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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the 36th millennium; for the lasgun pattern, see Lasgun#Kantrael Pattern M36 Lasrifle.

Year Event Source
Early M36 Thirteenth/Dark Founding. This is the only founding for which the Adeptus Terra does not have records or copies of geneseed. Codex: Ultramarines p. 8
Foundings Fourteen through Twenty.
Twenty First/Cursed Founding. Takes place shortly before the Age of Apostasy. Largest founding since the Second Founding. Several experiments are made to improve the gene-seed of the new chapters; the experiments have the unforeseen effect of creating seemingly cursed Chapters. Fire Hawks, Flame Falcons, Black Dragons, and other chapters are created. Several chapters mutate horribly or suffer terrible misfortune. Flame Falcons eventually suffer a spontaneous and extreme physical corruption - the whole Chapter is declared Excommmunicate and driven from its home world of Lethe by the Grey Knights.
Gervahrt Repeal. Only occasion where a Black Templar High Marshal stopped the promotion of a Sword Brethren to a Marshal. Unknown reasons and date. Codex: Black Templars (4th Edition), page 13
104.M36 The War of Recovery. Several first generation STC copies are recovered in the Mortuam Chain and successfully returned to Mars. Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook (6th Edition), pg. 170; Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition Rulebook Dark Millennium - Ages of Mankind
200.M36 Goge Vandire, 361st High Lord of the Administratum, ousts Paulis III and takes his place as Ecclesiarch. Vandire's Reign of Blood begins. Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition Rulebook Dark Millennium - Ages of Mankind; Dark Heresy: Blood of Martyrs pg. 36
Wars of Vindication. Shortly after the rise of High Lord Goge Vandire, Tziz Jarek Master of the Callidus Assassins, under Vandire's orders, kills the Grand Master of Assassins and assumes his identity - but the Grand Master had actually replaced himself with a loyal Callidus assassin, and gathers loyal assassins to wage war against this usurper, and both sides use horrible weapons of destruction. Finally the Grand Master kills Jarek and then disappears in self-imposed exile. Inquisitor Jaeger, after investigating the wars, eventually creates the Ordo Sicarius to monitor the Officio Assassinorum and prevent such an occurrence again.
Goge Vandire journeys to San Leor, where he uses his rosarius to convince the Daughters of the Emperor that he has the Emperor's grace and protection. The Daughters become his personal bodyguards, the Brides of the Emperor. The Brides slaughter the Holy Synod in response to their attempt to remove Vandire from power. Dark Heresy: Blood of Martyrs pg. 11
ca. 238.M36 Sebastian Thor is born on Dimmamar. Ibid. pgs. 12, 36
Goge Vandire despatches his Frateris Militia to Dimmamar to kill Sebastian Thor. A Warp storm obliterates the fleet as soon as it translates out of the Clax system. The persistent Warp storm is named the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath and taken as a sign that Vandire has dishonoured the Emperor. The Confederation of Light comes out of hiding to ally with Thor and they travel from world to world, spreading their word. Ibid. pg. 12
Fabricator-General Gastaph Hediatrix calls for Goge Vandire to come to account before the Holy Synod. Vandire dissolves the Council of the High Lords of Terra in response and orders the few remaining forces under his command to attack the Adeptus Mechanicus and Adeptus Astartes who question his authority. They do not comply and are condemned as heretics. Zhoros (The Fire Hawks' home world) is thermal bombed. Ibid; Imperial Armour Volume Nine - The Badab War - Part One pg. 66
The combined forces of the Tech Guard and four chapters of Space Marines lay siege to the Emperor's Palace. The Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes leads Alicia Dominica and five Brides of the Emperor to the Golden Throne. When they return, Dominica declares Goge Vandire a traitor and beheads him, cleaving through the rosarius that had protected him long ago on San Leor. Ibid. pg. 13
The Council of the High Lords of Terra is reinstated and trials are conducted against Goge Vandire's supporters. Sebastian Thor is taken to Terra and put on trial. He refutes every charge and the High Lords return a verdict of not guilty on all counts. Thor is instated as Ecclesiarch; his first acts include establishing the Synod Ministra on Ophelia VII, subdividing the Holy Synod's dioceses, and proclaiming the Decree Passive to forbid the Ecclesiarchy from maintaining men under arms. The Daughters of the Emperor are reorganized into the Adepta Sororitas, obeying the letter of the decree by not being "men" under arms. Thor gifts the Fire Hawks with a Warp-capable star fortress, the Raptorous Rex. Ibid pgs. 14, 15; Imperial Armour Volume Nine - The Badab War - Part One pg. 66
ca. 270.M36 Sebastian Thor leaves the Ecclesiarchical palace and journeys throughout the Imperium for 80 years, quelling heresy and apostasy. Ibid. pg. 15
300.M36 Renegade Cardinal Bucharis, along with Admiral Sehalla and Colonel Gasto, create a empire based from Gathalamor, stretching as far south as Bakka and north to Fenris, including the fleet at Hydraphur. Bucharis claims that Terra has fallen to heresy and that Gathalamor is to be the new center of faith. As his empire begins to stretch into Fenris, homeworld of the Space Wolves, a protracted space and land campaign begins including a three-year siege of the Fang. [Needs Citation]
302.M36 The Invasion of Nova Sulis. The Executioners Chapter devastate the traitor hive world of Nova Sulis, severing Cardinal Bucharis's supply lines. Imperial Armour Volume Ten - The Badab War - Part Two, pp. 87–88
310.M36 The Plague of Unbelief Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Rulebook[Needs Citation]
314.M36 - 334.M36 The Dark Angels pursue Brother Machius, a former lieutenant of Cardinal Bucharis, in a two-decade campaign. Despite interference from the Night Lords, the Ravenwing captures Machius in the Battle of the Black Death on the plague-ridden world of Gronmoth. Codex: Dark Angels (6th Edition), pg. 23
334.M36 The Twelve Outcasts of Alaitoc take six Wraithknights to the Crone World Belial IV to harvest spirit stones. They fight their way through the hordes of daemons that control the world to escape through the Webway. Codex: Eldar (6th Edition) pg. 21
ca. 350.M36 Sebastian Thor returns to Terra and dies six months later at 112. Ecclesiarch Alexis XXII, his successor, splits the Convent Sanctorum and Convent Prioris into two orders each, forming the Orders Militant of the Order of the Ebon Chalice, Order of the Valorous Heart, Order of the Fiery Heart, and Order of the Argent Shroud. Codex: Sisters of Battle (2nd Edition); Dark Heresy: Blood of Martyrs pg. 15, 36
439.M36 The Dark Angels and their successor Chapters begin a thirty-year campaign across three sectors against corrupt officials and heretical cults. They bring much suffering to the Rebulus system, including the destruction of the artificial moons of Ixx, before the corruption is subdued. Codex: Dark Angels (6th Edition), pg. 23
453.M36 Beelze conflict. Eldar of the Alaitoc craftworld cause diplomatic contact with Lexicos Aldus Mari to be broken. [Needs Citation]
543.M36 The Second Purging of Lastrati is made by the Black Templars under the command of Marshal Gervhart. After this Purging, due to raising of penitent cults and following uprising, Storm Giants came to punish the fanatics and restored the order with an iron fist. Codex: Black Templars (4th Edition), pg. 19;
Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition: War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes, pg. 17
565.M36 Nurgle answers the prayers of Gaero Alphus for rain. After eight days of torrential downpour, he sends Epidemius to catalogue the disease and devastation. Epidemius and his accompanying forces easily overcome the ailing defenders. A week later, the planet disappears from Imperial records. Codex: Chaos Daemons (6th Edition), pg. 21
610.M36 Segmentum Tempestus authorities, with the blessing of Terra, launch a number of crusades to solidify their control over the region. The largest and most successful is the Dark Marches Crusade led by Lord Tempestus Hal Orpheus. Imperial Armour Volume Twelve - The Fall of Orpheus pg. 17
673.M36 The Dark Angels and Angels of Vengeance deploy their entire First Companies against a rebel tyrant of Dominus Prime. Two hundred Terminators crack the "unassailable" fortress and massacre the traitors, bringing an end the five-year siege. Survivors are taken to the Rock for questioning. Codex: Dark Angels (6th Edition), pg. 23
679.M36 Rogue Trader Lord-Admiral Khorlu re-open the lost Beta-Garmon System and the fabled planet Beta-Garmon IV. Rediscovering of the system followed by bloody campaign in which the Rogue Trader was assisted by Silver Skulls Chapter. For that the planet was granted to them by Khorlu as their possessions. Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition: War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes, pg. 17
701.M36 The Origo Blockade Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition: War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes, pg. 18
723.M36 The 5th Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler begins. Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex)
754.M36 The Web of Intrigue Disaster. Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition Rulebook Dark Millennium - Ages of Mankind
759.M36 The Dark Marches Crusade ends. Over six hundred worlds are brought under Imperial control and divided into four sectors: Haxan, Leyak, Eurydice, and Orpheus Sectors. Imperial Armour Volume Twelve - The Fall of Orpheus pg. 17
776.M36 The 16th Armageddon Steel Legion puts down the Cassell Rebellion in less than six hours. White Dwarf 287 (UK), pg.25
791.M36 The Ethereals unite the warring tribes of Tau, introducing the Caste System and ending the Mont'au. Codex: Tau Empire (6th Edition) pg.28
817.M36 A colonisation fleet of sixteen million souls fails to arrive at Tlaloc. No trace is ever found but a second fleet dispatched thirty years later arrives without incident. Imperial Armour Volume Twelve - The Fall of Orpheus pg. 17
The savant-scribes of the Secretariat Militum compile the Mythos Angelica Mortis. The Mythos contains the earliest verifiable reference to a Space Marine Chapter known as the "Carcharodons Astra." Imperial Armour Volume Ten - The Badab War - Part Two pg. 114
901.M36 The 6th Black Crusade begins. Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex)[Needs Citation]
913.M36 The Bellis Rebellion started and ended Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition, pg. 18
945.M36 The Nemesis Incident occurs. Fantasy Flight Games Chapters of the Deathwatch, Part 6
989.M36 Warp storms, including the Eye of Terror, visibly expand. Tech Priests demand an increase in the number of psykers to be fed into the Golden Throne. Up to four times as many souls are sacrificed daily to maintain optimal power, necessitating an increase in the number of Black Ships. Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook (6th Edition), pg.170; Codex: Chaos Daemons (6th Edition), pg. 21

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