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Malik Venitor

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Malik Venitor is a Scout Sergeant in the Blood Angels Chapter, whose squadron took part in the Third War for Armageddon.[1]

During the War, Venitor and his Scouts charged with helping the Cadian 8th Regiment's Hive Dogs squadron escape from an Ork infested Ferro-Giant Alphus promethium rig, with important information the Guardsmen had gathered. The Cadians claimed the information was vital to the Imperium's war efforts on Armageddon and Venitor's squadron quickly infiltrated the promethium rig and moved to provide cover for the Hive Dogs. However, Sergeant Eli Jardell and his Hive Dogs were soon spotted by the Orks, as they moved to their extraction point on top of the rig, and came under heavy fire; forcing Venitor and his Scouts to take the fight to the Orks. Despite their aid though, only the Guardsman Justor Ryante reached the extraction point, as the rest of the Hive Dogs were killed in the battle. But, as Ryante carried the vital information the Blood Angels had been sent to retrieve, their mission was considered a success.[1]

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