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Magos Prime

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A Magos Prime is a type of Adeptus Mechanicus Magos armed and trained for war with the finest armaments and defenses. They are chosen from their peers to lead in battle and in most cases are heavily augmented with weaponry and armor. Some Magos Prime may even resemble Space Marine Dreadnoughts.[1]


  • Archimandrite - Magos Prime who have risen to the supreme power of their order. In their hands are entrusted the secrets of the arcane weaponry of the Dark Age of Technology. They command Forge Worlds when they go to war and are rulers in their own right.[1]
  • Archmagos Prime - Senior Magos Prime who serve as field commanders.[1]
  • Malagra - Magos-warlords of the Prefecture Magisterium[1]
  • Myrmidax - Magos-warlords of the Auxillia Myrmidon[1]
  • Ordinator - Lords of the Ordo Reductor and Ordinatus[1]
  • Lachrimallus - Known as the Lords of Cursed Tears, they are held in little regard by their fellow Magos. They serve a vital purpose on any Forge World. They drive workers, thralls, and forced-laborors to construct tools of war and are infamous for their Electro-Flails.[1]

Known Magos Prime


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