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Lohoc the Red Whisper is a red surplice wearing Fallen Angel, who is among those who now loyally serve their returned Primarch, Lion El'Jonson[1c] as the Risen.[1d]


Unlike other Fallen, he does not believe that El'Jonson attacked Luther's Dark Angels first upon the Primarch's return to Caliban, at the end of the Horus Heresy. Therefore, when Lohoc emerged from the Warp, millennia after Caliban was destroyed, he began hunting the mightiest beasts that preyed upon Humanity with his Ryza Thunderboltplasma gun and dedicated each kill to his Primarch. He eventually met two other Fallen named Aphkar and Kai, and the three banded together to better survive in this new Imperium, where they were hunted by the Dark Angels Chapter. Sometime after the Great Rift's creation, they used a landing craft to travel to the Imperial world [[Avalus] and crashed into its capital Xerxe. The three survived the crash and hid themselves shortly afterwards. They then began discreetly leaving symbols that were only understood by the Fallen and which pointed to the building they hid themselves in.[1b]

The three later began hearing that their Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, had returned to the Imperium and was now in Xerxe. This was soon proven true, when the Fallen Zabriel found their hideout and stated he had been sent by the Primarch to find and recruit the Fallen[1b], that El'Jonson believed resided in the Capital[1a]. The Primarch wished for them to fight by his side to defend the embattled Imperium and was willingly to put their differences behind them. This came about after El'Jonson met Zabriel and then learned that some of the Fallen honestly believed he had attacked them first, during the civil war on Caliban. After hearing this, Kai and Aphkar were against aiding their Primarch, as they thought El'Jonson was responsible for the civil war and the deaths of their brethren. However both were surprised when Lohoc agreed to serve his Primarch, without a second thought, as he had never believed El'Jonson had been responsible for the civil war. To him, Caliban was a strange world and had likely twisted Luther's Dark Angels into causing the conflict. And if El'Jonson now wanted to start a war to save the Imperium, then Lohoc wanted to join it. This led Kai and Aphkar to agree to meet with their Primarch[1b], where Lohoc soon vowed to serve El'Jonson in order to also redeem himself, for his actions during Caliban's civil war. While the Primarch thanked him for doing so, El'Jonson could not recall a Dark Angel by the name of Lohoc and asked the Fallen to remove the helmet he was wearing. Despite his earlier vow, however, Lohoc refused to do so and asked for El'Jonson's forgiveness. For reasons known only to himself, Lohoc never removed the helmet in the presence of others and had not even done so, in the two years he had been traveling with Aphkar and Kai. This gave the Primarch pause, but Lohoc's companions vouched for the quality his character and stated he had saved their lives from a Xenos creature on Llarraf Beta. Hearing this, led El'Jonson to accept Lohoc's vow and Aphkar and Kai pledged to serve their Primarch as well.[1c]


Lohoc first appeared in the Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch, where he was given a brief description and was only known as the Red Whisper[2]. The later released The Lion: Son of the Forest (Novel), gave Lohoc his name and expanded backstory.[1b][1c]