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Ork Madboy[3]

Madboyz are a type of crazed Feral Ork.


Most Feral Orks have little to no concept of technology and sometimes their introduction to even the simplest mechanical devices will be too much for their puny brains to handle. When this happens, an Ork can become psychotic and lose what little rational thought processes he had in the first place. These Orks are known as Madboyz or Nuttaz and are put in separate squads known as Madboyz Squads. Due to their insanity they can be either a deadly weapon or a clumsy hindrance.

Due to their madness, other Orks keep their distance from Madboyz. In battle if Madboyz fail to keep the tiny bit of sanity they have, they can start fighting amongst themselves, arguing over whether a cloud looks like Gork or Mork, fall in to gibbering panic or decide to show the other Orks the true meaning of "Orkyness."




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