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Lying in Flames (Short Story)

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Lying in Flames
Cover art
Author Robbie MacNiven
Publisher Black Library
Series War Zone: Fenris
Preceded by The Young Wolf's Return
Followed by The Broken Crown
Released May 2016

"Lying in Flames" is a short story by Robbie MacNiven, Part 3 in the Legacy of Russ series. It was published online in May 2016.

Cover Description

Daemons rampage across the planets and moons of the Fenris System, and the Space Wolves find themselves hard-pressed to contain the attackers, let alone hunt for their missing Chapter Master, Logan Grimnar. To add to their troubles, a crusade force led by Azrael of the Dark Angels, and backed up by the Inquisition, hangs in judgment above Midgardia. The Space Wolves stand accused of harbouring mutants among their ranks – a terrible crime in the eyes of the Imperium.[1]

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