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Lushian Adantor

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Lushian Adantor is a Grey Knight Prognosticator who, sometime after the Great Rift's creation, used the Speculum Infernus to determine what the Daemon Primarch Magnus was plotting.[1]

The device showed him various visions within the Prospero System, though, which required Adantor to use the Speculum Infernus for extended amount of time. This drew the attention of Tzeentch Daemons and Adantor had to fend them off, while also protecting himself from a mocking voice that spoke to him. Eventually he was able to see that the Daemon Primarch and Thousand Sons were committing thousands of murders for a ritual. Unfortunately however, this caused Magnus himself to gaze upon the Prognosticator and the Daemon Primarch launched a psychic attack that knocked Adantor unconscious. When he awoke, the Prognosticator felt 50 years older, but he vowed to stop Magnus' ritual using the information he had gathered.[1]