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Magisterium Lex Ultima

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The Magisterium Lex Ultima is an Imperial law, that renders no one within the Imperium but the Emperor Himself, capable of giving the Adeptus Custodes an order.[1a]


They have always benefited from this and even Lord Commander Guilliman can only request the Custodes' aid. The Ultima also allows them to draw upon any facet of the Imperium's military to aid them in their duties. It is what the Custodes use to take command of ships they require to traverse the stars, or serve any other purpose they deem necessary. Some of these commandeered ships, have been used on so many occasions, that they have effectively become permanently attached to the Adeptus Custodes.[1a]

The Custodes' Misericordias, are also meant to be a physical symbol of the Magisterium Lex Ultima to the Imperium.[1b]