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Lok'kroll Xenocide

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The Lok'kroll Xenocide was a campaign of extermination by the Imperium against the Lok'kroll race of Xenos. Beginning in 119.M37, the Imperium accused the civilization of worshiping the Ruinous Powers. The Lok'kroll had carved out their own empire near the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath and had long plagued Imperial colonists and mining outposts in the area. The decision was therefore taken by Segmentum Command to exterminate the species before they could become a significant threat.[1]

The operation was carried out by the Novamarines, Deathwatch Kill-teams, and an Army Group of Phyrussian Imperial Guard. The Imperial forces destroyed isolated Lok'kroll outpost and nest worlds systematically, often deploying Exterminatus weaponry from orbiting warships. After a 45 year campaign, by 164.M37 nothing remained of the Lok'kroll race.[1]