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Lucifer Armoured Task Force

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The Lucifer Armoured Task Force were an elite Space Marine unit which were part of one of the many new combat doctrines that arose after the Second War for Armageddon.

The Ork survivors of the Battle for Acheron were still running rampant across the Acheron Flats where they performed hit-and-run raids against Imperial supply convoys. Commander Dante of the Space Marine relief force refused to be distracted from the wider war but tasked his most trusted Captain, Erasmus Tycho, to seek and destroy the raiders. Tycho immediately ordered the tanks attached to his task force to be refitted to better suit the needs of the mission. The Techmarines laboured night and day to modify the engines, tinker with the armour configurations and strip the vehicles of non-essential equipment, to boost the speed of their war machines.

The alterations made to the tanks made them unsuitable for extended campaigns but their Machine Spirits were more than up to the task of keeping their charges operational for the span of a battle. After three days and three nights, the labour was complete and at dawn on the fourth day the task force "Lucifer" spurred out onto the Acheron dust plains. When the next Orks attacked, Tycho was ready for them. With their speed advantage taken from them, the Orks stood little chance against the vengeful onslaught with Trukks being blown apart by autocannon shells and Deffkoptas shredded by assault cannon fire along with Battlewagons made into unsalvageable hulks by Godhammer lascannons. The modifications used in the formation of this task force were later used as a template for the Baal Rhino which led to a new era in armoured warfare for the Blood Angels.

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