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Living metal

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Living metal is a metallic substance that appears to grow and heal as if it were part of a living organism. It is unique to the Necrons, being a main substance of their Necrodermis bodies.[1b]


The Necrontyr originally invented living metal for use in constructing their ships. It is most often associated with the skin of the C'tan as well as the bodies of the Necrons and their amazing regenerative abilities.[1b]

The hull of all Necron vehicles, including the Necron Monolith and the Necron Pylon, is also made of this living metal, where its adaptive and regenerative capabilities render powerful weapons such as Meltaguns, Multi-meltas and Power Fists almost obsolete.[1b]

C'tan Phase Weaponry

A class of weapons known as C'tan Phase Weapons are also thought to utilize living metal. These are usually potent close combat weapons but when they come into contact with the necrodermis of a C'tan (forged from Living Metal), they are sucked from the hands of their wielder as if the C'tan is reabsorbing a part of its body.[1a]

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