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Malfons was the Chapter Master of the Iron Knights Chapter when the Ork Warlord known as The Beast invaded the Imperium. When Koorland, the last surviving member of the Imperial Fists Chapter, issued the Last Wall protocol, Malfons received it, but was unable to reach the Phall System before Koorland led the fleets of the Crimson Fists, Fists Exemplar, Black Templars and Excoriators in attacking The Beast's Attack Moon that hung in Terra's orbit. He would later join the battle after it began however and led the Iron Knights' fleet in an attack on the Attack Moon, which disabled its gravity weapon that had been wreckeing havoc on the combined fleet Koorland commanded. Afterwards the scions of Dorn destroyed the Attack Moon's remaining defenses and then launched a mass invasion of the Ork weapon.[1a]

While fighting the Orks defending the Attack Moon, Malfons joined the massed Terminator strike, led by Koorland, that was aimed at planting Melta Bombs on the Teleporter within the Moon to stop the Orks from summoning more reinforcements. When the Melta Bombs were planted, Koorland gave the order for their ships to begin teleporting the Terminators back to safety, as the Bombs timers began to countdown. However as they fought to reach their extraction points, a large Ork Warboss teleported into the chamber and rallied the Orks to attack the outnumbered Space Marines. The Orks then charged into the Space Marines and Koorland was attacked by the Ork Warboss and was nearly killed before Malfons intervened. However, Malfons was easily overpowered by the Warboss and had his head ripped off, mere seconds before the Space Marines were teleported back to their ships.[1b]