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Year Event Source
Attempts are made to augment Conqueror Shells, creating Augur Shells, but are considered a failure. Imperial Armour Volume One - Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy, pg. 53
001.M39 Abaddon's 10th Black Crusade. The Conflict of Helica. Iron Warriors fight Iron Hands at Medusa. Liber Chaotica: Khorne[Needs Citation], Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex)[Needs Citation]
018.M39 The Tau Empire begins its Second Sphere of Expansion. Codex: Tau Empire (6th Edition) pg. 28
circa. 019.M39 Inquisitor Jaq Draco visits Stalinvast, which is subsequently destroyed. Inquisition War[Needs Citation]
022.M39 The Ordo Malleus finds the Liber Secretorum, Jaq Draco's account of his escapades; conflict between Ordo Malleus and journeyman Inquisitors begins. Inquisition War[Needs Citation]
053.M39 The Vespid join the Tau Empire. When the Water Caste could broker no better treaties than crystal trade, the Ethereals managed to wholeheartedly convert Strain leaders to the Greater Good in a matter of days. Codex: Tau Empire (6th Edition) pg. 28
4655082.M39 A labour uprising on Vraks Prime is suppressed. Imperial Armour Volume Five - The Siege of Vraks - Part One pg. 7
160.M39 The Battle of the Gorgon Deeps. Battlefleet Orpheus and the Revilers and Red Seraphs Space Marine Chapters defeat a major ork invasion force in a nineteen-week battle before it can fully penetrate the Orpheus Sector. Space Marine Terminators spearhead the boarding action of the ork flagship Mega-Kroozer. The fleeing survivors will continue to plague the sector for centuries as pirates and raiders operating on the edges of the Deluvian sub-sector. Imperial Armour Volume Twelve - The Fall of Orpheus pg. 21
301.M39 Abaddon's 11th Black Crusade. Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex)[Needs Citation]
330.M39 The Mantis Warriors capture renegade Cardinal Kharfra and take him in chains to the Inquisition watch-world of Valsingham. Imperial Armour Volume Ten - The Badab War - Part Two, pg. 67
The heretically progressive population of Thruscas Sine eradicates all natural illness from its world in a single generation. Offended, Nurgle sends his forces to infest the planet. Codex: Chaos Daemons (6th Edition) pg. 21
7.335.332.M39 Inquisitor Bastalek Grim submits a report concerning the actions of the White Panthers Space Marine Chapter during the suppression of heresy on Kethra. Codex: Space Marines (3rd Edition) pg. 3
339-370.M39 The Sancta Angelis Campaign. Cut off from the wider Imperium by warp storms, a contingent from the Raptors Chapter pick apart Waaagh! Irongol before it can become a major threat. Imperial Armour Volume Nine - The Badab War - Part One, pg. 100
364.M39 Assault on Moros Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition, pg. 18
383.M39 The Ethereal Council chooses N'dras as the prime world of a new sept over Earth Caste reservations. Codex: Tau Empire (6th Edition) pg. 28
384.M39 Battlefleet Calixis is established, consisting of the grand cruisers Loci Veritas Lux, Loci Veritas Lumen, and Fire of Heaven, the battleship Fist of Adamant, and the battlecruisers Chariot of Wrath and Bellicose. Rogue Trader: Battlefleet Koronus pg. 54
407.M39 The thousand-year war on Midian finally ends with the Pax Veritas. Under the night's red moon, an invisible blade decapitates every celebrating soldier. Codex: Chaos Daemons (6th Edition) pg. 21
487.M39 Imperial forces of the Angevin Crusade capture an Iconoclast Destroyer. It is given to the Inquisition, which has it refitted as a prison barge named Chains of Judgement. Black Crusade: Broken Chains pg. 16
487-492.M39 The Slaaneshi daemon prince Lilesh Snarelust masterminds a massive daemonic incursion across dozens of Imperial worlds around the Moon of Nightmares. The eldar of Saim-Hann respond with massive force to protect their craftworld. The war lasts five years before high chieftain Nuadhu banishes Snarelust back to the Warp. Codex: Eldar (6th Edition) pg. 21
mid M39 The Eldar destroy Alpha Shalish after the human inhabitants refuse to meet their ambassadors. Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook pg. 199
519.M39 The Dark Angels come into contact with the mad priest Alldric the Subverter while hunting for Cypher. Alldric has led a hundred planets to secede from the Imperium in the Veiled Region. The Dark Angels and several successor chapters crush the uprising in less than a decade. Codex: Dark Angels (6th Edition) pg. 24
533.M39 The Salamanders Chapter defend the Cardinal world of Phaistos Osiris from Waaagh! Rukrippa. Imperial Armour Volume Ten - The Badab War - Part Two, pp. 76–78
576.M39 The Fire Caste uses improved anti-gravity motors and battlesuit technology in their annexation of Tash'var sept. Codex: Tau Empire (6th Edition) pg. 28
633-635.M41 2nd Aegisine Crusade. Imperial Armour Volume Nine - The Badab War - Part One, pg. 84
639.M39 The Baneblade Mars Triumphant finishes construction on Mars. Baneblade (Novel), Prologue
645.M39 High Marshal Ludoldus of the Black Templars leads a crusade to conquer the Jerulas system. Marine Artificer Simagus discovers the means (STC?) to produce the Land Raider Crusader. Many Space Marine chapters adopt this pattern as tales of its effectiveness spread. Codex: Black Templars (4th Edition), pg. 43
670.M39 Dark Eldar used the psycho-active poisons to sow anarchy and madness in the population of Hive World Vaust. Blood Drinkers fought throw the maniacal mobs and destroy the evil Dark Eldars. Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition: War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes, pg. 18
702.M39 The Templum of the Sacred Lights on Cryptus explodes during an attack by the Light-burners cult. The fire sweeps out for a mile and burns for a month before dying out. Dark Heresy: Daemon Hunter pg. 73
718.M39 The Massacre of Kormarg. The Star Phantoms break the siege of Kormarg II by Khrave marauders, but then exterminate the human defenders when their genetic and spiritual corruption is discovered. Imperial Armour Volume Ten - The Badab War - Part Two, pp. 134–135
760.M39 The start of the Fenright Tithe Wars. The civil wars in the Cal-Sek, Nephthis and Sadusyne Sectors will last well into M40. Imperial Armour Volume Nine - The Badab War - Part One, pg. 92
763.M39 The Techpriests of Mars formally recognize the Land Raider Crusader. It is a mere formality, as by this time hundreds of Chapters are already using it. Codex: Black Templars (4th Edition), pg. 43
814.M39 Relief of Rael's World Imperial Armour Volume Two (Second Edition), pg. 19
860-903.M39 The House of Laan succeeds House Orpheus as the rulers of the Orpheus Sector. The tense web of politics turns into civil war when the honour-clans of the Drucillan Cluster declare their secession from the sector. The Amraphel parliament hires xenos mercenaries to fight its enemies, only to be attacked by the Khrave. The forces of Chaos are revealed as the architects of the revolt. Imperial Armour Volume Twelve - The Fall of Orpheus pg. 21
876.M39 Tau forces accidentally destroy the Eldar Maiden World Lilarsus in pursuit of the raiders that attacked Ke'lshan. Codex: Tau Empire (6th Edition) pg. 28
887.M39 Almost two hundred Terminators from the Novamarines and Blood Drinkers purge the Space Hulk Death of Integrity of Genestealers. Priceless STC materials are discovered, earning the Chapters the favour of the Adeptus Mechanicus and a new Strike Cruiser each. Imperial Armour Volume Nine - The Badab War - Part One, pg. 119
891.M39 The Dark Angels investigate a recently-discovered space hulk and discover elements of the Cleaved. Dark Angels Assault Squads, advancing behind cover from a trio of dreadnoughts, deploy cyclonic charges in the hulk's engine rooms and destroy the vessel. Codex: Dark Angels (6th Edition) pg. 24
903-922.M39 Arch-Confessor Marduk of Helvamon declares a War of Faith for the souls of the Orpheus Sector. The Angels Revenant Space marine Chapter, the Adeptus Sororitas Orders of the Valorous Heart and Black Sepulchre, and an Ordo Malleus task force join the countless volunteers to purge the taints of Chaos and heresy from the sector. By the war's end, a fifth of the sector's population is dead and billions more are injured or displaced. Imperial Armour Volume Twelve - The Fall of Orpheus pgs. 21-22
921.M39 The only traitor holdout against Marduk's War of Faith in the Orpheus Sector is the hive world Colkasth. Marduk wishes to claim the glory for himself and orders his Angels Revenant and Adeptus Sororitas allies to harry fleeing traitor forces. When Marduk's communications abruptly cease, the Angels Revenant strike cruiser Intercessor investigates. Damaged by two small but powerful void craft of unknown xenos origin, Intercessor finds Colkasth a smoking ruin. The planet is renamed Saint Marduk's Bane. Imperial Armour Volume Twelve - The Fall of Orpheus pg. 22
932.M39 Jotun Repression Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition, pg. 19
978.M39 Thule Intervention Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition, pg. 19
985.M39 Squat civil war. League Thor fights League Grindel over exploration of the lost Stronghold of Dargon. Cyclops invented. Codex Imperialis (Background Book)[Needs Citation]
The Donian Crusade. Black Templars clear the Donian sector of Orks. [Needs Citation]
998.M39 The Space Hulk Unholy Harbinger breaks from warp near Cloras jump point. [Needs Citation]
"closing decades" of M39 The Executioners Chapter is almost wiped out by a previously unknown xenos race. The Astral Claws arrive just in time to break the Siege of Darkenvault and save the Chapter. The Executioners owe a blood debt to the Astral Claws that will be fulfilled at the outbreak of the Badab War in 904.M41. Imperial Armour Volume Ten - The Badab War - Part Two, pg. 88

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