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Lords of Decay

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The Lords of Decay are a Chaos Space Marine warband dedicated to the Chaos God Nurgle.

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
325px-Lords of Decay Death Guard Warband.jpg
- Lords of Decay -
Origin: Death Guard[2]
Chaos dedication: Nurgle
Colours: Grey with green and brown rot
Strength: Unknown
Lords of Decay Badge.jpg
Lordsdecay mini.jpg

The Lords of Decay are a large Death Guard sub-faction. They have been encountered by Imperial forces on multiple occasions, including during the Siege of Vraks. They are stated as having been formerly led by the Primarch Mortarion.[2]

They are currently being pursued by Imperial forces in the Mentieth Sector.[1]

Cross Reference: Space Hulk Monolith of Woe.[1]

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