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Lycas Fyton

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Lycas Fyton was a Captain of the Sons of Horus during the Siege of Terra.[1a]


Fyton replaced Serghar Targost as commander of the 7th Company after his death. By the final stages of the Siege of Terra, Fyton emerged as one of the most rational Sons of Horus officers who were still willing to obey the traditional chain of command. When First Captain Abaddon summoned all Sons of Horus Captains, Fyton was one of the few to rendezvous with him. At the meeting, Fyton expressed his horror at Abaddon's fatalistic and depressed demeanor; as the First Captain rambled about their Legion's collapse into anarchy and suffering under the use of Daemons, the 7th Captain declared that they would have never managed to make it this far without the forces of Chaos. Perceiving his long-admired superior as mentally broken, Fyton angrily denounced Abaddon's pessimism until the First Captain revealed that the Vengeful Spirit had lowered its shields.[1a]

Initially stunned at this revelation, Fyton quickly regained his composure once Abaddon stated that Horus himself had opened the flagship to attacks. The 7th Captain was shocked when his superior stated that their Primarch had evidently lost his mind under the influence of Chaos. As Abaddon demanded that all still sane Sons of Legions had to leave Terra to defend the Vengeful Spirit, Fyton snapped that they should trust Horus, and finally stated he did not recognize Abaddon's authority, despite urgings by Azelas Baraxa to silence himself. Having refused to follow the First Captain, Fyton was then murdered by Hellas Sycar with a single blow.[1b]