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Luteus Alpha

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngLuteus Alpha
Name: Luteus Alpha Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Solar[2]
Sector: Armageddon Sector[2]
Affiliation: Imperium[1a]
Class: War World,[1a] Hive World,[1a] Mining World[1a]
This page contains spoilers for: Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef

Luteus Alpha is an Imperial Hive World[1a] and one of the most important worlds in the Armageddon Sector, mostly due to the large amount of Promethium it provides to the Sector.[2] However this has come under threat in M42, due to the world now being invaded by Warboss Gargaz Teefgrabba's Waagh![1c]


It was originally invaded in M42,[1b] by the Waaagh! of Warboss Ogruk Gutwrekka who sought to claim Luteus Alpha's Promethium for his Orks.[1a] One of these was Gargaz Teefgrabba, who possessed a Hair Squig that drew the attention of Gutwrekka. The Warboss wanted it for himself and stole it from Teefgrabba before throwing the Ork out of a flying Heavy Bommer. An outraged Teefgrabba survived the fall, however, and vowed to reclaim his Hair Squig from the thieving Warboss. In order to do so, he needed to find an aircraft that could reach Gutwrekka's Kroozer orbiting the Hive World. His search led Teefgrabba to fight his way through not only his fellow Orks, but also the various Imperial forces that had come to defend Luteus Alpha. This included the Astra Militarum, Tempestus Scions, a strike force from the White Scars Chapter and the House Canorem Imperial Knight Horrik Canorem. Teefgrabba would also encounter the Cult of the All-Seeing Emperor Genestealer Cult, which had been residing in the Hive World's sewers, and the resulting battle with them led the Cult to begin attacking the Imperium's forces and the invading Orks. Teefgrabba would later finally succeeded in boarding Gutwrekka's Kroozer, but the resulting battle within it caused the Kroozer to crash into Luteus Alpha. The two would survive the impact[1b] and Teefgrabba reclaimed his Hair Squig after defeating Gutwrekka in battle. He then declared himself to be the Waaagh!'s new Warboss and Teefgrabba is now continuing the invasion of the Hive World.[1c]


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