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Ludoldus was a previous High Marshal of the Black Templars Chapter.[3][4]

Ludoldus personally led his Sword Brethren in the assault on the fortress of Apex during the Battle of Fire and Blood at the end of the Vinculus Crusade.[4]


When the High Marshal marched into battle he wore archaic Terminator armour and fought with a combi-plasma gun. Atop his armour was a lantern that was supposedly blessed by the Blind Sisterhood of Luxvitas Binary. It was said to pierce the darkness of the Empyrean and serve as a beacon for all of his warriors.[2]


It has been recorded that Ludoldus fought[1b] in the Vinculus Crusade (833.M41)[1a] and in the Jerulas Crusade (645.M39)[1b], wars separated by two thousand years.[Needs Citation]

Portraits of both High Marshals mentioned do show great similarity between the two but even Lord Dante of the Blood Angels, the eldest living Chapter Master, is only eleven hundred years old.[2]

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