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The Logicians are a heretical alliance of factions that are known to operate in both the Calixis and Ixaniad Sectors.


This organization did not form through either a dark religion or a charismatic leader but instead gained popularity with individuals who managed to secure the forbidden (and heretical) text known as "In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse" which had been banned for millennia. Its members consider themselves to be a progressive cult who favour the advancement of mankind through progress as well as the acquisition of technology. They further believe that they need to cast off the oppression of the Adeptus Ministorum, overthrow the rule of the High Lords of Terra and end the constraints imposed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. This is because the Logicians' ultimate aim is to bring back the great power Mankind held during the mythic times of the Dark Age of Technology.

They are known to find disciples through a secret network of ruthless mercantile interests as well as by power-hungry nobles. In addition, the ranks of the Logicians prove to be a safe haven for Hereteks and rogue Techpriests. Whilst there exists no Daemonic force within this heretical organization or an apocalyptic plan, they are still as a dangerous group. Their infamous actions have led them to become utterly callous in the pursuit of power as well as the never-ending search for better tools as well as weapons through which they can achieve their goals.[1]

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