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Macharian Heresy

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Civil War. For other uses of Macharius, see Macharius (disambiguation).

The Macharian Heresy was an event in early M41 in Segmentum Pacificus after the death of Lord Solar Macharius, commander of the Macharian Crusade.[1]


After the death of Macharius, the rivalry between his seven Army Group Generals erupted into a civil war throughout the newly-conquered territories. Eventually the swath of territory conquered by Macharius splintered into warring miniature empires, each ruled over by one Macharius' old Generals, who abandoned their oaths of loyalty to the Imperium and opposed not only each other but also the authority of the Adeptus Terra.[9]

The alignment of Macharius' surviving Generals during the Heresy are as follows:

  • Sejanus - Commander of Macharius' 2nd Army Group. Remained loyal to the Imperium[9]
  • Tarka - Commander of Macharius' 3rd Army Group. Unknown[9]
  • Lysander - Commander of Macharius' 4th Army Group. Turned against the Imperium.[9]
  • Borgen Crassus - Commander of Macharius' 5th Army Group. Remained loyal to the Imperium[9]
  • Arrian - Commander of Macharius' 6th Army Group. Ignored Imperial authority and degenerated into a frenzied warlord who conducted purges against worlds he deemed blasphemous.[9]
  • Cyrus - Commander of Macharius' 7th Army Group. Turned against the Imperium and became known as the greatest scourge of the Macharian Heresy.[9]

Furthermore, many recently conquered worlds exploited the Imperial infighting to rebel.[9] In addition, Space Marine Chapters that took part in the Crusade came to blows over and petty disputes, such as the Doom Warriors and Inceptors.[2b]

The Dark Angels played a major role during the unrest, suppressing civil wars and uncovering corrupt Alpha Legion- and Word Bearers-affiliated cults over three decades. The Dark Angels' Ravenwing also followed the unmistakable signs of Cypher's presence in the unrest.[4][8] Though Cypher eluded them, the Dark Angels' Deathwing captured several Fallen. Meanwhile, the Dark Angels also butchered millions on rebel planets.[8]

Known Battles during the Macharian Heresy


It took a seventy year-long Crusade under Warmaster Solon[3] consisting of one hundred Space Marine Chapters to finally put an end to the Heresy. The Order of the Argent Shroud also distinguished itself in the conflict. The majority of the worlds that were under the rule of Macharius' old warlords were pacified and re-incorporated into the Imperium.[1][9] However, many worlds conquered by Macharius were permanently lost to the Imperium in the Macharian Heresy, either because they had successfully seceded or due to having been destroyed in the chaotic conflict. In particular, the Invisus Sector was never fully restored[9]

Imperial loyalists

Space Marines

Astra Militarum

Imperial rebels and Chaos forces

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The cause and nature of the Macharian Heresy are very similar to the events following the death of Alexander the Great, the historical figure who Macharius is based upon.