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Lost Hope (Penal World)

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Lost Hope is an Imperium Ice World, that was uninhabited until late M41 when the Administratum Administrators of House Kasky gained control of it. They soon established a Penal Colony, which was used to mine promethium using a drilling station located on the world's pole.[1]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Lost Hope px
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium, formerly Chaos
Class: Penal World, Mining World, Ice World, Death World[2]
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Attention from the wider Imperium was brought to Lost Hope, during Warmaster Ryse's Crusade. The Warmaster had charged General Creed, with killing the Anckorite Brotherhood Cult leader Luciver Anckor, but Creed had been unsuccessful in his hunt. Because of this, the Warmaster denied Creed further reinforcements and this led Creed to travel to Lost Hope, with his Cadian 8th Regiment Honour Guard, in order to secure ten thousand penal troopers from House Kasky. He then met with Lost Hope's Prison Governor Irena Kasky, who denied his request and stated aiding Creed would endanger the tithes she must uphold to the Imperium. Creed would not relent though and Irena finally told him to go see the prisoners and he would discover many were not fit to be Guardsmen. Creed did so and roused the spirits of the prisoners, with offers to join him and earn the chance to redeem themselves. All the prisoners agreed and Creed left his Colour Sergeant Jarran Kell to organize them, while he returned to his ship, the Magister Thine.[1]

However when they were separated, Irena and her personnel revealed themselves to be in league with Chaos and butchered many of the surprised Cadians. Colour Sergeant Kell and three other Honour Guardmen survived the ambush and killed Irena's personnel before making their escape, from where the prisoners were held. They then found Creed's ruined Chimera, with its crew dead, but the General no where to be found. Kell could only conclude that Creed had been captured and brought back to the heretic Irena's residence. Though their was only four of them, the Colour Sergeant did not hesitate and told the Guardsmen they were going to rescue the General. Creed though had managed to escape from his Chimera, when it was attacked by the Anckorite Brotherhood and he had made his way into Lost Hope's wilderness. Luckily though, he was found by escaped prisoners, who told Creed of the atrocities Irena and her personnel had committed against them. Creed patiently listened, then asked for their help in overthrowing Irena's rule, but the prisoners angrily refused. The General persisted though and he told them the Anckorite Brotherhood Cult and its leader Luciver Anckor, who Creed was charged with killing, were on Lost Hope and were responsible for the horrors committed against the prisoners. His campaign against them had made them desperate Creed said, and if the prisoners aided him in contacting his ship, then the Cult would be broken. When the General was told the only comm on the world was in Irena's residence, he plainly stated that they would take the residence from her then. The escaped prisoners' leader, former Major Darr Vel, then asked what they would get out of this and Creed told them he would take them with him and give them deaths that would earn them the Emperor's forgiveness. The prisoners readily agreed and now calling themselves the Lost Hopers, they marched with Creed to Irena's residence.[1]

Meanwhile Kell and the others had begun attacking Irena's residence and held the Governor at gun point. He demanded to know where Creed was, but Kell was attacked by a Chaos Space Marine, which allowed Irena to escape. The Chaos Marine then killed two of Kell's Guardsmen, before he and the other Guardsmen escaped down a ventilation tunnel. It was at that time that Creed and the Lost Hopers reached Irena's residence and saw the explosions caused by Kell's attack. Creed did not know that Kell was behind it, but decided to take advantage of the mayhem and gave the order to storm the residence. The Lost Hopers quickly killed any personnel and Brotherhood Cultists they came across, but met their match when they faced a Chaos Space Marine who opened fire on them. Many fell to the traitor's bolter and Creed himself almost lost his life, before Colour Sergeant Kell appeared and killed the Chaos Marine with his Power Fist. Once the two were reunited, Creed told Kell that he knew the Cult leader Anckor was replenishing his Cult's strength with Lost Hope's prisoners. Kell agreed, stating they had found Anckor's ship below and he had torn out its controls. With Anckor now trapped, Creed and his remaining forces searched for the Cult leader. But when they finally find him, Anckor was surrounded by Chaos Marines, who shielded him from their fire, before the Cult leader and traitors escaped aboard a Dreadclaw. Despite this setback though, Creed was satisfied with how everything had turned out. Anckor could no longer use Lost Hope to replenish the Anckorite Brotherhood and the world's remaining prisoners were grouped with the Lost Hopers. He now had his Penal Legion, Lost Hope was firmly in the Imperium's hands and Governor Irena had died during the battle at her residence. Creed then contacted House Kasky and threatened them with the exposure of Irena's Heresy, unless they began sending their resources to aid the General in his quest to kill Anckor.[1]

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