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Llandu'gor, the Flayer is a C'tan Star God who was utterly obliterated by the Necrons, and inflected the Flayer Virus upon them as retribution, thus creating the Flayed Ones.[1]


During the closing days of the War in Heaven, when the Necrons led by the Silent King turned against their Star Gods, the Flayer was not merely splintered into C'tan Shards, but utterly obliterated. As a final parting gift, the Flayer gifted the Necrons with the curse of the Flayer Virus, tainting them with an echo of its fearsome hunger.[1][2]

According to legend, it was the Necrons of the Maynarkh Dynasty who had heeded the Silent King's orders to completely destroy the Flayer. It is stated that at the moment of his death, he cursed his betrayers. While this may be a fabrication by rival Necron Dynasties to defame the Maynarkh, these tales may be extrapolated as fact as some of the first instances of the Flayer Virus were seen amongst the Maynarkh courts.[3a] It is noted that an increased numbers of the Maynarkh dynasty's upper echelons have fallen to the Curse of the Flayer in proportion to the lower orders they rule.[3b]

Having been destroyed, C'tan Shards of the Flayer do not exist.[7]

The Flayer Virus

Those afflicted with the Flayer Virus hold the dead words of Llandu'gor, with Flayed Ones broadcasting the Flayer's final message. The Flayed Ones not only broadcast the Flayer's dead words, but actively worship their progenitor Star God.[5] In one case, a Chaos Knight known as Death's Sabre earned the admiration of a Flayer Cult, which believed the flesh-covered knight to be a manifestation of Llandu'gor.[4] The Flayer Virus spreads through contact with the living metal skin of the Necrons[5]. In one bizarre case, Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priests experimenting with living metal became infected with the Flayer Virus and engaged in self-mutilation and worship of Llandu'gor.[6]

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