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Lost Hope

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2drones.gif This article is about the space hulk; for the death world,, see Lost Hope (planet).

The Lost Hope is a colossal Space Hulk that serves as the base of operations for the Crimson Slaughter.[1]

The size of a large moon, it is an amalgamation of contorted shipwrecks and twisted spires. It has formidable defences consisting of gun towers and thorny clusters to ward off Boarding Torpedoes. Protruding from the structure are tendrils, although whether the grasping tentacles are mechanical or belong to beasts attached to the hull is unknown. None of the Crimson Slaughter wish to drift close enough to find out.[1]

Even while the Crimson Slaughter are away conducting raids into the Imperium, the Hulk itself is filled with large amounts of cultists, mutants, and Daemons.[1]

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