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List of armour

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Energy Fields: Conversion field - Refractor field - Displacer field - Stasis field Armour: Flak - Carapace - Powered - Artificer - Terminator

Armour includes any equipment which provides protection to its wearer. Most forms of armour provide solid protection, while the most advanced use different types of energy fields.

Energy fields

Devices which generate some form of protective energy field around the user.

Imperial armour

Terminator Armour

See main article: Terminator Armour
Terminator Armour, or Tactical Dreadnought Armour, is a massive powered exoskeleton that affords the wearer unmatched protection, enhanced strength and the ability to fire heavy weaponry whilst on the move at the cost of agility and speed. It is incredibly rare, and worn only by the most revered veterans of Space Marine chapters.

Artificer Armour

See main article: Artificer Armour
Artificer Armour is a type of exceptionally well-crafted power armour, that affords a greater amount of protection to the wearer.

Power Armour

See main article: Power Armour
Power Armour is worn by all Space Marines, and is a powered suit that enhances the wearer's attributes and protects them in hazardous environments as well as in battle. Power Armour is also worn by the Sisters of Battle and members of the Inquisition, although they lack the implants required to take full advantage of the suit's benefits.

Centurion Armour

See main article: Centurion Armour
Centurion Armour is worn by Space Marine Centurions, turning them into what are essentially walking tanks.

Carapace armour

See main article: Carapace armour
Carapace armour is thicker than flak armour but less effective than Power Armour and is used primarily by Space Marine Scouts and Imperial Guard Storm Troopers.

Flak armour

See main article: Flak armour
Flak armour is thin, composed of several layers of different absorbent material, which is most effective against energy attacks. It is the primary armour of the Imperial Guard.

Mechanicum Armour

The forces of the Mechanicum operate an array of different armours, including Skitarii War Plate, Sicarian Battle Armour, Kastelan Battlehide, and Kataphron Breacher Plate.

Ork armour

See main article: Ork Armour

'Eavy Armour

See main article: 'Eavy armour
'Eavy Armour is made up of several metal plates, often actually riveted to the Ork. The solid plates give good protection against incoming damage but it is cumbersome to wear.

Mega Armour

See main article: Mega Armour
Mega armour is a suit of massively thick and heavy armour over a powered exoskeleton, that gives its wearer great resilence and incorporates Power Claw and Kombi-Weapon or twin-linked Shoota, but slows him down because of its weight.

Eldar armour

Aspect armour

See main article: Aspect Armour
Aspect armour is worn by the Aspect Warriors of an Eldar army, it is a unique product of their highly advanced technology and their psychic engineering abilities. The actual material of the suit reacts to the psychic emanations of the wearer and as such won't work for any other race.

Mesh armour

See main article: Mesh armour
Mesh armour is formed of tens of thousands of individual pieces of thermoplas interwoven to produce a dense material resembling reptile scales or chainmail. It becomes momentarily rigid when hit, spreading force across a larger area, thereby reducing the damage.


See main article: Holo-suit
Holo-suits (Eldar: dathedi, or "between colours") are worn by Eldar Harlequins and produce a holographic field which splits up the user's image as it moves, making the wearer harder to target.

Dark Eldar armour

Ghostplate Armour

Favored amongst Archons[6].


Favored amongst Haemonculi and their creations.[6]

Kabalite Armour

Basic armour used by Kabalite Warriors.[6]

Incubus Warsuit

Used by Incubi.[6]


Used by Wyches.[6]

Necron armour

Living Metal

Living Metal is a metallic substance that forms the basis of Necron technology and has amazing protective and regenerative abilities.[1]

Sempiternal Weave

Sepiternal Weaves are pieces of equipment used by the Necrons, particularly Necron Lords. The Weave is threaded with filaments of phase-hardened amaranthite and adamantium, vastly increasing the hardiness of the wearer.

Tau armour


Battlesuits are advanced mechanical suits worn by Tau pilots and are among the most advanced pieces of equipment in the Tau Armoury.[4]

Iridium armour

Iridium Armour is highly advanced Tau battlesuit armour, coming in the form of extra iridium armour plates spread across the surface of the battlesuit.[4]


Tyranid Armour

Armoured Shell




Chaos armour

Warp-Forged Armour

Squat armour

Exo armour

See main article: Exo-armour
Exo-armour is similar in design to Terminator Armour in that it uses a mobile exoskeleton (hence the name) with thick armour plating. It was developed from their sealed environmental suits for mining and adapted during the Age of Isolation to make them into effective pieces of wargear.

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