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Madrigal miniature[1b]

Madrigal, The Night's Watchmen, Last Invigilus of Damned Stygia, is a tragic Freeblade who stands a never-ending watch over the ruins of his Homeworld. His status as a Freeblade was the end result of a Daemonic incursion on the Knight World Stygia, in which Madrigal was the last line of defense against a Daemon horde. He was unable to stop the murderous depredations of the Daemons, however, and Stygia fell to the servants of Chaos, leaving Madrigal the lone surivivor after the Daemons returned to the Warp. The guilt of his failure led Madrigal to remove the heraldry of his Knight House and impose a penance upon himself, that has no end in sight. He now relentlessly patrols the benighted remains of Stygia, ensuring the restless victims of his failure remain in their graves and stays ever vigilant for signs of the Warp taint of Daemons.[1a]