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Logan Grimnar

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"Logan Grimnar, Bloody-Handed Warrior. He piles the skulls of his enemies. He builds a mound of the fallen. His foes weep rivers of blood. Logan Grimnar, strong wolf of the pack. His Sword hungers for red flesh. His guns thirst for battle. He laughs. amidst the war-din. Logan Grimnar, father of wolves. His sons haunt his enemies. Slay them where they falter. And bring their pelts to Fenris."[2a]

Logan Grimnar[9e]

Logan Grimnar, The Old Wolf, Fangfather, and High King of Fenris, has been the Great Wolf of the Space Wolves chapter for over 500 years and is one of the oldest Chapter Masters in the Imperium. Logan, like his fellow Space Wolves, is a fearsome warrior with great martial pride.[Needs Citation] He has led his Great Company (Night Runner)[6] against many enemies of the Imperium and has shown a renowned thirst for battle, which some say, even rivals that of their legendary Primarch, Leman Russ. He doesn’t tolerate any outside interference when running the Chapter, to the point where the Space Wolves have had numerous clashes with the Administratum and the Ecclesiarchy and this has lead to the accusations of heresy and treason.[Needs Citation]


The Wolf that Stalks Between the Stars

A warrior from birth, Logan fought his way through the ranks of the Space Wolves under the watchful eye of Ulrik the Slayer. Logan's leadership of the Space Wolves has endured for five hundred years.[4]

Early Life

Born on Fenris, when Grimnar was young he was part of the Iron Blood tribe. In 313.M41 while battling the enemy Sea Devil and Ice Fang tribes on the Boiling Ocean of Fenris, Logan and his crew were ambushed at the ruins of a temple of Morkai. Soon only Logan was left among his comrades, facing enemy tribesmen with a bloody axe. High above, the battle was being observed by a Space Wolves Wolf Priest Ulrik. As Logan made his final stand, he was saved by Terminators who then spirited him to The Fang.[3]

Space Wolf

At the Fang, a warrior named Ulrik would remain close to Logan and observe his growth and constantly test him. The first hints of this greatness came during the Trial of Morkai, when Logan slew the ice troll Frostblood, a dread beast that had killed dozens of the Chapter’s recruits. In a cave filled with the remains of Fenrisian warriors, Logan jammed a broken bone into Frostblood’s eye, howling his rage into the beast’s face even as its fangs savaged his arm.[3]

The Canis Helix bonded with Logan as though he had been born to become a Space Marine, and in time the young warrior was inducted into Asvald Stormwrack’s Great Company as a Blood Claw. Logan proved his skill and valour repeatedly in wars across the Sea of Stars, taking to the life of a Sky Warrior as easily as if he had been sailing the seas of Fenris. However, what made the future Wolf Lord stand out from his brothers was not just his bravery or his cunning, but the boundless charisma he wielded like a weapon. His easy grin and ready jests earned him the trust of everyone he met, even the old and cynical Long Fangs of the company, who grudgingly admitted they had warmed to the whelp.[3]

After over a century of war and unparalleled heroism, Logan Grimnar had risen to earn a place among Asvald’s Wolf Guard, often keeping the counsel of the Wolf Lord and always close to his side. As always, the Wolf Priests kept close watch on Grimnar, and Ulrik taught the young warrior all there was to know about the traditions and history of the Chapter. In 415.M41 when Asvald finally fell in battle against Orks for the Cyclopean Rift, Logan Grimnar was elected Wolf Lord in his place by unanimous assent of his fellow Wolf Guard. Favored by the Chapter, he soon ascended to Great Wolf in 440.M41 after the incumbent Sigvald Grimhammer was murdered by a Dark Eldar Succubus.[3]

First War for Armageddon

Logan Grimnar, the Great Wolf

In the First War for Armageddon the Space Hulk, Devourer of Stars, caught Imperial forces by surprise. Even worse the Chaos forces were led by the daemon Primarch, Angron. The forces of Chaos quickly defeated the Imperial forces at Armageddon Prime. Unbeknownst to the forces of Chaos, the Space Wolves were recently assigned to this sector and answered the Imperial forces' cry for help.[2b]

By the time the forces of Chaos had come around for a new attack, they found a well organized Imperial force bolstered by Space Wolves. This was Logan's first real test as Wolf Lord.[3] Nonetheless Logan in all his foresight knew that he and the Space Wolves alone would not be able to defeat Angron's force. When the Daemon Primarch led the attack on the Imperial line, Logan played his ace, a full company of Grey Knights. At the great cost of many Grey Knights, they were able to banish Angron back to the Warp. With the defeat of their leader, the forces of Chaos were quickly crushed.[2b]

Months of Shame

Logan Grimnar on the field of battle

As is standard Inquisition practice for those exposed to Chaos, even for those who have valiantly been involved in fighting against it, the remaining population of Armageddon was rounded up into labour camps and sterilized. While in the labour camps, the original population was left to die while Armageddon was repopulated. Logan Grimnar attempted to rescue as many survivors of Armageddon as he could from this fate, having his fleet escort troop ships to their destinations before they could be fired upon by Inquisition vessels. This eventually led his fleet into conflict with Inquisitor Lord Ghesmei Kysnaros, and the two sides eventually agreed to negotiate terms to end the "Cold War" between the Ordo Malleus and Space Wolves in neutral space. However during the parlay, the Space Wolves fleet was betrayed and fired upon by the Inquisition and Grey Knights ships, with the Space Wolves losing four vessels and having a fifth crippled. Grimnar was brought aboard a Grey Knights ship to negotiate his "surrender", where he instead cut down Grey Knights Grand Master Joros for his breach of the laws of parlay before teleporting away to safety. Later, the crisis with the Inquisition escalated to all-out warfare when the Ordo Malleus, Grey Knights, and Red Hunters besieged Fenris itself. During the fighting, Grimnar and a force of twenty Terminators teleported aboard the Inquisition flagship Corel's Hope and the Old Wolf personally slew Kysnaros. However in the end, with the Space Wolves and Fenris taking heavy damage and with Bjorn the Fell-Handed all but commanding him to seek peace, Grimnar ordered his forces to withdraw and cease the fighting. But since the First War for Armageddon, Logan has never forgiven the Administratum and Inquisition for this act.[1a][1b]

13th Black Crusade

During Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade, Logan was selected as supreme commander for the defending Imperial forces. Under his command many key victories were won. If it were not for his leadership, more of Cadia would have been in the hands of Chaos. At the Battle of Kasr Sonnen, Logan and his Great Company and the Chapter Master of the Dark Angels, Azrael, defeated a force many times their size by putting aside their resentment of each other.[Needs Citation]

War Zone Fenris

During the Siege of the Fenris System, Logan Grimnar led the reclamation of Midgardia alongside Egil Iron Wolf. The Great Wolf battled the Infernal Tetrad during the campaign.[5a] Logan Grimnar ultimately became stranded upon Midgardia, but was saved by Egil Iron Wolf shortly before its doom was unleashed by Magnus himself. In the final battle against the Daemon Primarch Logan led his forces, the Grey Knights, and Dark Angels in an impossible struggle. Ultimately thanks to the sacrifice of Egil Iron Wolf, Grimnar was able to wound Magnus with the Axe of Morkai which gave the Grey Knights enough time to banish him back to the Warp.[7]

Dark Imperium

After the Noctis Aeterna, Grimnar and his Champions were battling Orks aboard a Space Hulk when news first arrives of a Torchbearer fleet carrying the first Primaris Space Marines for the Space Wolves.[9a] Despite the enthusiasm for the new warriors by Krom Dragongaze, Grimnar is distrustful of these new marines, who are not of Fenris, and is disdaindul of the "Legion" breaker Roboute Guilliman.[9b] Fearing Guilliman seeks to control the Space Wolves, a full muster of the badly depleted chapter takes place at The Fang, and summit with Guilliman is held. Logan seems to deny the newcomers to the Space Wolves and refuses to cooperate with Guilliman, instead seeking to meet and potentially change his fate which he thinks is to die at the hands of Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka.[9c] However after hearing of the experiences of Kjarg Iron-Oath Logan has a change of heart and sees the Primaris Marines as worthy of being true sons of Fenris. Afterwards the Space Wolves become committed to the Indomitus Crusade and seek to smash the Ork threat as Guilliman advances into Imperium Nihilus.[9d]


Logan wears an ornate suit of Terminator Armour with an integrated Storm Bolter known as the Armour of Asvald Stormwrack and carries the powerful axe Morkai into battle. The axe is from a Chaos Champion of Khorne Logan defeated in battle on Armageddon. He also rides the war chariot Stormrider drawn by his two Thunderwolves, Tyrnak and Fenrir.[Needs Citation]



Conflicting sources

Age and Length of Tenure


  • Different sources give conflicting information on whom Grimnar succeeded as Great Wolf. The novel Grey Hunter states that the previous Great Wolf was Anakron Silvermane.[8] Later material, however, says that the Great Wolf who preceded Grimnar was Sigvald Grimhammer.[3]

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