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Maiden Cult

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The Maiden Cult is an informally recognized Cult of Youth, that is composed of House Escher members who are obsessed with maintaining their youthfulness and beauty.[1]

This comes largely from House Escher's association with the Noble House Ulanti, who have a reputation for ensuring the pretense of adolescence among its rulers. In order to make sure they can do the same, the Maiden Cult has strong ties to many of House Escher's Chymist Clans, ensuring they have access to Rejuvenat drugs and technology. There is even speculation that the creation of the Death-maidens, was a result of experimentation made by Clan Chymists that belonged to the Maiden Cult. While the Cult is informally recognized by House Escher, its members come from all strata of the Clan House's society. There are even entire gangs dedicated to the Maiden Cult, often made up of gangers doing the bidding of the Cult's members within the Council of Crones, perhaps hoping they might one day be able to afford the rarefied treatments granted to House Escher's rulers. Ironically, the one place where the Maiden Cult has little sway is with the House's Wyld Runners. The headstrong Runners' reject the control of their older House sisters and especially those Cult members who try far too hard to look like they belong among the Wyld. While not all of the House's ruling Matriarch Primuses have joined the Maiden Cult, it is undeniable they are judged by their images. Many believe that this is what infamously led the Maiden Cult to oust Matriarch Primus Tynas Sabine, who disregarded using Rejuve treatments to hide her advance age. This obsession with youth, has now led to dark rumors surrounding some of the Cult's members, who may have committed Heresy to satisfy their needs. Only the members of the Maiden Cult know how true this is, though, and they have become adept at dealing internally with wayward sisters.[1]