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Lygris was a Techmarine of the Soul Drinkers Chapter.[1a] He was primarily an artificer, assigned to the maintenance of weaponry and armour aboard the Chapter's forge-ships.[1b]

Lygris was present during the Chapter's assault on the Van Skorvold Star Fort, serving under Commander Caeon. Following Caeon's death, he continued to serve under Librarian Sarpedon, who assumed command of the Soul Drinkers strike force. The Marines were forced to turn on their Adeptus Mechanicus allies after they stole a relic of the Chapter, a weapon called the Soulspear.[1a]

This culminated in an attack on Archmagos Khobotov's Geryon Ordinatus platform, in which the Techmarine was able to hijack the Geryon's machine-spirit, allowing the Soul Drinkers to use it to cover their escape from the Lakonia System.[1c] Lygris's violent communion with the station's machine-spirit resulted in permanent damage to his facial muscles, however, resulting in him being forced to have staples implanted into his face to prevent it from spasming.[1d]

When Sarpedon later rebelled against the Imperium, Lygris followed him.[1e]