of Sin Chaos (Tzeentchian renegades) Cleansed by the Fire Claws (aka Relictors). Index Astartes II[Needs Citation]

Angron's Monolith (Novella), Chapter Four

Cataclysm of Faith Chaos Space Marines (Emperor's Children) Cleansed by forces from several Space Marine Chapters. Leman Russ: The Great Wolf (Novel), Chapter VI
Cauldron of Savagery Unknown Appeared out the warp to ravage the Drusus Marches of the Calixis Sector several times before finally being bombarded and successfully driven into the primary star of the Pellucidan system. Rogue Trader Timeline pg. 3
Charnel Spectre Unknown Deathwatch: Mark of the Xenos, pg. 66
Crimson Harvest Chaos The vast space hulk appeared on the edge of the Hadex Anomaly. Ships bearing the sigils of Chaos take flight from the dark forge of Samech and make their way to rendezvous with the craft, sparking a deadly series of running battles between the attack ships from the Achilus Crusade forces operating in the Acheros Salient and the Deathwatch. The Deathwatch Kill-team under Brother Sergeant Hurak of the Iron Hands sacrificed itself in order to plunge the Crimson Harvest into the heart of a dying star, thus denying the pawns of Chaos their prize. Deathwatch Timeline, pg. 10
Damnatio Magellus Subject #696 A Deathwatch Kill-Team captured an unknown xenos type which has been codenamed Subject #696. Deathwatch: Rites of Battle pg. 241
Dark Harbinger Orks Known by the orks as "Planet Krusha". Took part in the Third War for Armageddon. The Third War For Armageddon Fleet Lists - Ork Space Hulk - Planet Krusha (archived page, last accessed via Wayback Machine 24th December 2020)
Daughter of Woe Fought in the Solar War. The Solar War (Novel), Chapter 2
Death of Integrity Genestealers, Hybrids Cleansed by Novamarines and Blood Drinkers. Warhammer 40,000: Compilation[Needs Citation]
Defilement of Honour Genestealers Was boarded by Blood Angels with unknown consequences. White Dwarf September 2016, Space Hulk - New Mission, Power Down
Devourer of Stars Chaos Space Marines (World Eaters) Delivered Angron and his Chaos army to Armageddon, instigating the First War for Armageddon. Chaos Attack board game (free to download) (accessed 26-05-2007);

Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex) pg. 8

Divine Purgatory Unknown Cleansed by Captain of the Blood Angels 1st Company Karlaen and his battle-brothers Blood Angels Painting Guide – Sons of Sanguinius, pg. 8
Dolorous Tidings Unknown Boarded by Inquisitor Amberley Vail of the Ordo Xenos in the 920's M41. Death Or Glory (Novel), Chapter One
Doom of Perdita Tyranids Cleansed by Captain Karlaen of the Blood Angels 1st Company and his battle-brothers. White Dwarf 88 (2015), Battleground: Doom of Perdita
Doom of Vorgoth Nurgle Daemons The Nurgle Daemon Necrogolem had turned the space hulk into a playground of pestilence and disease. Karlaen of the Blood Angels eventually destroyed the creature by venting its sump-palace to the void and freezing Necrogolem in a tomb of its own filth. Blood Angels Painting Guide – Sons of Sanguinius, pg. 8
Endless Despair Genestealers The Blood Ravens' Librarian Captain Lanneus and his brothers were defeated there by Genestealers. Later Deathwatch Kill-Team brought revenge for them. Deathwatch: The Known Unknown (Short Story)
Fatum Posterus Unknown Boarded by the forces of Magos Eremor and Rogue Trader Solomon Haarlock in the Calyx Expanse. What the Magos discovered on the Space Hulk disturbed him greatly, regarding the role of technology and the corruptive nature of the Warp, and led him to create the Techsorcists Mechanicus sect in the Calixis Sector. Dark Heresy: The Lathe Worlds, pg. 21
Forsaken Doom Genestealers Boarded by the Blood Angels when it threatened the Forge World of Gorgonum. Space Hulk: Tactics, Blood Angels Campaign - Intro
Grim Scythe Nurgle Boarded by the Salamanders. Warlords of the Dark Millennium: Vulkan He'stan (Background Book) - The Final Quest of Vulkan He'Stan - Aboard the Grym Scythe
Harbinger of Woe Tyranids The Dark Angels' Fourth Company battled Tyranids on the Space Hulk to destroy it before it reached the populated planets of Merro. They succeeded, but only one Dark Angel survived the battle. Dark Vengeance (Novella)[Needs Citation]
Heart of Terra Genestealers An attempt was made to purge the hulk by a Deathwatch Kill-Team. Whether they were successful or not is unknown. Storm of Damocles (Novel), Chapter One
Hell's Last Duke Chaos Space Marines Used as a temporary invasion platform for The Purge. Apocalypse Dataslate - Centurion Siegebreaker Cohorts, pg. 7
Herald of Grief Chaos Space Marines Destroyed by Ultramarines Honour Guard's seismic detonator on approach to Cadian system during the 13th Black Crusade. Estimated 200,000 dead Chaos forces. The 13th Black Crusade[Needs Citation]
Herald of Oblivion Tyranids, Orks, Necrons, Dark Eldar, Chaos Space Marines and Mutants Squad Scipio, of the Imperial Fists, was tasked with destroying all threats aboard the Space Hulk. Herald of Oblivion (Gamebook)
Hunter of the Void Unknown Appeared next to Macragge. The Will of the Emperor was dispatched with several Terminator Squads, including Commander Troilus of the Ultramarines, sergeants Notaras, Gorius, Gladius and Adrianus and personal body guards Constantius and Primus.[12][13] White Dwarf 200, pgs. 85–91

Apple Books Preview (last accessed 4 June 2019)

Hyberian Chaos Space Marines Revelations (Comic Series), Issue #6
Judgment of Carrion Tyranids Periodically appears from the Warp in subsector Aurelia, near the Blood Ravens recruiting worlds. Was involved in the heresy of that sector. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
Kaerux Erameas Chaos warriors Used to attack the Traxis Sector Fantasy Flight Games teaser of the "Deadly Salvage" - War Pack for the Conquest Card Game (last accessed 7 July 2015)
Kronos Necrons Kal Jerico was hired by his mother, Inquisitor Heleana Jerico, to aid her in searching the Space Hulk for xeno-tech. Kal Jerico (Graphic Novel Series)[Needs Citation]
Lost Hope Chaos In the Eye of Terror, serves as the base of operations for the Crimson Slaughter. Codex: Crimson Slaughter, pgs. 20–21
Leviathan of Agonies Chaos Space Marines Closing the Sol System it was stormed and purged by the Adeptus Custodes of the Gilded Fist. Codex: Adeptus Custodes (8th Edition), pg. 39
Messenger of Woe Unknown Appeared 1 light-year from the Space Wolves home world of Fenris. Wolf Lord Keurl Ironfang and squads of Wolf Guard Terminators, including sergeants Gunnar, Vulpen, Grendel and Loki accompanied him on-board. White Dwarf 201, pgs. 49–55
Midnight’s Lair Unknown The space hulk has appeared several times in the Koronus Expanse. Rogue Trader Timeline pg. 8
Monolith of Woe Chaos Space Marines (Lords of Decay) Currently pursued in the Mentieth sector. Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4th Edition)[Needs Citation]
Mork’s Mangla Orks In 962.M41 this space hulk emerged out from the Warp, full with a horde of Orks and invaded the Necron world of Ankhabyr. White Dwarf 44 (2014) - The Battle for Ankhabyr
Mote of Darkness Piratical Eldar raiders Crafted by some gigantic xenos race, the cavernous tunnels and chambers of this space hulk were stormed by Captain Dynares of the Obsidian Glaives 1st Company and his Land Raider Valour Maximal at the height of the Helrak Incursion of 548.M41. As a result of that attack every last xenos brigand was flushed out and destroyed. Dataslate: Space Marines Strike Force Ultra, pg. 6
Mother of Miseries Chaos Space Marines (Death Guard) Conquest 09 - Outbreaks of War
Mournful Siren Unknown Destroyed by Allarus Custodians of the Adeptus Custodes, including Trajann Valoris himself. Codex: Adeptus Custodes (8th Edition), pg. 36 - Captain-General Trajan Valoris
Nightmare of Paradox Chaos Space Marines (Word Bearers of Leyak) In quarantined orbit over Hermetica. Imperial Armour Volume Ten, pg. 109
Oblivion Shadow Khorne Daemonkin The Space Hulk of the Brazen Beasts. Codex: Khorne Daemonkin (7th Edition), The Bloodsworn Hordes - The Brazen Beasts
Olethros Genestealers & Genestealer Hybrids Space Hulk: Deathwing - video game
Ominous Gift Unknown Somewhere between M33 and M39 appeared in Sol System and inexorably advanced toward Terra. Destroyed by the Shadowkeepers by order of Adeptus Custodes Captain-General Aesoth Koumadra. Codex: Adeptus Custodes (8th Edition), pg. 31 - The Tale of the Ten Thousand: The Ominous Gift
Perdition's Flame Genestealers In order to lure Hive Fleet Leviathan into attacking the Ork Empire of Octarius, Inquisitor Kryptman planted a brood of Genestealers on board and then destroyed the moon of Gheist in order to divert the hulk's trajectory directly towards the Octarius system. The Genestealer's psychic signal soon drew a tendril of Leviathan towards them. Codex: Tyranids (5th Edition), pgs. 28-31
Persephone's Regret Genestealers & Orks Drifts in the Voidmire region of Gilead System. Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook, pg. 308
Pinnacle of Savagery Orks The Space Hulk and it's supporting fleet, were destroyed in battle by the combined forces of the Calixian Mechanicus' Explorator fleets and Battlefleet Calixis at the edge of the Vaxanide system. Pieces of the Space Hulk were taken by Mechanicus forces for study. Dark Heresy: The Lathe Worlds, pg. 18
Planet Krusha Orks See Dark Harbinger. The Third War For Armageddon Fleet Lists - Ork Space Hulk - Planet Krusha (archived page, last accessed via Wayback Machine 24th December 2020)
Port Matthias Unknown Purged by the Blood Ravens Chapter. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising - Combat Teleporter, wargear selection screen
Prison of Lost Souls Chaos Space Marines Previous failed assault by Space Wolves - Cleansed by Dark Angels. Deathwing (Short Story)
Protean Horror Chaos Space Marines Former Ork space hulk. Now used by the Eightscarred. Codex: Khorne Daemonkin (7th Edition), Chaos Lords
Revenant Rex Orks Sabotaged by the Alpha Legion, so when the entire elite 1st Company of the Crimson Consuls boarded on it, the space hulk exploded, thus eliminating the entire 1st Company with it. The Long Games at Carcharias (Short Story)
Scion of Anguish Possibly Chaos Space Marines/Aliens Investigation attempted to ascertain the likelihood of life upon this hulk under the sway of Chaos. Investigated by Commodore Bale and his strike group with the Mordant 303rd Acid Dogs attached. Investigations centered around the Caeruleus Nebula. The 13th Black Crusade[Needs Citation]
Scion of Grief Chaos Space Marines (World Eaters) Boarded by the Salamanders. Warhammer 40,000 4th Edition Rulebook, pg. 228
Scylla Orks Base of operations of the Warlord Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub. Its Ork name is Ognazdreg Gargdurslagulk (translating to "Nazdreg's huge fortress settlement ship"). Supposedly Nazdreg's Mekaniaks had managed to modify the Hulk to allow the Orks to take control over its movement, which would explain its ability to have consistently outmaneuvered and escaped the Imperial ships sent to destroy it. It was crippled at Piscina IV and finally destroyed at Medusa V. Codex: Orks (2nd Edition)[Needs Citation],

Codex: Orks (3rd Edition)[Needs Citation]

Sin of Damnation Genestealers Assaulted by Blood Angels First Company under Michaelus Raphael. Space Hulk (Game), 1989
Solace in Sorrow Unknown Cleansed by Captain Karlaen of the Blood Angels 1st Company and his battle-brothers. Black Crusade: Angel's Blade, Chapter 2, pg. 55
Sorrow's Hammer Genestealers Boarded by the Blood Angels over Xegist. White Dwarf 33 (2014) - Disable the Shields
Soul of Damnation Unknown Held the stasis capsule of an ancient member of the Luna Wolves. Black Legion - A Codex: Chaos Space Marines Supplement (E-Book), A Legacy of Vengeance
Spawn of Damnation Genestealers & Orks Assaulted by the Reclaimers, accompanied by Commissar Ciaphas Cain. The Emperor's Finest (Novel)[Needs Citation]
Spawn of Execration Genestealers Assaulted by Blood Angels First Company under Commander Borgia. Space Hulk (2nd Edition)[Needs Citation]
Torva Anser Genestealers Cleansed by the Dark Angels' Deathwing Company. Dark Vengeance (Novella)[Needs Citation]
Twilight Dark Eldar Agents of the Inquisition searched the space hulk for the Luminous Reproach, a sacred blade, blessed by Saint Sebastian Thor himself. Dark Heresy: Purge the Unclean[Needs Citation]
Twilight Aegis Unknown Cleansed by Captain Karlaen of the Blood Angels 1st Company and his battle-brothers. Blood Angels Painting Guide – Sons of Sanguinius, pg. 8
Tyrant Immortal Orks Known by the orks as "Blasta O' Gork". Took part in the Third War for Armageddon. The Third War For Armageddon Fleet Lists - Ork Space Hulk - Blasta O' Gork (archived page, last accessed via Wayback Machine 24th December 2020)
Unholy Harbinger Necrons Surveyed and subsequently destroyed in the Cloras System. Codex: Necrons (3rd Edition), pg. 10
Wayward Warrior Unknown Located in the Antian Sector. Fantasy Flight Games, Relic: Nemesis Expansion (last accessed 12 April 2015)
Writhing God Chaos Space Marines (Death Guard) Formerly infested by both Genestealers and Orks. Later claimed by the Death Guard. Codex: Death Guard (8th Edition), pg. 23
Wurld Killa Orks Crashed into Armageddon. Waaagh! Ghazghkull: A Codex: Orks Supplement - Exodus
Wyrmwood Unknown In M41 several squads of Dark Angels Deathwing boarded the hulk and were never seen again. Codex: Dark Angels (7th Edition) - In the name of Absolution
Unnamed Hulks Genestealers Appeared near Septimus 5 carrying artefacts dating back from the Dark Age of Technology. The Dark Angels Terminators, including a large contingent of Librarians, boarded the hulk and encountered large groups of Genestealers and Psychic hybrids. White Dwarf 133, pgs. 35–38
Genestealers Appeared near Perdus Magnus system; Blood Angels Captain Barik boarded with several squads of Terminators and faced off Genestealers and hybrids. White Dwarf 137, pgs. 42–50
Genestealers Appeared near the Space Wolves Base 10709 around the Star of Fenris. Captains Huron Tem and Vortigern (4th Company) as well as Sergeants Capel, Luther, Faust, Horst, Gunnar, Alric, Volund, and accompanying squads of Terminators boarded and fought Genestealers and Psychic hybrids. White Dwarf 147, pgs. 56–71
Genestealers Delivered a Genestealer force that assaulted The Imperial Battlecruiser the Sword of Halcyon. Sergeant Lexon (a lone survivor) of the Blood Angels managed to reach the Imperial Battle Barge Mayan, and mount a counter attack with the support of Blood Angel Terminator squads and sergeants Jacta, Lionus, Vetora, Laora, Veila, Tullar, Fultun, Marius, and Sparta. White Dwarf 203, pgs. 33–43

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