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Malefic Scholar

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Malefic Scholar

Malefic Scholars are students of the nature of the Warp, studying its power and the nature of Daemons through rituals and sorcery. These are wizened masters of warp craft who can summon such creatures and open portals into the ether as well as have minor powers in divination. Such dedicated is often motivated by an obsession with knowing what should be not be known, or a desire to wield unnatural power inaccessible to ordinary Humans. These scholars are often of formidable intellect for one must be able to discern the contradictory and experimental nature of Warp lore.[1]

Most Malefic Scholars are considered a threat to the very fabric of the Imperium and are viciously persecuted wherever they may be found. However some Radical Inquisitors utilize these individuals as valuable servants.[1]

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