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Mabbon, often referred to as Mabbon Etogaur, was an Astra Militarum officer who defected to the Blood Pact, rising to the rank of Etogaur before betraying Archon Gaur and defecting to Gaur's rival warlord, 'Anarch' Anakwanar Sek. Operating on the Chaos-occupied world of Gereon, Mabbon aided Sek by training the Sons of Sek, an elite fighting force Sek established as an answer to Archon Gaur's Blood Pact. While on Gereon, Mabbon befriended the 'pheguth', a fellow Imperial Guard defector who in a previous life had been Volpone Blueblood General Noches Sturm. Sturm was assassinated by an Imperial strike-team led by Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt of the Tanith First-and-Only, and Mabbon remembered Gaunt when he later defected back to the Imperium, offering to share high-level intelligence, but only with Gaunt.[1][2]

While being held in an Imperial facility on Balhaut, Mabbon was the target of a Blood Pact strike-team who infiltrated the planet and attempted to kill him. Gaunt and his men foiled the attack, and the Tanith 1st later took custody of Mabbon for the duration of a secret mission to Salvation's Reach planned using Mabbon's information. First platoon of the Tanith 1st's B Company won the duty of acting as Mabbon's guards, and they took the name 'Suicide Kings' after an organisation of regal bodyguards from Tanith's history, fashioning their own insignia and dedicating themselves wholly to their job. Two of the Suicide Kings were killed and a third badly wounded when a shape-shifting Chaos assassin posing as their leader Rawne made an attempt on Mabbon's life, but Mabbon survived and the assassin was later killed. After the success of the Salvation's Reach mission, during which Mabbon provided useful information to the Tanith forces, the former etogaur was handed back to Inquisitorial custody on Urdesh.[2][3][4]