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Machina Opus

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Machina Opus DWRB.jpg

The Machina Opus is a Space Marine Honour Badge awarded to Techmarines that honours the age-old accord between the Tech-Priests of Mars and the Adeptus Astartes. To be awarded this Honour a Space Marine must journey to Mars and be initiated into the Machine Cult, learning the ways of the Adeptus Mechanicus and take vows to the Omnissiah.[1][2]

It may be further embellished and ornate if the Techmarine distinguishes himself in some way to the Machine Cult and provides greater understanding of the ancient technological secrets of man - such as recovering or activating some sacred piece of archaeotech or otherwise advancing the interests of the Tech-Priests.[1]

The badge appears as the skull-and-cog motif of the Adeptus Mechanicus with one half black and the other white. The symbol is commonly worn on either the Techmarine's shoulder pad or his chest plate, but it can also appear on his weapons or power pack. The symbol is also sometimes embellished to represent rank or further honours within the ranks of the Techmarines and may include such things as crossed power axes, positioned behind the skull and cog, or the addition of cybernetic enhancements to the skull, such as a bionic eye or cranial implant.[1]

This honour marks the Space Marine as an ally of the Adeptus Mechanicus and gives him rights within the Machine Cult usually reserved only for Tech-Priests. Amongst these is the right to free passage though the Ring of Iron and entrance to the great forges on Mars, a place sealed to much of the outside world. This Honour means that the Space Marine will always receive the respect and aid of the Machine Cult if they are able to give it and he will be treated as one of their own in matters of trust and rights of passage. For all intents and purposes a Techmarine who bears the Machina Opus on his armour is a Tech-Priest of Mars and considered a Child of the Machine God.[1]