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Luth Tyre

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Luth Tyre Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Tempestus or Ultima Segmentum[1c]
Affiliation: Imperium [1c], formerly Iron Warriors[1c]
Class: Desert World[1c], former Fortress World[1c], former Industrial World[1c]
Tithe Grade:

Luth Tyre is an Imperial Desert World, that has a population of Ambulls and sits upon one of the most stable Warp Routes in the southern Imperium.[1c]


During the Horus Heresy, the world contained fortresses and sprawling refineries, that made it a key stronghold and mustering ground, for the Iron Warriors[1c]. While under the Traitor Legion's control, Luth Tyre continuously supplied them with war material, fuel and chemicals. As the Heresy raged in 11.M31, the world's Iron Warriors garrison came into contact with a Death Guard fleet from Barbarus. It was among the forces defending their Homeworld, which were in the midst of a campaign to seize resource rich Imperial worlds, in order to form an empire for the Death Guard. After learning of this, the Iron Warriors agreed to give supplies to the Death Guard, in exchange for a share of their plunder taken from pillaged Imperial worlds[1a]. In 12.M31, the Iron Warriors Battle Cruiser Visage of Vengeance arrives at Luth Tyre. It had escaped from the Battle of Tallarn, but had been trapped in the Warp until finally appearing near the Iron Warriors' held world. The survivors aboard the Visage soon join the Traitor Legion's garrison on Luth Tyre and bring with them a large number of indentured Mechanicum automata. However there is little trust shared between the newcomers and the garrison, who seem to prioritize the needs of the Death Guard over their own brethren.[1b]

The Fall of Luth Tyre

Later in that same year, Luth Tyre comes under attack by the vengeful Dark Angels, who are led by their Primarch Lion El'Jonson himself. Because the world sat upon a stable Warp Route, however, the Primarch can not afford to order Luth Tyre's destruction, like he has recently done to other worlds. Instead, El'Jonson demands his Orders to capture the world in the name of Terra. The Dark Angels' fleet then unleashed an orbital bombardment upon Luth Tyre, which set the upper layers of its atmosphere ablaze and fused the world's desert into plains of jagged glass. The Legion's Orders attacked afterwards and though the Iron Warriors and their Death Guard allies put up a valiant resistance, they are overwhelmed by the invaders' sheer numbers. One by one Luth Tyre's fortresses and refineries are destroyed by the Dark Angels' Orders, though, they suffer heavy losses as well. As the world begins to fall, a group of Death Guard, Iron Warriors and Traitor Mechanicum forces launched a daring attempt to escape aboard Warp-capable craft. They successfully do so, after fighting through the Orders and packs of raging Ambulls, to reach Luth Tyre's south pole spaceport. Their crafts manage to evade the Dark Angels' fleet and the world is claimed by the Dark Angels shortly afterwards[1c]. In 13.M41, however, the Traitor forces that escaped Luth Tyre reach the Death Guard's Homeworld, Barbarus[1d], and aid in its defense, when the world is later attacked by the Dark Angels.[1e]


It is not clear where Luth Tyre lies. However since the world was part of the Dark Angels' Passage of the Angels campaign, it is either in Segmentum Tempestus or the southern parts of Ultima Segmentum.[1c]

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