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Lord Solar Macharius

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Imperial navy cruiser. For other uses of Macharius, see Macharius (disambiguation).

The Lord Solar Macharius was a Dictator Class Cruiser which served in Battlefleet Gothic during the Gothic War under Captain Leoten Semper.[1b][2][3][4][5]

It is named after Macharius, the greatest Imperial Guard commander in Imperial history and Lord Commander Solar for his crusade at the beginning of the 41st Millennium.[1a]

The Lord Solar Macharius fought under Rutgen Jago alongside the Hades Heavy Cruiser Vengis in a fleet action against a force of Fra'al raiders in the Osiris cluster over six hundred years before meeting it again as the Chaos vessel Contagion at the start of the Gothic War, in 143 M41.[1a]

Conflicts in Sources

In the novel Execution Hour, Hendrik Morrau of the Contagion remembers the Lord Solar Macharius (specifically under that name) from six hundred years before the Gothic War[1c]. However, Macharius lived from 356-400.M41[6], approximately 200 years after the Gothic War (143-151.M41).[Needs Citation]