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Magister (Chaos)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Chaos Title; for the sorcerer, see Magister Immaterial.

Magister was a title, analogous to lieutenant-warlord, used by the Chaos forces that overran the Sabbat Worlds.


When the Sabbat Worlds Crusade began, the Imperial forces knew that the overall leader of the Chaos forces was the Archon Nadzybar, but Warmaster Slaydo hoped that the Archon's soldiers would prove to be poorly organised, more like a massive Chaos cult than a true military organisation. This was not unreasonable, since Nadzybar's forces had originally risen from the tribal culture of the Sanguinary Worlds.[1a]

Slaydo also hoped that the Archon's inherently autocratic rule would make it difficult for the Chaos forces to coordinate a response to the multi-front Imperial invasion that opened the Crusade (code-named Operation Redrake).[1a]

Unfortunately, these hopes were dashed almost immediately. Nadzybar was served by a number of lieutenants, many of whom were charismatic leaders and brilliant tacticians. Their existence meant that the Chaos forces opposing the Crusade were much better organised and more flexible than Slaydo would have preferred.[1a]

Known Magisters

The most infamous Magisters of the Crusade's history included[1a]:

Others were:

Additionally, Urlock Gaur, who eventually succeeded Nadzybar as the new Archon, must have been a Magister prior to his accession, though there is little record of him or his warband, the Blood Pact, before that accession.[1x]

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