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Maelstrom Zone

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The Maelstrom Zone (officialy designated Maelstrom Adjacent Autonomous Imperial Resource Extraction Zone Grid 004-357) is a region in the Ultima Segmentum. This vast swathe of space contains over a thousand observed star systems and is plagued by Warp storms and other Warp-phenomena because of its closeness to The Maelstrom. The Zone is a lawless region and raids by Ork Warbands, Renegade pirates and more sinister forces are not uncommon. However, because of its closeness to the Galactic Core, the zone is rich in many rare materials and so it is of great value to the Imperium.[1a][1b][2]

Maelstrom Zone Navigator Map[3]

Most battles of the Badab War were fought here, bringing great devastation on the Zone's worlds.[2]

Known Regions