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Malice (Chaos God)

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Malice is an outcast Chaos God, representing anarchy incarnate. Other known names include The Renegade God, The Outcast, Hierarch of Anarchy and Terror, and The Lost. His symbol is a black and white skull.[1]

- Malice -
Aspect: Anarchy, Terror
Sacred Number: 11
Traits: Renegade
Enemy God: All other Gods of Chaos
Daemons: Unknown


Malice represents the Warp's Chaotic tendencies, and is notable for his hatred of the major Gods of Chaos: Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh. Followers of Malice are prone to acts of anarchy, waging war upon not only the servants of the Imperium but also those of the other Gods of Chaos.[1]

Unlike the primary Chaos Gods, Malice can be summoned directly to the Materium provided enough mortal sacrifices are given and he is given a body to Daemonically possess.[1]

Followers of Malice

Followers of Malice unleash their wrath upon any they encounter, be they of the Imperium, Xenos, or fellow followers of Chaos. Captives are routinely ritually sacrificed.[1]

Forces Dedicated to Malice

Notable Servants of Malice


Malice is essentially the current incarnation of Malal, a Chaos God of anarchy that appeared in the Citadel Journal for the 2nd edition of Warhammer Fantasy. The character was eventually removed from all Games Workshop works due to a legal dispute with his original creators.