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Lone-spears are Kroot who do not thrive in Farstalker Kinbands and instead serve as enemy trackers and relay vital intelligence, from atop Kalamandras, when the species go to war.[1]


The reason for their disposition varies between the Lone-spears, as some are natural loners, disgraced warriors, or disaffected mercenaries. All are expert hunters, though, who prefer to be in the company of beasts, rather than their fellow Kroot. This leads them to ride Kalamandras when their species goes to war, where they can lead Kroot Hounds into battle and aid in capturing far-flung objectives. The Lone-spears are also armed with either Kroot Long Guns or explosive-tipped javelins for close combat, which allow them to act as snipers or destroyers of armored targets respectively. Regardless, their attacks will serve as guiding beacons for the Lone-spears' fellow Kroots and aid in marking out priority targets or guiding the species to their foes.[1]