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Lord Commander

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Lord Commander is a rank which occurs several times, past and present, in the upper echelons of the Imperium.

Lord Commander of the Imperium

Lord Commander of the Imperium is the highest known military rank within the Imperial hierarchy, second only to the Emperor himself.[6]

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Imperial Navy

Occasionally referenced as Lord Militant Commander and also referred to as Lord High Admiral[11], a Lord Commander of the Imperial Navy has jurisdiction over the Imperial Navy in a Segmentum of the Imperium.[7] Of these, the Lord Commander of the Segmentum Solar is the foremost, and is often appointed to a position on the High Lords of Terra.[7][9]

Notable Lord Commanders of the Imperial Navy

Imperial Guard

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Imperial Guard Hierarchy

Lord Commander

A strategic rank of the Imperial Guard subordinate only to the Lord Commander Militant, the five Lord Commanders of the Imperial Guard are each responsible for the Guard forces in each of the Imperium's segmentums.[10]

Notable Lord Commanders of the Imperial Guard

Lord Commander of the Expedition Fleet

During the Great Crusade, a Lord Commander of the Expedition Fleet was a position in the Imperial Army, the highest of its kind. A Lord Commander was in charge of an entire Expedition Fleet, unless a Primarch was attached to it; in which case the Primarch took precedence and the Lord Commander was chiefly in charge of the soldiers of the Imperial Army.[3][5]

Notable Lord Commanders of the Expedition Fleet

Legiones Astartes

Adeptus Mechanicus

Knights of Taranis



Members of the High Lords of Terra
Permanent Members Master of the AdministratumEcclesiarchInquisitorial RepresentativeFabricator-GeneralGrand Provost MarshalPaternoval EnvoyMaster of the AstronomicanMaster of the Adeptus Astra TelepathicaGrand Master of AssassinsLord Commander of the Imperium
Rotating Members Lord Commander of Segmentum SolarLord Commander MilitantCardinals of the Holy SynodAbessChancellor of the Estate ImperiumSpeaker for the Chartist CaptainsLord High AdmiralCaptain-General
Lesser Members Chirurgeon-GeneralChancellor of the Imperial CouncilCommandant of the Schola ProgeniumLord Constable of the SynopticonMistress Plenary of the Catacombs
Former Members High Lord of the Imperial Chancellery