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The Luther Pattern Excavation Automata[4] or Ambot is a heavy mining construct based on the Ambull. Its central nervous system is derived from the xenos creature, giving it an instinct for tunneling, but it is fitted with cortical limiters that prevent it from escaping and running amok.[1]

Ambots are built by a process perfected by the Adeptus Mechanicus. A native Ambull is captured and then reworked and heavily cybernetically augmented. When the creature awakens in its new robotic shell, it retains its natural tunneling instincts while having its aggression suppressed by cranial governors. The biological core of the creature circumvents Mechanicum laws regarding bans on Artificial Intelligence. Ambots are typically employed for mining and ash excavation on worlds such as Necromunda.[4]

Those infected by Scrap-Code are called Scrap-Code Ambots and are known to be used by Necromunda Chaos Cults.[5]


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