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Map Basic Data Lunar Image
Terra Galactic Image.jpg
Name: Luna 0px
Segmentum: Segmentum Solar
Sector: Sector Solar
Subsector: Subsector Sol
System: Sol System
Primary: Terra
Population: Billions[4]
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Civilised World[5]/Death World[8]
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Luna is Terra's single moon. It is the base for massive defense structures defending Terra.


Luna was a renowned center of human genetic research during the Dark Age of Technology, becoming home to massive underground genetic laboratories. During the Age of Strife, it was ruled over by brilliant but fanatical Selenar gene-cults who only submitted to the Emperor after the First Pacification of Luna, the first battle of the Great Crusade.[3] The pacification of the Gene-Cults of Luna allowed the Emperor to mass-produce the Legiones Astartes.[6] As the Crusade expanded outwards, Astartes production on Luna diminished and the Selenar cults lost their importance. The moon was instead given to the Sisters of Silence, Departmento Munitorum centers, and Imperialis Armada defenses.[9a]

During the Horus Heresy's Solar War, Luna was the target of a major traitor attack led by Sons of Horus First Captain Abaddon. During the fighting its massive orbital defense ring was the target of a kamikaze attack by the Battle Barge War Oath and Abaddon captured its remaining gene-labs from loyalist forces. The Selenar Cults, resentful against the Imperium, chose to side with Warmaster Horus and share with him their gene-tech.[9b] After the traitor defeat in the Siege of Terra Luna was reclaimed by loyalists in the Great Scouring.[Needs Citation]

By the M41 era Luna had decayed, having long since been squeezed of its resources by Terra. Much of the populace seemed bitter and resentful towards Terra, which they blamed for exploiting and "forgetting" them. Outside of key port facilities much of the planets infrastructure was abandoned and rotted and much of the population lived in squalor. This included the Somnus Citadel, which was thought abandoned by the Imperium.[10c] After the destruction of Cadia Luna again became a battlefield in the final stage of the Terran Crusade. Due to the reborn Roboute Guilliman's efforts to reach Terra via the Webway, Magnus and his Thousand Sons were able to emerge on the moon. In the subsequent battle the Chaos invaders were defeated thanks to the arrival of Imperial reinforcements from Terra that included the Imperial Fists, Custodes, Battlefleet Solar, and Sisters of Silence.[7] After reforming the Imperium and beginning the Indomitus Crusade, Guilliman had Luna return to a measure of its former glory by re-garrisoning the Somnus Citadel with the renewed Sisters of Silence.[10c]

Notable Locations

  • Somnus Citadel — Headquarters of the Sisters of Silence[2]
  • Port Luna — Naval base for Battlefleet Sol. An enormous shipyard capable of accommodating thousands of starships, at the time of the Horus Heresy it was the largest man-made military structure in history.[2a]
  • The Circuit — A massive artificial valley filled with military compounds, command centers, factories, and other facilities.[2a]
  • The Ring — A belt of defensive platforms that form a continuous ring around the planet. Made from rock excavated from Luna itself, it is bristling with countless Lance, Torpedo, and Macrocannon batteries.[2a] During the Horus Heresy, the Ring was significantly damaged, and since then has not been completely repaired, more resembling an arc than a full ring.[10a]
  • Herodotus Omega Dome - Held an vault holding the ancient Selenar artifact known as the Magna Mater. During the Siege of Terra traitor forces attempted to breach the Dome and acquire the artifact, causing Ta'lab Vita-37 to recruit the crew of the Sisypheum for aid. During the battle, the Dome was destroyed.[11]
  • Esoterikon Livris - Ancient archive[12]


Thanks to the terraformic engines at Luna's core, gravity on Luna is similar to that of Terra.[10a] A breatheable atmosphere is still maintained in some areas on Luna.[10b]

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