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Devotee Malicant[3]

Malicant is a Devotee to a Redemption Cult.[1]


Coming from the home of the Redemptionist movement, Necromunda, Malicant left on a religious Crusade and eventually founded a Temple of Redemption on Ghastri IV. Brought up from birth to believe in the strict observances of the Redemption, Malicant is a ferociously devout individual. Thus it is no surprise that he eventually caught the eye of Witch Hunter Tyrus.[1] Malicant would join the Inquisitor's service during the Treachery of Hanuchek, which saw Malicant's followers all but annihilated.[2] Tyrus has since used Malicant and his men on his own Crusade to purge heretics and unbelievers across the Imperium.[1]