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The Long-Las is a sniper variation of the lasgun with a much longer barrel for increased range and accuracy, and also to prevent overheating. However the barrel makes a Long-Las up to twice as long as a standard lasgun and thus difficult to use in close quarters.[1]


Within the Imperial Guard the Long-Las, formally known as the Sniper Variant Lasgun (or Sniper-Variant Lasrifle[3]), is issued only to those Guardsmen with the necessary marksmanship skills and knowledge in stealth and scouting operations. It uses the XC 52/3 strengthened barrel, longer and thinner than normal models, and lacks a charge setting slider, instead using hotshot power packs. It's also much quieter than other lasguns and features a flash suppressor to dampen the revealing flashes of its shots. However, the increased wear on the barrel from using the overpowered energy packs means more frequent barrel changes than is usually required for normal lasguns.[2][4]

Known patterns

Vostroyan Pattern Long-Las sniper rifle

A Long-Las sniper rifle produced on Vostroya and issued to Firstborn regiments. It possesses fierce recoil along with a high powered scope and can mount a sling and a silencer.[6a][6b]

Hashin's Eye

Hashin's Eye[5]

A highly modifiable Long-Las pattern, popular amongst the gangers and hired guns of Necromunda.[5]

'Retribution' Long- Las

The first ‘Retribution’ Long-las was reportedly a modified Guard issue long-las, constructed by a Brontian Longknife sniper. Angry over the destruction of his regiment in bloody frontal assaults during the fifth battle of Koldon Gap, he deserted and proceeded to kill four of his former senior officers and five commissars before his position was annihilated by a retaliatory mortar strike. In the subsequent centuries, similar weapons have been constructed by various artisans in the Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse.

The Retribution is a stripped down long-las, sacrificing some of the weapon’s reliability and clip size. In exchange, the Retribution has a much shorter barrel (for easy concealment) and can be broken into half a dozen pieces that can easily be concealed within a specially designed pack. In addition, the weapon is rigged to fire in a non-visible light spectrum, almost silently, decreasing penetration slightly but ensuring the Retribution’s discharge is unnoticeable.

When purchased or otherwise acquired, A Retribution typically includes a pack or case to conceal the long-las. Breaking down or assembling the weapon takes roughly thirty seconds for a practised individual with basic training in the use of las-weaponry.[7]

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