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List of Warp Storms

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A list of named warp storms plaguing the galaxy.

Location Segmentum Name Notes Source(s)
Galaxy map segmentumobscurus.jpg Obscurus Araken Warpstorm [1]
Galaxy map unknown.jpg Unknown Argenta Engulfed the Quintus System in late M41. [2]
Galaxy map ultimasegmentum.jpg Ultima Bas Infernia Storm near the planet Catachan. [3]
Galaxy map unknown.jpg Unknown Bethsamnel Sector Commenced 342.M38, ceased 879.M40. [4]
Small cross.pngCeltor's Flux
Ultima Celtor's Flux [5]
Galaxy map ultimasegmentum.jpg Ultima Cerberax Cerberax Wars incident [15]
(primarily Obscurus and Ultima)
Cicatrix Maledictum Created as a result of the Thirteenth Black Crusade [Needs Citation]
Galaxy map ultimasegmentum.jpg Ultima Crow's Eye Enveloped the entire Corvus Sub-sector before receding in late M41. [6]
Small cross.pngDark Maw
Ultima The Dark Maw [5]
Galaxy map unknown.jpg Unknown Diocletian Nebula One of about fifteen "weeping sores in real space" held down by the Grey Knights, along with The Maelstrom and the Gates of Varl. [14]

Galaxy map unknown.jpg Unknown Dionys Emerged in early M37. [7]
Small cross.pngEye of Terror
Obscurus Eye of Terror Largest warp storm in the galaxy, created by the birth of Slaanesh, cited over the original Eldar homeworlds. Major entrance known as the Cadian Gate and guarded by the fortress Cadia. Many Black Crusades and other daemonic incursions originate here. [5]
Galaxy map segmentumpacificus.jpg Pacificus Gate of Fire Located in the eastern part of the Segmentum Pacificus. [8]
Small cross.pngGates of Fire
Solar Gates of Fire Dual warp storms. [5]
Galaxy map ultimasegmentum.jpg
Small cross.pngGates of Varl
Ultima Gates of Varl One of about fifteen "weeping sores in real space" held down by the Grey Knights, along with The Maelstrom and the Diocletian Nebula. [14]
Galaxy map unknown.jpg Unknown Ghostmare sub-sector (Syranius Sector) Commenced 569.M39, not yet ceased. [4]
Galaxy map unknown.jpg Unknown Goridion Prime (Hive World) Commenced 149.M32, ceased 287.M36. [4]
Small cross.png
Heart of Darkness
Ultima Heart of Darkness Lies near the Imperium world Attila. [9]
Galaxy map unknown.jpg Unknown Hell's Gullet Threatens to swallow the Berillian System whole. [9]
Galaxy map unknown.jpg Unknown Hive Calatalcus (Orphian Secundus) Commenced 293.M37, ceased 843.M40. [4]
Small cross.pngInferno Reach
Ultima Inferno Reach [5]
Small cross.pngHadex Anomaly
Ultima Hadex Anomaly Located in the Eastern Fringe. Defied classifications prior to the Great Rift due to time distortions in its vicinity; classified as a Warp Storm on Galactic Maps afterward. [3]
Galaxy map unknown.jpg Unknown Hydra's Maw [13]
Small cross.pngMaelstrom
Ultima Maelstrom Home to many rogues, pirates and corsairs. [5]
Small cross.png
Ultima and beyond Malfactus [10]
Galaxy map unknown.jpg Unknown Mosaik Sector Commenced 897.M34. Not yet ceased. [4]
Small cross.pngPerfidian Gap
Ultima Perfidian Gap [5]
Galaxy map segmentumpacificus.jpg Pacificus Refugee's Wail Created during the Horus Heresy. Located within the Belt of Iron. [11]
Small cross.pngSiren's Storm
Tempestus Siren's Storm Storm near Nocturne. [12]
Small cross.pngStorms of Judgement
Tempestus Storms of Judgement Three large warp storms engulfing a large area of the south west of the segmentum. Engulfs almost all of the Caradryad Sector on the Southern Rim. Close to the Ophelia system. [5]
Small cross.pngStorm of Magnus
Ultima The Storm of Magnus Close to Prospero. [5]
Small cross.pngStorm of the
Emperor's Wrath
Ultima Storm of the Emperor's Wrath [5]
Small cross.pngTallarn Rift
Tempestus Tallarn Rift Located north-west of the Vortex of Despair. [5]
Small cross.png
Von Grothe's Rapidity
Ultima Von Grothe's Rapidity [5]
Small cross.pngVortex of Despair
Tempestus Vortex of Despair Located near the middle area of the boundary that separates Segmentum Tempestus and Ultima Segmentum. [5]

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